Volume 3 | January 17, 2019
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10 Questions Air Charter Buyers Should Ask
When you buy a seat on a commercial flight, the choice of airline can matter less than the departure and arrival times. But when you book a charter flight, picking the operator is the most important decision you can make. The wrong choice can cost you lots of time and money, or even create safety risks.

So how can you be sure you're selecting an operator that will provide a safe and trouble-free trip? The answer is to pose the right questions before committing to anything. Here's what to ask:
Fifteen Shades of Grey Aircraft Charter by John McGraw
Perhaps you’d like to offset some of the cost of your own flying by making your aircraft available for charter when you’re not using it. You have two ways to do so: you can secure your own FAA Part 135 charter certificate, or you can enroll your aircraft in a management program which holds such certification.
Alaska Part 135 with equipment and profit-flow For Sale for $150,000

South Atlantic Coast Helicopter Part 135 with Part 91 Air Tour Business For Sale for $989,000 #Profitable

Louisiana Basic Part 135 ACB for $99,950 (Company Only)

California Single-Pilot Part 135 ACB for $560,000 with Cirrus SR22-GTS or Company Only for $55,000

Georgia Helicopter Basic Part 135 ACB for $110,000 (No Aircraft)

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