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August 2019 News & Updates
Concierge Corner

When we say we handle everything from the ordinary to the extraordinary, we aren't kidding! Here are just a few recent requests:

  • Locating where a member could get the new Shingrix vaccine for shingles.
  • Securing an estimate for masonry repair of a chimney
  • Identifying alternate entertainment and activities for a trip to Norway
  • Purchasing K-Pop tickets
  • Finding the best moth spray to combat a moth infestation in member's closet
August Stat
Oscar's Travel Tips
 Oscar's Travel Tips
When to Buy Travel Insurance?!!!

When considering purchasing travel insurance, it is a personal decision. Generally, the two top considerations are:

  1. Do you suffer of a medical condition?
  2. Is your trip international, expensive, or nonrefundable?

Even though we are not able to recommend any one company/option over another, any choice from our partner companies (click here) would be a great match for your travel investment.

One final tip! Most definitely check your credit cards for travel coverage as many of them offer this as part of your benefits.
Galapagos Island
The  Galapagos Islands, made  famous in 1859  by naturalist Charles Darwin, offer wildlife and landscapes found nowhere else on earth. With more than 400 species of fish and an abundance of wildlife, there is certainly plenty to see.
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Last Month's Poll Question
Which type of vacation will you take this summer?

  • Camping - 14%

  • Theme Park - 6%

  • Cruise - 9%

  • Seaside Resort - 33

  • Travel Abroad - 28%

  • Nothing - 10%
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Help for dog days of summer
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