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Introducing Cotto D'este from Italy
We are introducing the elegant lines from Cotto D'este.

Each line will have different large format for walls and floors.

A. Keralite large panels for walls
B. Complimentary 1/2" floor tile in 3 to 4 different finishes
C: 3/4" pavers for exterior or pedestal systems
D. Each series has an eternal and invisible protection.Microban

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Stone Surface
The Limestone Series porcelain is a unique product that combines the finest graining and the most delicate chromatic variations with three extraordinary surfaces.
Available in 3 thicknesses, 8 sizes, 4 colors and 4 finishes
Secret Stone Timeless Beauty
The most beautiful and rarest varieties of color and the most beautiful strata are reproduced in high definition
Available in 2 thicknesses, 4 sizes, 4 colors and 4 finishes
Luxury Stone
The Excedra Series has a stone marble veining that has a three dimensionality that conveys extreme visual depth.
Available in 2 thickness, 6 sizes, 8 colors and 2 finishes

Espirit Naturel
The Cluny Series is the collection by Cotto d’Este that recreates the intensely mineral surface typical of Burgundy stone in five sophisticated colors.
Available in 4 thicknesses, 5 sizes, and 4 finishes
Buxy Natural Spirit
The inspiration for the Buxy Series is an exceptionally beautiful stone originally from Burgundy, known for it's specific coloration and uniquely speckled pattern.

Available in 2 thicknesses, 5 sizes, 7 colors, 3 finishes
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