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  • The true cost of dropping out of school is mind-boggling. A study out of Northeastern University found that each high school dropout costs taxpayers $292,000 over the course of their lives. This does not include the cost of education up to the point of dropping out.

  • Lifetime earnings of high school dropouts are $260,000 less than peers who earn a diploma.

  • The unemployment rate for dropouts is generally 4 percent higher than the national average.

  • 80% of the Nation’s incarcerated are dropouts-costing taxpayers an estimated 381.7 billion per year.

Meet Valerie!
CISGG and ConvaTec ( a world leader in the medical technology industry in Greensboro, NC) partner together recently to give our students a unique opportunity in learning new skills while going to college or continuing their education in high school! Learn more about this awesome partnership and cool apprenticeship that we are now able to connect to students!

To read about Valerie Myrick, one of our students participating in the ConvaTec apprenticeship, and her Student Success Story, read more here.
Congratulations to our Boys!
We just celebrated the first six of our boys from AAMI graduating from high school! Our very first AAMI graduating class! We're so elated!

Statistics show that boys growing up in poverty generally have fewer caring adults in their lives. For the AAMI students that we worked with poverty was a daily reality. Read about our recent AAMI graduates to see how we helped them overcome significant adversity.

Congrats boys! We're so proud of you!

AAMI Summer Camp!
The African American Male Initiative Boys participate in a Summer Camp this year!
This year, over the summer, our AAMI students got to participate in activities like dodgeball, chess, and study their grade-levels math and foreign language. What was truly special about the summer camp was the boys being able to practice and study up-and-coming school year subjects like math and foreign language with their current school year's teacher! We hope to ease their transition from summer back to school!
New Board Members!
New Board!
New members of our Board of Directors bring new “blood” and new life to the mission of CIS. It is through the careful selection of new board members and the critical engagement of their passion, skills, and connections that we continue to grow and develop for the benefit of our schools, families, participants, and community. This year, we welcomed the following to our board “family”: John Aderholdt, Michelle Gill Moffat, and Claire Ricci!

National Reaccreditation Recertification!
Done! Completed! Finished! least for now. We uploaded all documents required for our national re-accreditation including revised financial and personnel policies, new email addresses for all CIS staff, etc. At this point, we wait and see if we met the standards, or if we didn’t, what we missed and the deadline for addressing. We expect a late December, early January report from the CIS, Inc. We had a great team of Rinda, Gwen and our TQS liaison, Heather Wallace from Communities In Schools of NC. We finished this on the heels of meeting our United Way and CIS Inc annual report obligations which made it a triple-header. Many thanks to the Board of Directors for its prompt review of materials before submission. Stay-tuned!
Roy Cooper's Governor's School Supply Drive!
Results of this year's School Supply Drive!
On average, teachers spend about $500 of their own money on supplies for their classrooms each year. The right school supplies are vital to a successful school year for students and teachers, so we're so glad we can be involved and help out! 

G overnor Roy Cooper kicked off his 3rd Annual School Supply Drive this year! The School Supply Drive is offered in partnership between the North Carolina Governor's Office, the North Carolina Business Committee on Education and its partners, VolunteerNC, State Employees Credit Union, and Communities In Schools of North Carolina!

Donations are collected at state government buildings, businesses that partner with the North Carolina Business Committee on Education, and all North Carolina State Employees Credit Unions locations in every county in North Carolina. 

We had the opportunity for our Joint BSW Field Study interns from UNCG Department of Social Work to participate in helping us transport the school supplies from the designated drop-off locations to the many schools we serve! At the schools, the school supplies were available to any teacher or student that may be in need.

A special thanks to our extraordinary interns!
Get Involved!

For $271.66 per child, and with the aid of significant in-kind contributions by schools and community partners such as colleges and universities, local businesses and community based organizations and volunteers, we are able to help kids stay in school and achieve. We think the value added to a kid’s life by staying in school and graduating is worth every penny invested.

Make a donation to enable us to continue to provide great service to the boys, girls, schools, and families that we serve.

To donate, please go to   CISGG Donate .

Donations may also be made by sending a check to Communities In Schools of Greater Greensboro, P.O. Box 1347, Greensboro, NC 27401. 

Can you mentor, tutor, or provide a healthy after-school or other enrichment activity?

Our mentors and tutors generally meet with students once a week. 

Mentors are excellent ways of reassuring our students that they have a healthy, consistent, one-on-one relationship with a caring adult. 

Tutors, in math, science, English and foreign languages such as Spanish, are critical proponents in helping our students to graduate on time, eliminating the risk of dropping out.  

Perhaps you would be interested in connecting a young person to a job or apprenticeship. We especially focus on college and career planning, connecting a student to a job or apprenticeship is an excellent way of spearheading their career and leveraging them into an economically sustainable position. 

We welcome you to go to   CISGG Volunteer   to tell us about your interests and learn more about our volunteer opportunities.

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