October 2019
Summary from the October HRTPO Meeting
Aging is an indisputable fact of life, and as the nation prepares for the 2020 Census, what might the data we already have tell us about the aging of our population here in Hampton Roads?
Report details the current status and recent trends of all facets of the transportation system in Hampton Roads, including air, rail, water, and highways.
The Hampton Roads Housing Consortium (HRHC) recently held its 13 th Annual Housing Awards Ceremony at the Virginia Beach Convention Center.
The Help to Others (H2O) program supports area residents who are in a financial crisis and cannot afford their water and/or wastewater utility bill.
The HRPDC endorsed its 2020 Legislative Agenda during its October 2019 meeting.
Summary from the October HRPDC Meeting
Starting with the Cape Henry Trail in Virginia Beach, HRTPO staff plans to periodically highlight one of the many multi-use trails in Hampton Roads.
HRPDC staff recently spent a morning aboard the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s education vessel the, Jenny S., learning more about local water quality improvement efforts.
The Executive Director's activity report to the HRPDC and HRTPO from the October 2019 meetings.
Welcome aboard to the new HRPDC employees and congratulations to HRPDC/HRTPO employees reaching career milestones this year.
Three public meetings scheduled to hear stakeholders’ input about their experiences living or working near military installations in the Cities of Chesapeake and Portsmouth.
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