Dear Carol,

I officially filed for the Charleston County School District Board of Trustees, District 9 and I'd appreciate your support and encouragement.  

I believe our Charleston community expects and supports

the achievement of ALL students to reach their fullest potential

in high-quality public schools.  As a school board member, 

I am committed to fulfilling these expectations.

At this time, it is very important to have a school board that truly values high quality public education, not the “minimally adequate” education that South Carolina provides.   With the new single member districts, I believe that I can represent the educational interests of teachers, parents and students from the communities of James Island, Folly Beach, parts of Johns Island and the Charleston peninsula, Kiawah and Seabrook.  


My own children successfully attended the James Island Schools and both George and I participated as parents in activities ranging from PTA officers, constituent board members, and school improvement council members. 


I’ve devoted my professional career as an educator to the Charleston County School District.  I know the importance of education as a parent, teacher, curriculum specialist, assistant principal, principal, constituent board chair and school improvement council member.  These experiences give me a unique understanding of the workings and complexity of the school district.  

We know that South Carolina consistently ranks at the bottom of the nation.  However, Charleston has some of the best and some of the worse schools.  It’s time to say NO to “minimally adequate” schools and districts.  

I will strive to strengthen public education in Charleston County and help our schools be the best they can be for all of the children.  

Together we can make education better in Charleston.   


Carol Tempel, Ed

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