Volume 02 | Summer 2019
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Crawford HS Alumni Spotlight
Student : Carla Castro
High School Graduation Year: 2018
College : University of CA- Davis
Major: Cognitive Science

Long-term Goal : Carla plans to pursue a career as a neurologist.

Other tidbits : Carla interned with California Public Interest Research Group (CALPIRG) and had the following to say about her experience. “We work to protect the environment, make college more affordable, and promote civic engagement. We’re the group that helped ban grocery bags in California to protect our oceans.” 

Carla also volunteered this summer as a group mentor for 2 two-week sessions of the Summer Medical Academy (SMA). As a former SMA student and a FACES graduate she provided invaluable insight and support to the academy. One SMA students mentioned “Carla went above and beyond as a group mentor!”

Carla is also helping the Center for Healthier Communities by introducing the FACES program to their new CEO, Dr. Patrick Frias. What a great ambassador she has become for this healthcare career pathway program! We can’t wait to see what she does with her future.
Hoover HS Alumni
Student : Raenita Spriggs
High School Graduation Year : 2013
College: University of CA- Berkeley
Degree: Bachelor's in Public Health
Graduate school: University of CA-Los Angeles
Degree: Master’s in Public Health with a concentration in Environmental Sciences 
Current Career : Strategy Specialist at UCLA Institute of Environment and Sustainability

Long-term Goal : As someone who is deeply passionate about climate, health and equity, I'm  aspiring towards a career in environmental health policy and research, specifically addressing environmental racism and the need for climate resilience in vulnerable communities. I'm currently nurturing this goal as a Strategy Specialist for UCLA's Center for Diverse Leadership in Science (CDLS). At CDLS, I'm working to build, fund, and advance programs and partnerships related to environmental and climate justice. In the future, these passions for environmental health and justice may take me to other non-profits and eventually into government. After all, I'd like to be the President one day.

How FACES has impacted me: Not only did FACES provide me with a family of supportive colleagues and mentors, FACES also opened my eyes to the various careers that are available in health. Becoming a medical doctor was not my only option. There are other ways to have a positive impact on the health and well-being of the population, e.g. via research, policy, and program development. Thanks to FACES, I'm excited to spend my life finding creative ways to bring holistic healing to black, brown, and indigenous communities that suffer unequal environmental burdens, higher morbidity and mortality, and lack of access to resources.  

Peggy Grimm, RN, CNS
Clinical Staff Spotlight
The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) has been with the FACES program since 2011 when rotations in the hospital began. Peggy Grimm, a NICU nurse, “...enjoys their excitement for the unit and for their future.” She tries to tailor the experience for the FACES students to their own interests. Peggy and her team are always willing to help out the FACES program and have been great advocates. Our FACES students always have a wonderful time in the NICU department.

Students comments about the NICU rotation:
“Everyone in this rotation was nice and helpful. They were so fun to be with.”

“Peggy was a great person to shadow. She taught me what the NICU was and what they did, and explained what different children had.”

"I can’t wait to be back in 4 years!”

“I shadowed three different RNs; they were all very welcoming and enthusiastic. I was able to learn something new from each individual. They all showed passion for their job, which inspired me even more to continue pursuing my goal of becoming an RN. I enjoyed being able to learn about the patients and how the nurses would explain anything I did not understand.”
Community Partner Spotlight
Each year, over a dozen FACES students from Crawford and Hoover complete their Community Health Rotations at Pro Kids First Tee of San Diego. Pro Kids uses the game of golf to engage youth in positive behaviors and develop the character they need to be successful. In addition to golf lessons and services, they provide after school tutoring, scholarships, college and career development and life skills workshops. FACES students tutor young students, assist with recreational activities, help with events, and many become members.

One FACES student said: “What I liked about my rotation was getting to interact with kids and helping them out with their homework. Not only that, but getting to know them, personally.”
Junior Thuy Vu outside her community rotation at Pro Kids
“[A favorite moment with the FACES students is] seeing how passionate the students are for learning and their drive to learn.”- Brittany Johnson, Ortho/Nurse Supervisor

“One student really opened up about her personal life and was very similar up bringing so I was able to be a positive light/hope for her. She was appreciative.” Child Life/Surgical Services Clinician

“I love meeting all the students. It is fun to show them around the unit. They ‘love’ seeing the patients and how the nurses interact with the students.” Cindy Lewis, Medical Unit/Clinical Nurse Specialist

“My favorite part is listening to the students background, because it sounds very similar to mine. Low income, single parent, first generation, I felt like this made me have a deeper than surface level connection with the students.” Jessica Leyte, Supply Chain Management

“[A favorite moment with the FACES students is] interacting with them and hearing how grateful they are for this unique opportunity.” Jacqui Small, Social Work and Child Life

“[A favorite moment with the FACES students is] when we talked about their goals after high school. They were amazing smart students.” Veronica Siqueiros, NICU/Administrative Associate
What's new with FACES for the Future San Diego?

  • The Boz Institute is holding its first summer cohort to introduce high school students to practical science research. The FACES team looks forward to building a partnership that may include using the Institute as a possible science career experience option in the future.

  • FACES for the Future staff are finalizing their phone call outreach efforts. We hope to share some of the education and career highlights from our hardworking alumni. We know you're doing great things and we want to showcase your growth and potential to our partners. Look for more information in our fall newsletter.

If you haven't called us back there's still time! We would love to hear from all of you!

  • Volunteer applications open Sept. 9 at 9AM

Best Wishes!

Crawford High School Principal Dr. Lawrence said his goodbyes to his students on the last day of school and his last day as principal. We wish him all the best in his next journey and will miss his support and enthusiasm for the FACES for the Future program.
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