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2020 | Issue-2 March 12
Registration is now OPEN
WHEN: May 28-30, 2020
WHERE: The Oncenter in Syracuse
Click here for more information and to register.
Click here for Youth registration

In this section of the registration form, please list any special requests you have including wheelchair use, other handicapping, or medical conditions of which you want us to be aware. 

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  • Narrative Budget
  • Registration Guidelines
  • What you need to know
  • Petitions/Resolutions/Report
  • Special Meals at Annual Conference
  • Annual Conference Menu
  • Housing Reimbursement Form for EQ's
2020 Annual Conference Fee's
The fees that cover meals and other amenities for Annual Conference will be:

  • Active Clergy Member- $185,
  • Lay Member to Annual Conference- $ 185,
  • Clergy-Retired or on Medical Leave- $95,
  • Equalization Member (At-Large and District-Appointed)- $95,
  • Youth Equalization Member- $10,
  • Clergy Spouse (more than 1 day)- $185,
  • Visitor/Vendor (more than 1 day)- $185,
  • Visitor/Vendor (1 day)- $65,
  • Youth Visitor- $10.
Announcement: Denman award nomination extended to March 20

Do you know a lay, youth, or clergy member whose ministry helps them form relationships with others, introducing them to the Good News of Jesus Christ? Think of someone who serves God in a way that impresses you. And nominate that person for the Denman award.
The Harry Denman Evangelism Award honors United Methodists who bring people into a life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ. Each year, the Upper New York Conference works with the Foundation for Evangelism to recognize and honor one lay and clergy member as well as youth for their commitment to consistently introducing others to the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Click here to see past recipients of the Denman Award.
Nominations are now being accepted through March 20, 2020 for clergy, laity, and youth in Upper New York to be announced at the 2020 UNY Annual Conference.  Click here  for a nomination form. Send all completed nomination forms to .
Save the Date: Special Session MAY take place Saturday, Oct. 3, 2020

Following the 2020 General Conference in early May, we are looking forward to our 2020 Annual Conference Session, May 28 – 30, 2020 at the Oncenter in Syracuse as we gather together to worship, fellowship, and conduct the business of the Church.

However, as we do not know what the 2020 General Conference of The United Methodist Church may require of Annual Conferences and the short period of time between General Conference and Annual Conference,we are TENTATIVELY reserving a date for a Special Session of the Upper New York Annual Conference. 

This Special Session MAY take place Saturday, Oct. 3, 2020 , at the Oncenter in Syracuse. This special session would be called to deal with decisions of the 2020 General Conference that require action of the Upper New York Annual Conference. As much is yet to be determined, we ask that you save the date for a possible Special Session, that would potentially deal with items including, but not limited to, matters like budget and nominations.  

Do You Need to be Excused from Annual Conference?
Do you need to be excused from Annual Conference 2020?
If you are serving a church or are your church's lay member to AC and are unable to attend all of part of the Annual Conference, you must request to be excused.
Below is the link where you go to request being excused.
Click here to request being excused.
Friday, May 1, 2020

Housing arrangements can be made through the Syracuse Convention Bureau’s Housing Service through their on-line system by  clicking here . You may also choose not to use the Housing Bureau and to make your own arrangements. However, room rates cannot be guaranteed if you do not use the Housing Service.

There will not be a Housing Request Form this year, all reservations should be made via the Housing Request website. If you do not have the ability to reserve a hotel through the website, please contact Christie Bravos or Kelly Fitzpatrick in the Visit Syracuse Services Department, at 315-470-1910, to reserve your hotel room.

Youth wishing to room with other youth attendees should NOT use the Housing Service and should not complete a housing form. Youth EQ members should  click here  as this link includes registration and housing. Betsy O’Flynn is coordinating rooms at the Parkview Hotel which will be used primarily to house youth and youth adults. You can contact Betsy at (585) 340-9525 ext. 1 or by email at .
Parking and Shuttle Service
Parking will be in the Oncenter garage and open lot, accessible from both Harrison and State Streets. Please remember, parking is limited,   click  here  for other parking lots and garages, costs may vary.  

Shuttle service will be provided once again to and from some of the hotels (Crowne Plaza, Genesee Grande, and Marriott). Due to limited parking at the Oncenter, it is recommended that you take the shuttle to and from Annual Conference. Busses will be dropping guests off at the main enterance of the Oncenter; however, they won't be running all day.  Click here  to view the Shuttle Bus Schedule
Child Care
If you are registering for Annual Conference and have children (ages up to 12 years) for whom you need childcare during any of the time of the Conference Session, please indicate the need on your registration form. Please be specific with your request, including number of children in each age category and periods of time needed. DUE TO SPACE RESTRICTIONS, THERE ARE A LIMITED NUMBER OF SPOTS FOR CHILDCARE AVAILABLE. Spots will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is no charge for childcare, but your Annual Conference registration must be submitted and paid in full to complete your registration for childcare. After registration, an emergency and medical information form will be sent to you to be completed and submitted to the childcare worker when you first drop your child(ren) off. You will not be able to leave your child(ren) without submitting a completed form(s).

Childcare will be available at Oncenter, Syracuse, NY in Meeting Rooms 7, 8 ,9, and 10.

Times are as follows:
               Thursday May 28th, 2020 – morning, afternoon, and evening
               Friday, May 29th, 2020 - morning, afternoon, and evening
               Saturday, May 30th. 2020 – morning and afternoon

You may contact David Wood at (315) 364-8756 for any additional childcare information.
Are You Interested in Being an Equalization Member to Annual Conference 2020?
Each year additional voting members to Annual Conference are needed to balance the votes between non-clergy and clergy, in other words, make the number of non-clergy votes equal to the number of clergy votes. To achieve this, each District in the UNY Conference is allowed to select a predetermined number of extra non-clergy to vote on behalf of the District. If you would like to serve in this capacity, please contact YOUR District. Please DO NOT register UNTIL you have be notified that you will serve in this compacity. All applicants will be notified following this process. For those invited to serve as equalization members, they may register upon receiving notification they are invited to serve. 

If you are interested you need to contact YOUR District office to find out more information.
Speakers for the 2020 UNY Annual Conference selected
Upper New York Area Resident Bishop, Mark J. Webb, has selected the speakers for the 2020 UNY Annual Conference, to be held May 28-30 at the Oncenter in Syracuse.

The Study Session Leader will be the Rev. Dr. Kim Reisman; she is the Executive Director of World Methodist Evangelism. The Rev. Bill Gottschalk-Fielding, Upper New York Director of Connectional Ministries and Assistant to the Bishop, will be leading the Memorial Service. Bishop Jonathan Holston, the Area Resident Bishop of the South Carolina Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church, will be the Ordination Speaker.

Click here to read more about this year’s Annual Conference speakers.
2020 UNY Annual Conference offerings

T he 2020 Upper New York Annual Conference will be held on May 28-30 at the Oncenter in Syracuse. The following five offerings will be collected at this year's Annual Conference: 

  • Mission of Peace Click here to learn more
  • Mission Central HUB Click here to learn more
  • New Faith Communities Click here to learn more
  • The Clergy Care Fund
  • The Helping Hands Fund
2021 UNY Budget information published 
A hard copy of the Upper New York (UNY) Narrative Budget Booklet has taken on a new format that will allow for multi-year use.
Click here  for the proposed Ministry Shares budget numbers for 2021.
Click here   to review the Narrative Budget Booklet electronically and to read some reports that some ministry areas submitted to support their 2021 UNY Conference Budget. 
For hard copies of the Narrative Budget Booklet, contact your District Office or send an e-mail to
Watch the following videos to learn more about Robert's Rules, which is used at Annual Conference.
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