There are many changes happening in China. If you have been following things you have probably seen information about the new National Regulation regarding orphans. The National Civil Affairs is requiring that all children must return to their orphanage. They may go to another city for temporary medical care/surgery but once that is completed they must return.

This means that ALL the children we have been caring for in Beijing had to return to their orphanage. This is a very difficult time for all of us (there have been many tears shed) and for the orphanages. Many of the orphanages are overwhelmed with all the children that are returning.

One orphanage we work closely with had three children per bed and this was before 90 children from other locations were returned. They have begged us for help and once the dust settles we will explore how best to help them.

Our theme this year is perfect for the times- NEVER ALONE- this is our prayer for the children that they will know that strong hands are holding them secure.