December 2022
As 2022 comes to a close, we want to share with you significant accomplishments that are improving transportation for communities throughout Alameda County. And we look forward to continuing to advance transportation plans, projects and programs in 2023.

Have a happy and healthy holiday season!
Advancing Interstate 680 Projects in Alameda County—Fulfilling Voter Promises
Interstate 680 (I-680) is a major north-south interstate corridor moving both goods and people. Alameda CTC is delivering major projects funded by Measure BB in the 2014 Transportation Expenditure Plan as promised to voters, including these three on I-680, which will improve efficiency, expand traveler options and close significant gaps:

I-680 Gap Closure adds nine miles to the Southbound Express Lane network
Construction is beginning on the I-680 Southbound Gap Closure at the end of 2022. This nine-mile-long project will add a new southbound express lane from State Route (SR)-84 to Alcosta Boulevard, thereby closing a gap in the southbound high-occupancy vehicle (HOV)/Express Lane by connecting Alameda County’s I-680 Sunol Express Lane with Contra Costa’s I-680 Express Lane, ultimately resulting in an almost 50-mile-long I-680 Southbound Express Lane network from Marina Vista Boulevard in Martinez to SR-237 in Milpitas. The expanded express lane network will decrease travel times for all drivers, reduce congestion and pollution, and allow for better operations and traffic management of the freeway system.
SR-84/I-680 Interchange Improvements make driving and biking safer
The State Route 84 (SR-84)/I-680 Interchange Improvements project is the final segment in a series of improvements to bring SR-84 to expressway standards from I-680 in Sunol to I-580 in Livermore and improve bicycle access on SR-84 and at the SR-84/I-680 interchange. Construction began in May 2021 and will be completed during the winter of 2024-25. Hear from the bike community, including Glenn Kirby of the Fremont Freewheelers, about why they’re excited about these improvements. 
Tolling Update: Get a FasTrak Flex® or FasTrak CAV® toll tag to drive the I-680 express lanes opening soon
Starting in early 2023, tolling will begin on I-680 express lanes and drivers will need FasTrak® toll tags to travel in the lanes.

Carpools with two or more people travel free with a FasTrak Flex® toll tag set to reflect the number of people in the car. Solo drivers in eligible clean air vehicles (CAVs) receive a 50% toll discount by using a FasTrak CAV® toll tag.

The I-680 express lanes will operate on southbound I-680 between SR-84 and SR-237, and on northbound I-680 between Auto Mall Parkway and SR-84. If you want the option to drive in an express lane, visit Bay Area Fastrak to get the toll tag that is right for you.
Port of Oakland Gateway Project Receives $175 Million From the State
Earlier this month, one of three Alameda CTC GoPort Program projects, the 7th Street Grade Separation East project, received $175 million in funding from the California Transportation Commission (CTC) to improve truck and rail access to one of the nations’ most vital seaports—the Port of Oakland. Alameda CTC, in partnership with the CTC, the City of Oakland and the Port of Oakland, has worked to advance this high-priority goods movement project into construction that will realign and reconstruct the primary landside gateway into the Port of Oakland and a shared bicycle/pedestrian pathway, relieving congestion, increasing efficiency, fostering sustainability, including greening. 

“[This] action by the CTC… is a great example of partnership to leverage local, regional and state funding to deliver transportation improvements that benefit not only the residents of Alameda County, but the entire Northern California mega-region,” stated Alameda CTC Executive Director Tess Lengyel.

Alameda CTC will manage this critical project funded by the state’s Senate Bill 1 Trade Corridors Enhancement Program will move into construction in 2023. The Port of Oakland will provide financial and engineering support.
One Big Step Forward: I-80/Gilman Roundabout Construction Underway
Phase 2 of the Interchange 80/Gilman Street Interchange Improvement Project began, which includes the construction of two roundabouts, pedestrian improvements, bicycle improvements and safety enhancements, connecting the many businesses and public facilities in the area. The scheduled completion of the roundabouts and other Phase 2 improvements in winter 2024-25 will reduce congestion, shorten queues, and minimize merging and turning conflicts. In addition, construction continues on the bicycle and pedestrian overcrossing, with completion anticipated in 2023.
Rapid Quick-Build Projects Continue to Deliver Benefits
In response to COVID-19, Alameda CTC provided funding for Rapid Response Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects throughout Alameda County. Grants of up to $75,000 were provided that allowed local jurisdictions to complete projects by March 2021 that improved bicycle and pedestrian safety and supported local businesses. See how projects like Emeryville's Shared Doyle Street and Fremont's award-winning Walnut Avenue Bikeway continue to deliver benefits by permanently improving the ways people get around their community.
A Fond Farewell and Thank You
At the final Alameda CTC Commission meeting this year, we shared farewells to commissioners whose tenures on the Commission had come to an end. Our deep appreciation and thanks to Vice Chair Elsa Ortiz, and Commission members Pauline Cutter, Gina Bonanno, Deborah Cox, Barbara Halliday, Rochelle Nason, Sheng Thao and Teddy Gray King for their service to Alameda CTC and the people and communities of Alameda County.
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