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Jack & His Golf Story

Cobbled Streets has partnered with our friends at First Tee to create a golf program for children in foster and kinship care. For 6 weeks kids learn about teamwork, respect, and building relationships through the game of golf. Set at City Park Golf Course, the view of the mountains and Denver’s city skyline, create a breathtaking backdrop for the incredible experiences happening for children. 

This spring, 5-year-old Jack joined our golf program. He is the kind of child who is usually seen smiling and in motion! After two years of watching his older brothers learn to play the game, it was finally Jack's turn to learn. He was (barely) big enough to join in, standing just 3 ½ feet tall. Then, he received his own set of mini golf clubs, allowing him to practice on his own and really feel involved in the experience. When given the chance to put this energy toward the game of golf his joy and enthusiasm were palpable. Now the three brothers love the game together - and they’ll be joining us again in the fall to learn more. 

Jack and his brothers’ foster father has carefully rearranged his schedule - even changing jobs to provide more flexibility just so the boys could attend golf. It’s clear to everyone that these experiences are so crucial in the lives of Jack and his brothers - along with all the other kids who attend! 

Foster Parent Ta-Tanisha on Golf Program



Summer Camp was a great experience this summer for our kids in foster care. Not only were there fun games like “Lizzy the Lizard” and “Sharks and Minnows” but the week was centered on learning activities and team work. The hikes were filled with observations of small creatures and plants. Fishing at a private pond included lessons on casting, safety, and technique – some kids even caught a fish! A mindfulness activity allowed kids to stay silent while they listened to the sounds of nature: the sound of grasshoppers, ants crawling, and ducks splashing. There was an activity about water systems and pollution that allowed the kids to see the impact of trash and waterway connections. Learning about fire was fascinating and taught the kids about fire starters, oxygen, and kindling, as well as, safety precautions to prevent fires. Finally, solar oven smores! It was a joyful week for everyone.

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Kiara Galvan: New Orleans Title IV-E RoundTable Conference

They say everything happens for a reason. I am a firm believer of that statement. When I was 19, I was homeless and living in a motel. I was going to school full time and trying to figure out what I was going to do. I felt like I had hit rock bottom. 

I told myself that school is impossible and pointless if you don't know if you'll even have enough money for another night in a motel. I had earned a summer scholarship to pay off my tuition but in order to receive the scholarship I needed to be enrolled into classes full time. My plan was to talk to the person running the course and let them know my situation and that I would need to withdraw from my classes. When he heard my situation, he encouraged me to talk to the student care center. 

After several conversations, I learned about an emergency fund and met with Miguel, the new coordinator of the EPIC program. Miguel shared his vision and invited me to be a peer mentor.

As a result of my work as a peer mentor, I was introduced to Cobbled Streets! Less than six months later, I got my first full time job with Cobbled Streets and my work there ultimately led to my participation in a national conference in New Orleans. In 2019, the Department of Social Work embarked on a research project to capture the experiences and challenges of students like me. Led by Erin Boyce, it was a huge opportunity to be heard and also to hear others. We were told we would someday present our findings at conferences with professionals from around the country. Then it happened!

Because of Cobbled Streets and EPIC, I was able to visit a new city, meet so many social workers, and learn so much. It was amazing! When it was our turn to present, all of us were filled with so many emotions. I was so overjoyed to be in a whole new city in a room with people from all over the country. It was truly a beautiful moment to really finally have made it to the conference and to finally have our voices heard.

I am so thankful to Cobbled Streets for giving me this opportunity to accomplish something that I had been looking forward to for 4 years. This trip has allowed me to change perspectives. If I am ever in a situation where I feel I am at rock bottom again, I will know that truly everything happens for a reason, I just need to be patient in understanding what the reason is.


Through the generosity of Disney, 100 foster families and kids attended the Broadway musical Aladdin at the Buell Theatre in Denver. A first-time experience for so many, the theatre was deafening with applause and shouts of glee. Children and parents were enthusiastically clapping and grinning ear to ear. It was a magical moment. One lamp, three wishes, infinite possibilities.

A foster mom wrote:

“Our family and community thank you sincerely and deeply from our hearts for your magical gift of Aladdin. I was moved to tears several times during the performance just by seeing the pure joy on the faces of so many children.  You did that. It’s magic. The goodness in you all is so moving. We loved the evening, love you, and we love Cobbled Streets. Thank you. You make such a huge difference.”

New Partner Provides Cool Clothes for School

Clothes To Kids of Denver proudly provides new and quality used clothing to students from low-income or in-crisis families throughout the Denver Metro Area, free of charge. Students ages 3-21 are invited to choose a school wardrobe from the wide selection of stylish clothing in our boutique, where families are treated with dignity and respect. Each student’s wardrobe includes five outfits, a pair of shoes, a coat and five pairs each of new socks and underwear. This September, Clothes To Kids will celebrate its 15th year of service by giving away its 100,000th wardrobe!

The students who shop at Clothes To Kids are experiencing some of the most difficult circumstances imaginable – poverty, homelessness, displacement and home removal. Yet thousands of these children and youth have left our boutique beaming with pride, excited to wear their newly selected clothes and shoes to school. Our vision is that all students will have the clothing they need to feel comfortable, confident and prepared to thrive, in school and beyond. Thank you to the members of the First Unitarian Society of Denver for supporting the mission of Clothes To Kids of Denver!

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Word of thanks

Thanks to Kyle Clark and everyone who participated in the 9News Word of Thanks micro-giving fundraiser campaign, almost $20,000 was raised to provide enriching opportunities and life changing experiences for kids in foster care.


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