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August 2020 | Issue Four
An image with a purpose -- HUEMAN® Apparel that “a-dresses” social and political issues in an artistic, humorous and thought-provoking fashion since 1995. HUEMAN® donates some of its profits to HUEMAN® Foundation. For more information please visit The BOD also welcome opportunities to help other non-profits raise money for their cause.
Long lasting connections . . .
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Where our paths crossed . . .
I am constantly scanning my treasure trove which reflect the myriad of experiences I have enjoyed in my life thus far, and very jubilant about the number of different people that I have engaged with throughout my journey. My goodness, God has certainly blessed me with LOTS of thoughtful, scholarly, and talented folks! I am proud to say, Isis Mancil, Esq. is one of those highly intelligent and gifted people, to say the least. 

Our paths crossed during one of the conferences hosted by the Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers Association, Inc. ( while serving as one of the planning coordinators. The organization, now celebrating 40 years, host excellent educational annual and mid-year conferences that take place offshore in destinations located in the Caribbean, Mexico and in the United States.

Without prompting, way back in 1990 thereabouts, Isis extended her hand to serve as one of the law student interns offering her help wherever she could to make a difference. My kind of person! She and I have been great friends ever since! Kindred spirits, some may say, but I find Isis as an incredibly unique person. Her heart’s desire is to identify significant funding to change the lives of youths. She has so much to offer, however, to realize the mission of HUEMAN®, she could use some helping hands and necessary funding to catapult her programs and cause. Please consider a sizable donation to her cause or place orders for shirts, hats and more! With gratitude . . . Your friend in the journey, Rev. Phyllicia

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