July 2, 2022 | Monthly News & Updates
2022 myWalgreens Donation Program
We’re participating in the myWalgreens donation program! You can donate your myWalgreens cash rewards to the Osceola Council on Aging thru 8/31/22.

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Win FREE Raffle Tickets - 4th of July Trivia
From July 1st to July 4th, we will be posting Independence Day themed trivia questions for a chance to win FREE tickets to our Ford F-150 Car Raffle!

These questions will be posted to our social media, where we will randomly select someone who comments the correct answer to be that day's winner.
Only one question will be posted every day, so be sure to stay up to date with our social media by turning on post notifications!

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Prioritizing Mental Health in Retirement

As a new stage of life, retirement can bring a new set of challenges. By prioritizing mental health, seniors can make the most of this change. These tips can help. Retirement is something most people look forward to for years.

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2022 Florida Council on Aging Conference
Save the Date!

August 22-24, The Florida Council on Aging will be hosting its 2022 Conference on Aging at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando!

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OCOA Disaster Relief Fund
On top of all the services provided to the community by the Osceola Council on Aging, the facility also operates as a Special Needs Shelter in times of need. With hurricane season underway, experts are already predicting this season to be a busy one. These forecasts are expected to deliver an increased amount of residents seeking shelter with us when nature decides to strike.
That is why this year we've created a disaster relief fund to help us in our mission to shelter those requiring our services during these times. While we always accept and appreciate the donation of physical items/supplies, we ask that you consider making a monetary donation to give us greater flexibility in being able to supply residents with the resources they need.

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Food Pantry Services Available in Kissimmee and St. Cloud
The Osceola Council on Aging Food Pantry provides food bags to seniors, disabled adults, and disadvantaged families. The OCOA began providing food assistance programs to the Osceola County community more than 50 years ago and has evolved to provide nutrition assistance to more than 20,000 needy households every year.

We've recently expanded our services by adding a new location in St. Cloud!
The Council utilizes locally donated foods and funded social service programs to provide more comprehensive food packages and services to meet increasing demands in the number of low-income households served in our community. The OCOA Food Pantry relies on community volunteers to assist by donating food through community or workplace food drives and monitory donations. We also work with local community partners to purchase crops for use in meal production and for food distribution to disadvantaged Osceola County residents.

Food Pantry Hours: Thursday from 9:30 - 11:30am

We are open for donations: Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm
In accordance with Federal Law and US Department of Agriculture policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis or race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability. (Not all prohibited bases apply to all program.) to file a complaint of discrimination, write USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20250-9410 or call 800-795-3272 or 202-720-6382 (TTY) USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

When it comes to muscle: use it, lose it or build it! Muscle plays a crucial role in human health; it allows us to stand, walk, balance, lift and breathe. Building and maintaining muscle is important for both men and women, because strong muscles help reduce back pain, prevent falls and more. Registered dietitian nutritionists, personal trainers and physicians agree muscle mass is important for optimal calorie burning, dense bones and increased energy.
Consistent resistance training at all ages plays an important role in preventing both sarcopenia and osteoporosis. Sarcopenia is a slow muscle loss that occurs with aging. An individual that is not physically active can lose an estimated 3% to 5% of lean body muscle per decade after the age of 30. Sarcopenia contributes to loss of strength, mobility issues and disability, and falls are a particular concern for older adults with sarcopenia. Resistance training at least twice a week and consuming an adequate amount of high-quality sources of protein may help to slow or partially reverse the effects of natural, gradual sarcopenia.

Resistance training may help prevent osteoporosis, a condition characterized by weak, porous bones, which then become prone to fractures. Similar to sarcopenia, osteoporosis has a gradual onset, with inadequate nutrition and lack of physical activity being some of the risk factors. Adequate calcium and vitamin D consumption paired with sufficient physical activity, specifically resistance training and weight-bearing exercises, can help prevent osteoporosis, reduce severity of the disease or stop its progression.

Although resistance training strengthens and maintains the major muscle groups, it does not always equate to bulking up. Resistance training does not need to happen at the gym; in fact, it is easy to do anywhere. For best outcomes, the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommend strength training two to three times a week, to the point at which it would be difficult to do another repetition. While some people may prefer weight machines, free weights are often a preferred method and can be used anywhere. When using weight machines, free weights or resistance bands, selecting the proper weight is crucial to improving strength and preventing injury. Set a target of eight to 12 repetitions and work up gradually to two to three sets.

If you prefer exercises that do not require weights, exercises that use your own body weight also are a good option. Pushups, squats, planks, hip lifts and dips are just some of the numerous equipment-free resistance training options. Yoga can also build muscle using body weight while improving flexibility and reducing stress.

Incorporating resistance training into a regular exercise routine is crucial for maintaining healthy muscles and bones while increased muscle mass can boost energy and metabolism.
July Holidays:

  • July 4th - Independence Day

July Congregate Activity Dates:

  • July 6th - Flea Market
  • July 13th - Spa Day
  • July 20th - Dancing and Bingo
  • July 27th - Meet and Greet our Candidates

*Due to COVID-19 all regularly scheduled meetings are being held virtually by Zoom. For more information on meetings contact Janice Casler at

*No July Meeting*
Thank you to all of our donors. We are not able to get a photo of every donor but we thank you all the same.

We are so fortunate to have had so many of you reach out to us asking how you can help and what you can do to ensure our community is well cared for. As an essential business we provide meals and other services to members of the community in need. Your donations are more critical now than ever to ensure they continue to receive these services during this unprecedented time.

Our greatest needs are contributions, both monetary and grocery items, for our community food pantry. We are trying to keep up with the new demand and increasing needs to feed the community. Leveraging your monetary donations allows us to stretch your dollars to serve even more individuals.

CLICK HERE to make a donation today!

Thank You!