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February is National Heart Month
Surviving a Heart Attack: Why Care in the First Hours is Critical.

In the United States, about 790,000 people have a heart attack each year. With numbers like that, it’s likely that you, or someone close to you, will have a heart attack during your lifetime.
WELCOME to our Team, Cassidy!
Cassidy is finishing up her degree in Psychology. One day she hopes to open up her own Holistic Health practice. In her free time you can find her hiking in the WMNF, snowboarding, or surfing. She has two rescue cats that have a cognitive disorder called Cerebellar Hypoplasia. They are the cutest things in the world!

Make sure to stop at the Front Desk and say hello to our newest staff member, Cassidy!
The Full Impact of Grief
(7 week Bereavement Series Mondays at Speare Hospital)
The word "bereavement" is something that we normally associate with our experience of the death of someone we have known, loved, and cared for.
14 Acts of Kindness
It can be hard to know how to help during a time of desperate need. Here are some supportive ideas for that family member, friend or over-extended caregiver
From the PT Corner
Protect Your Hands
The saying goes “work smarter, not harder”. These are words to live by when protecting the fragile joints of your wrists and hands, especially if you have......

Written by Pam Hixon, OT
Ask Pemi-Baker
Join Danielle Paquette-Horne, RN or Lisa Fortson, MSW for our new program, Ask!
Questions about nursing, resources and more from 11am-12pm at the Plymouth Regional Senior Center. 
Drop in and ASK!
Heart and Hands Thrift Shop Grant
Pemi-Baker Community Health recently received a grant from the Heart & Hands Thrift Shop for a new pool exercise platform. “We’re very excited to have this platform for our therapy pool.
Do you Really need to walk 10,000 steps a day?
Walking 10,000 steps a day is a good baseline to help you stay fit, but it isn’t the one-size-fits-all goal you might think.