August 12, 2018
“Caring about the happiness of others, we find our own.” ~ Plato
In this issue:
  • Headmaster Letter
  • Drop off and Dismissal
  • PSO Events & Updates
  • AHM Tips for the Year
  • College Counselor Corner
  • Dates and Reminders
  • Essential Links
Reminder: Wednesday Early Dismissal 2:10 PM
Headmaster Letter
Dear North Phoenix Prep Families,

The school year is off to a great start! As I interacted with students and faculty this past week, I picked up on a spirit of enthusiasm, optimism, and school pride that is truly inspiring. 

This past Wednesday, our Juniors and Seniors enjoyed a talk by Dr. Andrew Seeley of Thomas Aquinas College in California. Dr. Seeley was impressed not only with our students' questions but also with the deep community and friendship that we enjoy at North Phoenix. Such a combination truly is rare among Prep schools!
Because we are proactive about cultivating friendship and community, and in anticipation of the typical social challenges that accompany adolescence, we held an assembly on Thursday to teach our middle school students how to respond if they're being picked on.  This training was so good that it  made the news!

Next week I will join our Freshmen Class for a retreat to  Lost Canyon  in Williams, AZ. It's going to be a fantastic time of fellowship, fun, and building community with our newest high school students. I can't wait to share the pictures with you!

Go Gladiators!

With Devotion,
Headmaster Weinhold
Drop off and Dismissal Reminders
Morning Bell is 8:10 & 1 st period begins at 8:15 am.  Every day last week, the drop-off line was completely empty for at least 10 minutes prior to the start of school. If you’re a Prep-only family, then you can arrive a bit later & avoid the lines.

During dismissal, your child may enter your vehicle at any point along the curb S/he does not need to wait until your car reaches the front of the line. At the same time, please remember to pull forward as much as possible so that we avoid clogging the Archway lane. If you are a Prep-only family, then please also remember to use the outside lane while going around the field.  
  • We have a Carpool program! Learn more HERE
  • Lunch ordering is LIVE- Info HERE
  • Volunteer opportunities HERE
From the PSO
Join us for the first parent mixer of the year. This event is a great opportunity for new and old Great Heart families to connect and see what the year has to offer you and your students.
Saturday, August 25th
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Cost is $20 per person ($25 at the door)
(Includes appetizers/desserts. Cash bar only)
Registration is through   EVITE
         Checks can be made out to "NORTH PHOENIX PREP PSO" and dropped off to the black box in the front office.  
Online payments through  PAYPAL  to
(Please note in payment field: Parent Mixer & Names of Attendees)
FYI: This is NOT an ELKS event. This is an ANP/NPX PSO event. 
You do not need to be an Elks member to attend.  
AHM Tips for a Successful Year
North Phoenix Families,

It has been a joy meeting and reconnecting with you and your children over the past two weeks. One of the most important components of a positive school experience is the ability to communicate directly with your child's teachers and administration. Toward that end, we have included several important items in this week's Newsletter. Please take a moment to read each section, click the links, and explore the various websites. There are multiple ways to communicate directly with your child's teaching team - and Jupiter Grades is the best place to start. Once you are logged in, you will be able to view every course and instructor. As you await the opportunity to meet your child's teachers at Curriculum Night, you may want to explore the faculty biographies on our North Phoenix Prep website . Our 2018-19 teachers are an inspiring team who are eager to love and support your children in their journey as life-long learners. However you chose to do it, please stay connected with our faculty and administration throughout the school year. We want to hear from you!

Your partner in education,
Cindy Coughlon , Assistant Headmaster

Using Jupiter Grades :
North Phoenix Prep uses Jupiter Grades  to help keep you informed about your child's progress. You can login anytime to check for homework assignments, missing work, and to contact teachers and administrators. Staff will also use Jupiter at important times throughout the year to communicate with families about conferences, report cards, athletics, and the like. (If you are new to NPX, you should have received an email with important login information. Please contact Ms. DeSilva with any issues.) Once you are logged in, you may want to spend a few minutes viewing the video tour linked on your Jupiter Grades dashboard.
From the To Do button on your Jupiter Grades dashboard, you will see your child's classes and recent assignments, including due dates and any applicable alerts - i.e., incomplete, missing, absent, or excused. If you click on a specific course, you will see all posted assignments for the quarter. By clicking on a specific assignment, you will be able to view a description of the assignment (if offered) or comment about your child's work (if offered). Please note that North Phoenix Prep follows the practice of our sister Great Hearts academies and does not provide grades or scores except through official Quarterly Report Cards, or through direct communication with your child's teacher. (For more information on our grading policies, please see the NPX Family Handbook on the North Phoenix Prep Website .) If you have a concern or question about how well your child has performed on an individual assignment, please reach out directly to the teacher. You may do this through Jupiter Grades by clicking on the Messages button on your dashboard.
We are excited to be able to offer this important communication tool to our families, and we welcome your feedback about how it is working for you. If you experience problems with the website or login process, please reach out directly to our Office Manager,  Ms. DeSilva .

Grade Level Test Calendars:
All major tests, projects, and papers are posted at least three days in advance on the applicable Grade Level Test Calendar . Per the NPX Family Handbook , "students will rarely have two major exams and/or projects/essays due on the same day, and will never have more than two such exams/projects due on the same day." To find out what major tests, projects, and papers are scheduled for your student, click the appropriate grade level on the  Grade Level Test Calendar  page.
Student Planner:
Every NPX student has been issued a daily planner to record homework assignments and tests and schedule tutoring and extra-curricular commitments. In addition, every teacher posts the daily homework on the designated classroom homework board. One way to assist your child in developing strong organizational habits is to encourage and monitor the use of the daily planner. The planner should be used in every class, referenced before packing up and leaving school each day, and should be open as the student is completing homework assignments in the evening. For students requiring extra accountability, you may want to partner with your child's teacher to have the planner initialed by the teacher after every class. Homework submission and classroom comportment can also be assessed at this time (see the sample below). Please reach out to your child's teaching team if you would like to initiate a daily planner check.
College Counseling Corner

Arizona Public Universities Unite!
Our state universities are joining forces and hosting multiple community events in the coming months! In a single session you can get information about applications, admissions, and financial aid for ASU, UofA, and NAU! Visit for information on dates, locations, and registration! Seniors, secure your spot today!

Laney Smith  | College Counselor
Important Dates
  • Wednesday, August 15th Early Dismissal 2:10 PM
  • Freshman Retreat August 15th - 17th
  • Wednesday, August 22nd Costa Rica Trip info meeting 6 PM (HS students/parents only)
  • Thursday, August 23rd Senior Orientation 6:30 PM
  • Thursday, August 31st North Phoenix Prep Curriculum Night
Gladiator Sports!

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Go Gladiators!
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