Alan Fiers - Mayor
There have been a few events that have transpired during the past couple of weeks that warrant a brief new update.

As you are all aware, early last (week of 6 July) a Town Hall staff member called in sick with COVID-19 like symptoms. The employee is now feeling much better and on Monday 14 days will have passed. Accordingly, on Monday, July 20th, Town Hall will reopen to business by appointment only. However, to err on the side of caution, I suggest that anyone with a preexisting condition which might render them more vulnerable to COVID-19 refrain from visiting Town Hall for another week, just to be on the safe side. 

Monthly Commission Workshop and 1 st Budget meeting:
Due to the above COVID-19 concern the workshop and budget meeting that was scheduled for Monday, July 13 th , and postponed to Thursday, July 16 has again been postponed to Monday, July 20 th . This second day is to ensure that the 14-day period had lapsed prior to the meeting. 

Public Safety Issue
Many of you will have seen an article in the Palm Beach Post concerning the arrest of two individuals who reside in Town and who threatened one of our Deputies. As in all such cases, because of ongoing legal and investigation issues, we are limited in what can be said publicly, but within those restrictions,
Sgt. Langevin has provided this information.
( See below Sgt. Langevin's comments )

Undergrounding Project: 
Viking is literally in the final phase of completing the electrical undergrounding. There are four or five buildings on the south side of Inlet left to convert. They are being converted today and tomorrow (Thursday and Friday, July 16 and 17). There is one cable run at Ocean (the Sea Spray) that is currently being worked on. And there is a transformer switchover where the main distribution line makes landfall, near the West end of the Inlet walkway. This will be completed next week. Alan Welch and Viking are inspecting all restoration work to ensure all has been done to the satisfaction of the concerned residents.  AND ALL OVERHEAD LINES WILL BE DEACTIVATED BY THE END OF NEXT WEEK (July 24), probably earlier. If there are no hiccups, the electrical phase of the project should be completed by Friday, July 24 th

Comcast is following along, aiming for completion sometime in September. And finally, we are waiting for AT&T to deliver the cost estimate for an all Fiber service in Town. We expect to get this in July.  
Sergeant Steven Langevin
Commander, District 20

Deputies responded to assist with site security for the execution of a search warrant at a home in the 100 Block of Bravado Lane. Another deputy and I were the only 2 persons in uniform at the home in question.

2 of the persons at the home mentioned above had been stopped by our deputies a few weeks ago during the shutdown of the beach. One of those deputies was also involved in the Bravado Lane search warrant. 

This deputy was traveling to his home in Palm Beach Shores and noticed he was being followed by a car. The deputy traveling on Lake Drive recognized the occupants of the car as those involved in the search warrant event earlier in the week. The deputy became concerned.

The car driven by the 2 subjects continued to follow the deputy, even after the deputy took various turns. Not wanting the individuals to follow him to his home, the deputy pulled into the Sailfish Marina, where he knew the greatest number of folks would see them. The car with the 2 subjects followed him into the Sailfish Marina, where additional deputies were called and an investigation began.

After the deputies left the Marina, the same 2 subjects switched vehicles and drove to the deputy’s home on separate occasions.

A lengthy investigation by Detectives followed. The 2 were arrested and brought to the county jail for further processing, where they remained as of Thursday morning.

Sergeant Steven Langevin
Commander, District 20
Town of Palm Beach Shores
Palm Beach County Sheriffs’ office.
Public Works Department's team installing new cables for the Town Hall meeting chamber audio-visual system. Soon the Town will have a professional level virtual meeting system in place.