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November & December 2022 Thrive with Autism Foundation Newsletter

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2nd Annual Montgomery County Children and Families EXPO October 8th, 2022

EXPO 2022 Gold Sponsor Spotlight!

Champions Pediatric Dentistry

Wheeler Pediatric Dentistry

Riggs Pediatric Therapy

Riggs Literacy Center

Unlocking the Spectrum

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Foundation Series Community Chat

Free Virtual Event

Join the Thrive Community

Tuesday November 15th, at 7 pm on Zoom

 Gayle Y. Fisher, M.Ed., Ed.Tech.

Empowering the World of Learning Differences / Neurodiversity 

The Emergency Game 

Training Children to be Aware of the Unexpected, Avoid Danger & Practice Escape from Entrapment.   Some Ideas and Positive Interventions for a Variety of Ages and Abilities will be provided.
In today's world, let's teach our children to meet first responders (of all sorts) halfway, to build good choices and neural pathways in a calm teachable state.  We will cover both science/somatic theory and specific intervention how-to's, from a low-stress game perspective. 
When the Vagus Nerve System is agitated, there is increased cognitive load for fast responses, good choices, and self-care.  This is a survey workshop covering both neurotypical and neurodiverse youth who may need some self-regulation practice in times of mental peace to better survive in code-red real life situations.
This collection of ideas come from personal research, the research of others, and first-hand experience with first responders.  Please note for the history of First Responders Supports When Dealing with Neurodiversity, which is also best practices for neurotypical teaching.
This workshop will help your classroom compare school-based preparation for fire drills to other preparations for emergencies, building desired muscle-memory reactions.
Join this virtual presentation to teach your students to learn how to classify reactions/responses for their safer future, less fear of the unknown, and increased positive reactions for personal and group safety.
FREE Registration Link

EXPO 2022 Gold Sponsor Spotlight

Wheeler Pediatric Dentistry and Champions Pediatric Dentistry

Children with Sensory Sensitivities: Tips for Planning a Successful Dental Visit

Sensory sensitivities and sensory processing issues are frequently observed in children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or ADHD. These children tend to experience difficulties with social interaction and often exhibit restricted or repetitive behaviors. They may also demonstrate heightened anxiety, weakened or delayed coordination, and differing levels of communication skills. As you may already suspect, dental visits can be particularly challenging, as a dental office often has bright lights, loud noises, and unfamiliar procedures or positioning.

Try to practice at home before your child's visit.

Whenever possible, try to prepare your child for their dental visit beforehand. Visual imagery, including photos and videos, can help support a positive experience at the dentist. Describing the upcoming appointment to your child using sequential "first, then" statements is especially helpful. For example, "when we go to the dentist, you will first sit in the chair. You will then open your mouth, the dentist will then count your teeth, and then we will go home!". Combining this with visual imagery, or perhaps even practice dental instruments (such as a mirror and toothbrush), will help familiarize your child with what to expect. This predictability will assist them in remaining calm and can also improve independence and self-esteem. Be aware that you may have to repeat this multiple times to reinforce the lesson.

Identify your child's specific sensitivities or triggers.

Children with sensory sensitivities can experience difficulty with a wide range of stimuli. Some of their concerns may include (but are not limited to) sights, sounds, tastes, smells and touch. Possible challenges in a dental office could be as simple as a crowded waiting room, unfamiliar faces, or a distracting space. They might also include the taste or texture of toothpaste, the dental suction, or simply being asked to lie down for an exam. It is important to remember that every child is different. If you are aware of any specific experiences or environments that might trigger or challenge your child, let your dental team know. Asking for a more private space (if available) or asking to be scheduled during a less busy time of the day can make all the difference. You may also consider bringing your child's preferred toothpaste, a beloved blanket from home, or even a pair of noise-canceling headphones.

Encourage your child and remain positive.

Always remember to be patient with your child and to praise them for any progress that they demonstrate. Consider sitting next to them and offering calm, reassuring touch; try to resist the urge to firmly hold your child if possible. Allowing children with sensory sensitivities to make choices regarding their appointment, such as wearing sunglasses or not, may also help promote confidence and lessen anxiety. Practice positive reinforcement by rewarding them after a successful dental visit. This can be something as simple as offering more "playtime" at home afterward or giving stickers. Don't forget to revisit the experience with your child at home after as well. Repeat the appointment again in sequential steps and remind your child that they did a great job.

Return regularly to help your child build trust with their provider.

Perhaps more important than any of the above suggestions is remembering that all good things take time. Be patient with your child and be ready to meet them at their level. It may take several visits, perhaps even years, before a child with sensory hypersensitivities can complete all of the steps involved in a routine dental checkup. As pediatric dentists, we know that one of the most important skills we can possess is the ability to earn your child's trust, which often just takes time and repetition. Be sure to return regularly to help familiarize your child with the dental office and to help promote successful dental visits in the future.

EXPO 2022 Gold Sponsor Spotlight

Unlocking The Spectrum 

Unlocking The Spectrum is an ABA center serving children of all ages in Spring, TX. We currently have no waitlist!

At Unlocking The Spectrum, we build fun, compassionate, and individualized ABA programs for children with autism. From toddlers to teens, we always meet every child where they are and are committed to going above and beyond to be sure that each unique child receives the support they need to reach their maximum potential. Whether that be extra hours with our BCBAs at no additional cost to our clients, personalized training for parents, or support after transitioning to a school setting, we are here every step of the way. Through it all we are committed to making the highest quality ABA affordable for your family.

We also understand that ABA is just one step in your child’s journey and draw on years of research and study to help children to be able to use the skills they learn at our center to other settings. At Unlocking The Spectrum, we use a variety of teaching techniques, but always make sure to include active play and time in different environments. We believe this is important not only for a child’s progress but also for their wellbeing.

Unlocking The Spectrum takes a unique whole-family approach. We make the extra effort to support the whole family and build a collaborative relationship to ensure that every ABA program we create helps your entire family thrive.

We’d love to answer any questions about our services or find a time to introduce you to our team!

You can reach us by phone at 855-INFO-UTS, or visit our website at

EXPO 2022 Gold Sponsor Spotlight

Riggs  Pediatric Therapy

EXPO 2022 Vendor Praise

I had a booth for my business, Level Up Branding & Apparel, at the 2022 Thrive With Autism Expo and we had an absolute blast! They had a wonderful mix of vendors from a wide variety of industries and plenty of things for kids to enjoy. As a parent of a child with Autism, I made some great connections while networking and sold a lot of my Be Kind T shirts that I had designed for the event (which was just a bonus)!


Thrive did an exceptional job of planning and executing the event seamlessly!


I can’t wait for the event next year – I will definitely be returning as a vendor.

Level Up Branding & Apparel

EXPO 2022 Vendor Praise

Thrive put on an amazing event for our community! The day was full of kind caring people making a real difference and we were honored to be included. What a wealth of resources & fun for this special population! 

Mosaics of Mercy

EXPO 2022

Attendee Praise

This is the first expo we have attended, and it was absolutely wonderful. So many vendors and fun things to do. My son enjoyed it and I received some great information and resources. The petting zoo and bounce house were icing on the cake and the calming room was a thoughtful and helpful touch. Shout out to everyone involved!!! Looking forward to next year.

Parent. R.A. 

Purchase a BE KIND Tee from Level Up Branding & Apparel and Level Up will donate $3 for every shirt purchased to the

THRIVE with Autism Foundation.


This Tee was designed by Allyson Maywald, momma to Ashtyn Maywald. Ashtyn is a student at Thrive Center For Success and loving it – she is living her best life!  Allyson designed this tee in honor of Ashtyn and to remind everyone to always BE KIND because you never know how you can change somebody's life with a random act of kindness.  Sometimes a smile, a kind gesture or a word can mean the world to somebody else!


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Level Up Branding & Apparel ONLY uses the best of the best when it comes to tees. We know everyone loves that soft, vintage feel which is why the BE KIND Shirts are printed on Bella Canvas (the Heathered Columbia Blue one) and Tultex (the Heathered Pink & Heathered Charcoal) Tees.


These shirts are blended with ring spun cotton and polyester to give it the PERFECT texture.


Shirts are screen printed so there is no peeling or cracking.


Thank you for shopping with us and supporting Autism Awareness and THRIVE WITH AUTISM FOUNDATION

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Foundation's Message

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Happy Fall Y’all!

Our 2nd Annual Montgomery County Children & Families Expo was a big success. We had over 200 participants, 50 vendors, and we were able to raise, in $3000 for Thrive With Autism Foundation. Funds raised by the Foundation are used to support our school, Thrive Center For Success. We appreciate everyone who joined us for this fun event.

Also, a huge thank you to everyone who donated blood. We collected 10 units of blood that, after processing, will impact the lives of up to 30 cancer patients.

For those who have asked about how to order Thrive With Autism shirts, there is a link to our merchandise on our website under the “News & Events” tab.  Thrive Store

Our next "FREE" Community Chat Series will be offered on Tuesday, Nov 15th at 7pm. In this online, free of charge class, Gayle Fisher, M.Ed, Ed.Tech. will cover Emergency Preparedness.

Please sign up if you are interested.

November 15th @ 7 PM Community Chat Free Sign Up

If you have a suggestion for a future topics or community partnerships with Thrive With Autism Foundation or know of a provider who would be interested in presenting, please email Jennifer Crawford, with the Subject line: Community Suggestions

Thrive With Autism Foundation is a separate 501c3 nonprofit organization set up as a supporting sister entity to our charter school, Thrive Center For Success. Our organization is working to build relationships within the community, spread autism awareness, will begin offering various trainings for caregivers, and will continue to host community events for families.  

The long-term goal of the Foundation is to supplement the charter school. The Foundation will provide additional services to children with autism such as recreational activities, social skills groups, vocational training, and other therapies such as speech, occupational therapy, and Applied Behavior Analysis.  

We will be holding more fundraising events in 2023 to support the charter school and the Foundation activities in the future. 

Stay tuned for more ways to connect soon!!

Stacy Grimes. M.A., LSSP

Director of Community Relations

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