March 15, 2021
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March 2021
Mar 17 - Bush District Roundtable @ 6:15 pm
Mar 23 - Eagle Books due
Mar 26-28 - BALOO training
Mar 30 - Eagle Board (by appointment only)

April 2021
Apr 1 - TVD District Roundtable @ 7:00 pm
Apr 2 - CLOSED in observance of Good Friday
Apr 20 - Eagle Books due
Apr 21 - Bush District Roundtable @ 6:15 pm
Apr 27 - Eagle Board (by appointment only)

May 2021
May 6 - TVD District Roundtable @ 7:00 pm
May 8 - Annual Dinner @ 5:30 pm
May 8 - Clean Up Day
May 18 - Eagle Books due
May 19 - Bush District Roundtable @ 6:15 pm
May 21-23 - Spring Camporee
May 25 - Eagle Board (by appointment only)
May 26-28 - TVD Day Camp

Jamie Banaszewski

Jamie is an amazing volunteer in her work life as well as in other things that need her. She volunteers to be the female Scoutmaster for Troop 38 when we would not have had another person be able to do it full time. In her work life she constantly stays behind the close, even if it's not her building that needs to be closed. She puts others' needs before her own and this makes her a caring and amazing person. With the troop she volunteers at almost all the events or volunteer events. She volunteers herself wherever she's needed even if she doesn't want to.

Thank you for all you do Jamie!
The next Bush District Roundtable will be held online on March 17th, 2021 starting at 6:15 pm and in-person at the Mt. McKinley Bank in Delta Junction. Please join us by visiting the link below or downloading the Zoom app and entering this information:
Meeting ID: 892 2927 5711 Passcode: 55163

The next Tanana Valley District Roundtable will be online through Zoom and in-person at the Council Office on April 1st (no kidding), 2021 at 7:00 pm. Please join us by visiting the link below or downloading the Zoom app and entering this information: 
Meeting ID: 893 0165 6441 Passcode: 55157
Did you know that there are training plans designed specifically for your position on My.Scouting.org?

Every Scout deserves a trained leader, and you can complete these courses at your own pace!

Please log into My.Scouting.org and follow the steps (Menu>My Training>Training Center) to see what kinds of training plans are available that relate to your position.
Silver Beaver Award and District Award of Merit Nominations links
The Silver Beaver nomination form can be found at this link: https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/512- 103_WB.pdf
The District Award of Meritnomination form can be found at this link: https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33720.pdf
Each year many of the Midnight Sun Council supporters contribute their Friends of Scouting donations through the Pick Click Give option. This is just another option which allows Alaskan residents to pledge and pay a portion of their Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) in support of the youth, volunteers, and Scouting. Below is a link that takes you right to the Councils summary on the PFD webpage. This is a great way to pledge now and pay later.
For more information, please contact CJ at Clinton.Stewart@Scouting.Org 

Annually, the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States awards three individuals who are: Eagle Scouts, Girl Scout Gold Award recipients, Venture
Summit Award recipients and/or Sea Scout Quartermasters who have risen above
their peers in exemplifying the qualities of that rank. Awards are as follows:
$5,000 1st place National scholarship
$3,000 2nd place National scholarship
$1,000 3rd place National scholarship

click here to view/download sign Entry Form

Submit questions and applications to Clinton.Stewart@Scouting.Org
Applications must be received no later than March 25th
Contact Tasmine at tasmine.bennet@scouting.org
if you are interested in helping to hand out Bags starting April 23, 2021
Friends of Scouting Board Campaign 2021

Our Board Members have been busy this year raising funds for our Scouts and Volunteers. 

The theme is to send the Scouts rocket to the moon!  There are four teams that are searching high and low for the fuel needed to propel the rocket. 

At this point team "To Infinity and Beyond" is our leader finding 5750 gallons of high-grade rocket fuel followed closely by team "Lost in Space" with 5350 gallons of high-grade rocket fuel. Third and fourth place go to "Blast off for Big Bucks and "Over the Moon" together the teams have come up with over 31% of the fuel needed which equates to 17,052 gallons. 

Congratulations teams and keep up the fantastic work. Stay tuned in next month to see who gathers the most fuel for the month!

Questions and Comments to CJ at Clinton.Stewart@Scouting.Org   
Friends of Scouting Family Campaign Update
Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the 2021 Friends of Scouting Family Campaign, and congratulations to Troop 1042 B for achieving their 2021 F.O.S. Goal!!

Our 2021 FOS Campaign is already under way! 
The Tanana Valley District has raised 
$2,678 towards the District Goal of $20,000
The Bush District has raised $976
 towards the District Goal of $4,000
We understand that this was a difficult year financially for our families and thank you for your support both financially and through your time! Unit Leaders, please begin thinking about the 2021 campaign and the best ways for presenters to connect with your families. We are happy to work with each unit to match whatever method of meeting is taking place.

Contact robert.stewart@scouting.org to share your presentation time and to pick up FOS

The position is responsible for developing, administering, and promoting the year-round outdoor and camping program of the council, serving as advisor to the council camping and high adventure committees, supervising summer camp operations, including Lost Lake Scout Camp and the Northern Lights High Adventure Base, implementing conservation and maintenance plans related to the council's outdoor facilities and properties, and being the staff advisor to the Order of the Arrow Toontuk Lodge. This position reports to the Scout Executive. The position supervises the Camp Director and has other responsibilities that will result in an increasing number of youth participating in a quality Scouting program.

Bachelor's Degree required, though life skills can be reviewed to qualify.

If you are interested in this position, please provide a resume with cover letter to the Scout Service Center attn: Stephen Smith. Please mark it CONFIDENTIAL. 
Camp Staff Application

Interested in serving on Camp Staff for Lost Lake Camp in 2021?

Please visit this link and fill out the interest survey: 

The 2021 Summer Camp Season will run from July 3 to July 18, 2021.

Staff Week: July 4-10

Scouts BSA Resident camp: July 11 to July 17
The Tanana Valley District is looking for volunteers to serve as Unit Commissioners!

These individuals play a key role in supporting 
our units with focused attention and serve as a bridge between the unit and available District or Council Resources.

Please reach out to Robert Stewart at robert.stewart@scouting.org to learn more!
Northern Lights High Adventure Base 2021 season is still open for any local troops who would be interested in going on a trek this year!
Contact CJ at clinton.stewart@scouting.org with questions or call the office at 907-452-1976
Steve Adamczak
Skip Cook
The Optimist Club of Fairbanks
Brad Tilden 
Stephen Adams
Fairbanks Gold Mine
Stephen Smith
Larry Bennett
Kal Kennedy
Technica, LLC
This years Tired Iron event went extremely well.
BSA Online Applications Access Extended

To help ensure units have full access to BSA online systems while charters continue to be processed, we have extended the grace period for units to continue accessing online systems for an additional 60 days.
This includes Scoutbook, Internet Advancement, my.Scouting tools, and Den Leader Experience. This extension will be available for all recharter dates. This additional 60 days does not extend your charter expire date. Instead, it provides continued access to tools and resources. 
2021 President's Environmental Student and Teacher Awards - Deadline Extension

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that it's extending the nominations deadline for their Environmental Education Presidential awards program.

Click links below for more information

Two recently published safety moments that focus on the dangers and possible tragic consequences of unsupervised activity are now available. click to read more
Reminder to all 2020 Eagle Scouts

All of our 2020 Eagles will be invited to our Annual Dinner on May 8th to be recognized for their accomplishments. 

Please email Rob with details on your Eagle Scout project including the total hours that you and volunteers spent planning and carrying out your project to robert.stewart@scouting.org