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Trash Lock

The trash area opening has now been closed off. All owners, guests and STR renters must use their unique codes to access the trash compactor and recycling bins. Codes have been provided to all CLCC owners and each owner is responsible to ensure their guests and renters are educated about the usage of the codes and proper disposal of trash. Any questions please email

April Board Meeting Approval Updates

Approval of Fine Structure, Complaint Process, Complaint Form Link Section

It is important to note that it is not the intent of the HOA to issue fines and owner privilege suspensions but rather to highlight the importance of following the regulations in order to maintain a safe and secure CLCC community. 

Fine structure class for violation has been added to the Owner's Regulations.

Complaint Process

Complaints from the community or staff must be filed within 7 days of the occurrence or observation of a violation.

The following complaint form link will give you access to the Web based complaint form that must be filled out with as much detail as possible.

1. Details must lead to the identification of the Violator(s) in order to process the complaint. 2. Pictures and or witnesses must confirm the violation

3. Addresses and or ID of the violating vehicle(s) from which the violators are connected must be provided.

4. Do not engage violators for your and their own safety.

5. The complainant will remain anonymous.

Web Link to Complaint Form

Link to the updated Owners Regulations

Approval of Owners Regulations Article VII. Change of Ownership and Address Section 7.02 the following language was added

B. Owner’s badge and Fishing badge must be returned to office at time of change of ownership.

Read more here

Owners Regulations Article III. Dues.

Many years ago the BOD decided to create an assessment discount policy for multi-lot owners which is the way we have assessed multi-lot owners. This language has now been voted to be apart of the Owner's Regulations.

Read more here

Clubhouse Help Wanted

CLCC is looking for a Clubhouse Staff Member. Interested parties please email your resume or ask for an application. Must be able to work weekends and holidays.

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Fyke Nets

The arrival of spring brings crucial and timely projects. Volunteers will be needed to place the Fyke nets in the lake as soon as the ice starts to melt. The initial placement of the nets requires several individuals in boats and on the shore. Once placed the nets need to be checked every other day at approximately 8 am for removing the fish captured. We then take out the Pike and Suckerfish. The pike are given to Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the suckers are donated to the local tackle & bait shops. The trout are returned to the lake to continue to grow for your fishing pleasure.

To allow these nets to reach maximum effectiveness while the nets are in place, the north beach area will closed to all fishing and watercraft activity temporarily for about 10 to 14 days.

Please email if interested in volunteering this year.  

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Harbison Ditch

It is that time of year again. The annual cleaning of the Harbison ditch. This will take place in mid-May. The Harbison ditch was originally completed in the early 1900s. The gate to the ditch is opened by Memorial Day and closed by October 1st every year. This ditch feeds the water to Columbine Lake. This year the cleaning will be crucial because of the East Troublesome Fire aftermath. Volunteers are being requested to assist in the cleaning. The work involves brush, limb, rock, and possibly downed timber removal. If you are interested, please email

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Interested in becoming a board member?

The CLCC Board of Directors currently has nine community members, each of whom serve a three year term. This year, the terms of three existing board members will expire. Each of those current board members has indicated that they do intend to run for re-election to the board, however we want to give other CLCC owners the opportunity to potentially join the board by also running for one of those three expiring board positions.

Board Qualifications & Commitment

Board Members need to bring dedication, time and an objective perspective that considers the whole community. Board meetings are the 2nd Saturday of every month for 2-4 hours, in addition yearly strategy sessions and outside assignments to support our limited office staff and committee work are required. Background in project management, finance/accounting, technology, technical/strong writing skills, and experience in legal or policy or HOA’s is most helpful.

If you are interested in running for a board position this year, please send a short paragraph expressing your intent and your background/qualifications and to office@, no later than May 15th. A formal board member description can be found in our CLCC Bylaws, Article IV



Since we currently are still under COVID restrictions, the Annual Meeting will not take place as normal over the Memorial Day weekend. Board member elections and the 2021/2022 budget approval will be done using the same electronic voting system that was used successfully last year. Voting is planned to take place before the end of June. Once the exact timing is set and the slate of candidates is finalized, you will be advised via email blast about the specific details of the voting process.

As we get closer an email blast will be sent out to verify the primary email address and mobile phone number we have on file which will be used to send out the voting link. Each vote will be weighted based on the number of lots you own. 

If your lot is owned by a Trust, LLC, Corporation or Partnership it is your responsibility to notify the office based on your documents to let us know who can vote. 

If your lot is owned by multiple owners it is your responsibility to notify the office of who has been designated to vote prior to the election start date.

Want to have a voice in CLCC decisions? Volunteer opportunities await you.


Architectural Review Committee

Help the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) with your expertise in construction, architecture, policy in building regulations and design with reviewing and approving permits in CLCC.

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Lake Patrol

Lake Patrollers volunteer to help keep your private lake private and help mitigate unauthorized users.

Lake and fishing knowledge is helpful and must be willing to volunteer on weekends and holidays.

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Safety & Security Committee

The primary responsibility of the Committee is to advise the Board of Directors on issues, concerns, and recommendations pertaining to matters related to the safety for the common areas of CLCC including the lake, roads, and the clubhouse.

Interested owners please email your letter of interest and qualifications to

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As you know most of us were extremely lucky in the aptly named Troublesome Fire.

Our CLCC neighbors lost 28 homes and 1 staff member just outside CLCC lost theirs as well. It is still very difficult for those owners trying to deal with insurance, acquiring a builder/financing and creating re-build plans with the challenge of a small window of time to build over the Spring-Summer and Fall.


The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) has waived fees and is meeting almost weekly to expedite new build and repair plans for homeowners. The new builds and repairs are still subject to our Building Criteria and thus far we have seen 11 plans for re-build in our community, with more to come. 


We have had a lot of questions about those lots that are not yet cleaned-up and our General Manager, Dave Kaeding has been meeting with those owners to understand their time table for clearing and provide resources to assist with that effort so no hazardous material or rubble impacts our lake with our spring thaw. Grand County has also been working hard on a county plan to help those who have been effected by the fire.


Building Permit Process

CLCC Building Permit Forms are the next step to get your outdoor project approved before you start.

Rule of thumb is most exterior projects need a CLCC permit.

Architectural Application Forms

Check out the Building Criteria by clicking here


When walking on roads please keep to the right so vehicles can pass you easily while keeping yourself and loved one safe.

Keep dogs on leashes to help dogs from chasing wildlife

Keep speeds to 15 MPH which helps the roads from excessive wear which helps keep your dues low.

Upcoming events

Grand County will be paving Western Rd this summer

Pike Fishing Contest (details TBD)

Slash Clean up June 16-21 by Paul and Mary Johnson & CO Unit Mennonite Disaster Services

CLCC Slash & Trash July 24th & 25th

Spring maintenance and cleaning

Get a head start on Spring projects so you can enjoy your summer. Don’t procrastinate if you need to hire someone call them now as you might be left in the cold if you don’t book soon enough.


County Considering Floodplain Regulations, Participation in National Flood Insurance Program. Read more here


Grand County is currently exploring the following debris removal programs.

Read more here

Colorado is expecting another explosive wildfire year, but the state may be more prepared this more here

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Grand County Fire Recovery Newsletter - March

Pool & Fitness Area Open by Reservations

Pool Reservation link

Fitness Room Reservation link

Approved March Minutes