September 2022
Gilman Project Construction Advances – Phase 2 Underway
The Interstate 80/Gilman Street Interchange Improvement (I-80/Gilman) project is locatreconfigures the interchange and is intended to reduce congestion, shorten queues and minimize merging and turn conflicts. It is located in northwest Berkeley near its boundary with the City of Albany. Improvements in the area will also close the gap in local and regional bicycle facilities by providing greater access for bicycles and pedestrians traveling between the Bay Trail and North Berkeley.

Phase 1 of the I-80/Gilman project broke ground in May 2021 to construct a new bicycle/pedestrian bridge overcrossing on I-80 just south of the Gilman Street interchange. Substantial utility relocation work is complete and falsework supporting the pedestrian overcrossing is in place. With Phase 1 well underway, Phase 2 construction began in July 2022. Phase 2 includes two roundabouts at the Gilman Street interchange, pedestrian and bicycle improvements and safety enhancements at the Gilman Street/Union Pacific Railroad at-grade crossing, connecting the many businesses and public facilities in the area. 
The new I-80/Gilman Street roundabouts will improve operations and reduce conflicts, ensuring safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers, advancing this major 2014 Measure BB Transportation Expenditure Plan project.

Community Voices at I-80/Gilman
One of the businesses that the I-80/Gilman Street Interchange Improvement project helps you connect to more easily is KC’s BBQ.
Community Voices of Alameda CTC allows you to hear directly from community members like Kristen Davis, owner of KC’s BBQ, about how the transportation improvements are supporting quality of life and businesses in Alameda County.

Kristen shared with us what the Interstate 80/Gilman Street Interchange Improvement Project means to her and her business, “It’ll make the roads much safer for my family, my customers, my employees, and we are happy to see it happen.” Hear her story and those of some of our neighbors when you visit Alameda CTC’s Community Voices.
Travel Safely This School Year
Safety is always on the curriculum at Alameda CTC! Alameda County Safe Routes to Schools (SR2S) Program is ready to support more engaging and educational activities that encourage families to walk, bike, carpool and take transit to school safely and confidently.
“Safety is a top priority of Alameda CTC,” says Alameda CTC Chair, Emeryville Mayor John J. Bauters. “With rail infrastructure traversing the County, particularly in low-income communities of color, and an emphasis on increasing transit rail use to reach climate goals, improving safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, rail and roadway users is critically important.”

Now that school has begun and our loved ones are traveling more, oftentimes encountering rail crossings, Alameda CTC's Rail Safety Enhancement Program (RSEP) has identified those crossings and corridors in the vicinity of schools most impacted by rail traffic to ensure improved safety around railroad tracks. The RSEP improves pedestrian safety, including around schools where, all too often, trespassing onto railroad right-of-way results in fatality and serious injury. Recently, Alameda CTC was awarded a $25 million Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvements (CRISI) Grantthe largest CRISI grant awarded in California—by the Federal Railroad Administration. This federal funding will allow Alameda CTC to deliver more safety improvements in the County.
The infusion of federal funding for the RSEP will further enhance safety and help to expedite improvements. This will support the Alameda County SR2S program that offers direct support to public elementary, middle and high school students in Alameda County to promote active (walking and rolling) and shared (carpooling and transit) transportation options, while educating students about safety, in particular rail safety, as they walk, bike, carpool and use public transit.
Students on the Move
Back-to-school season is here! This means applications for the affordable Student Transit Pass Program (STPP) are now open!
The STPP expands transportation options and makes it easier for Alameda County’s middle and high school students to travel to and from school and school-related programs, jobs and other activities. We are proud to announce that this ongoing program is now four years strong, and we are officially at 132 schools in 15 districts across Alameda County! The STPP reduces transportation access barriers and builds support for transit in the County.
“I’m so happy I got my Clipper card,” says Luis Tambunga, a STPP student at Lincoln High School in San Leandro. “I use it to go to school, to my Regional Occupation Program and to work. It has made my life much easier.”
If you or someone you know would like to apply for a Student Transit Pass or learn more details about the program, click here.

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