FALL 2020
Did you know that in the 70’s, Vertical Aviation Technologies developed the “Heli-camper” as a project for Winnebago? It was featured in Popular Mechanics. Innovative, yes. And exciting. The Heli-camper literally rose above the earthbound limitations of recreational vehicles. With the Heli-camper, you could take the comfortable living accommodations for the flight. The Heli-camper offered luxurious accommodations such as sleeping space for up to six people, air conditioning, bath facilities, a refrigerator and range. The Heli-camper was based on the proven Sikorsky S-55 and S-58 helicopters.
In 1976 an electric helicopter using the Hummingbird design was developed. It was the first full size helicopter powered by an electric motor. Funded by NASA the concept was completed with lead acid batteries. The next phase was a lithium hydroxide power cell running a single Gould torpedo motor located directly under the rotorhead. The lack of funding at the time stopped the program but it was proven to work.
In 1993 we started the development and FAA certification of a nine passenger Transport Category Super Quiet helicopter appropriately named the Whisper Jet. Development and Certification to make the world’s quietest production helicopter took nine years and included a new five blade quiet rotor system and a turbine powerplant with silencers. The primary mission for the Whisper Jet was tour flights over noise sensitive areas such as the Grand Canyon. We also developed a plush interior with large windows and a window looking down through the floor, air conditioning, and sound systems. At that time the company grew to 80 employees and 30,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and office space.
1.         Can I maintain my own helicopter?
Yes. After you complete the assembly process the FAA will issue you a Repairmans
Certificate. This cannot be accomplished with a commercial helicopter.
2.       What is the hourly operating cost?
IO-540 Engine
 DIRECT COST OF OPERATION                                    COST/HOUR
                        Fuel – 15 gph @ $3.50 gallon                     $52.50
                        Oil/Hour                                               $   .50
                        RESERVE FOR SPARE PARTS
                                    Major Component Overhaul @ TBO $58.82
TOTAL DIRECT OPERATING COST:                    $111.82 per flight hours

Note: There are no calendar inspections so operating cost is based on flight hours only.
3.       Does this helicopter design meet the stringent FAA standards?
Yes. This helicopter was approved for commercial use by the FAA. We elected to sell it in kit form
in order to reduce the assembly costs for you. The Hummingbird went thru Sikorsky and FAA
engineering and flight testing programs. All dynamic components were subjected to a fatigue life
substantiation. Fatigue life is substantiated by measuring, in-flight steady and vibratory loads on
components like rotor blades with strain gauges and the helicopter is flown at all weights, c.g.’s,
altitudes, temperatures, and maneuvers: With these known loads a minimum of four specimens
(ex: rotorblades), are loaded and cycled with special equipment in a laboratory until failure. This
establishes the life of the component before failure. This information cannot be predicted. Ask your
kit manufacture if they performed a Flight Loads Survey on the critical dynamic components of your
4.       Do you have a quality control process for the manufacturing of parts?
Yes. Unlike other kit manufactures we have been involved with extensive FAA manufacturing
approvals and FAA Repair Station. This was required for our company to manufacture
components like rotorheads and rotorblades for Commercial Transport Category helicopters.
5. What kind of fuel does the Hummingbird require?
The lower compression IO-540 engine can be run with minimum octane of 91 up to 100LL
aviation fuel.

6. Can an auxiliary fuel system be installed?
Yes. We have available a 22 gallon auxiliary fuel system increasing the range to 545 miles.
7. Is there baggage space?
Yes. The Hummingbird has two large easily accessed baggage compartments in the main cabin.
8. Is there any weight limit per seat?

9. Is there any calendar life on the airframe or components?

10. How difficult is this helicopter kit to assemble?
A tremendous amount of effort from our part went into designing this real certified helicopter to
be assembled by yourself. In addition to detailed manuals, there are drawings and
photographs. The average build time is 1200 hours. Because all transmissions are shaft driven,
we build all critical components at the factory on precision fixtures. So a lot of the work has
already been accomplished for you and this kit meets the 51% rule with the FAA including the
11.  Do you have a flight test program?
  Yes. When your kit is ready for flight we have several representatives that can come to your
location, do a final inspection, and then a first flight.
12. Can I install a cargo hook?
Yes. This helicopter was designed and approved for a cargo hook.
The Hummingbird is the perfect helicopter to use for the wide range of elevation and terrain with reliable performance under demanding conditions. - Wes, USA

The Hummingbird is a great helicopter for an outstanding price. - Joshua, USA

The machine was very smooth in the run up with the 3 blades and wheeled landing gear, a change for me. I had a chance to ground taxi to the LZ, which was strange for about the first 50 feet. After that I settled right in. It was just like driving down the street, NEAT! - Maynard, Canada
Just to let you know that I have received the drawings and assembly manual and they are first class. - Dennis, Australia
Thank you for taking the time to show my family and me around your shop. I was very impressed with the detailed drawings for the builder as well as the operators manual.” - Michael, USA
Autorotations are great and the helicopter has less stick shake then Enstrom! - Slovenia Flight Test Pilot
Although this may come off as such, this post is by no means a promotional act. I am in no way affiliated with VAT or any of it’s employees. I’m just a guy that’s been trying to figure out what he’s going to build. As a fixed and rotor wing pilot, safety is paramount. This is basically a certificated Sikorsky helicopter that is sold in kit form, allowing the builder to maintain his aircraft himself. I’ve researched every “kit” helicopter out there for the last 5 years, nothing else compares. - Flybull, MO
Just received my Christmas gift—engine was delivered today. Can’t wait to install the engine. Raymond, Switzerland
Just to let you know that my Hummingbird is finally inside my hangar, safe and sound. No problem with delivery, paperwork, customs, and unloading. Many thanks for all your help, kind regards, Eduardo, Bolivia
Overall the assembly manual and drawings are amazing and I’m having a great time putting the puzzle together.  Ed, CA
Received my crates and put them in the garage.  Can’t wait to get started building. Troy, NJ
Glad to inform you the kit has arrived.  We have started the assembly process. Ganbat, Mongolia
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Vertical Aviation Technologies, Inc., located in Sanford, Florida, is the manufacturer of the Hummingbird helicopter. The company was founded by Bradley G. Clark in 1987. We have sold over 450 helicopters worldwide from commercial helicopter operators to governments including the United States. We have an excellent reputation with the FAA and never had a fatality in any helicopter we have built or sold including the Hummingbird. Currently, Vertical Aviation Technologies, Inc. produces the Hummingbird S-52 series helicopters.
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