February 2019
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In this edition of E-news, we're delighted to highlight three employees from our health division who are making important differences for the agency, their colleagues and our clients.
Save The Date - 16th Seaside Gala
Join us and Leading Corporate Sponsor Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island for Race on Over to the 16th Annual Seaside Gala , Thursday, June 13, 2019 at 5:30 p.m. at Castle Hill Inn, Newport, RI. This year's theme draws inspiration from horse racing's triple crown races!

Photo of Castle Hill Inn by Amy Ritz, Ritzy Pics Photography
Employees Making a Difference: Andrea Converse, RN
Andrea Converse is a nurse at EBCAP’s Health Center in East Providence. Converse’s supervisor, Laura Voller, Director of Nursing, was touched to learn that a patient recently sent a personal letter of thanks to Converse. In it the patient thanked Converse for the care she provides, saying “Not only are you professional but you are understanding, you are patient, kind, and genuinely nice!” Voller wasn’t at all surprised to learn that a patient felt this way about Converse, but admits it is not common (though much appreciated) when someone takes the time to write a personal note. Voller said “Andrea communicates with patients in a professional and caring manner from start to finish. This patient review speaks volumes about her as a nurse and sets a high standard for what we strive for as an agency in patient satisfaction.”
Employees Making A Difference:
Debora Moniz
Debora Moniz has carved a career path with EBCAP's medical department that has also benefited the agency, its employees and its clients. Moniz was initially hired as a medical receptionist at EBCAP’s Newport health center. She was promoted in 2016 to Lead Receptionist at EBCAP’s East Providence Health Center. In December of 2017 EBCAP opened the health center at its John P. Digits facility in Barrington. Moniz was transferred to that center as the Lead Receptionist to help streamline the reception responsibilities across departments. Last spring Moniz was promoted to Site Manager.  According to Aida Cabral, Director of Health Center Operations, Moniz’s wealth of knowledge of EBCAP’s processes, workflows and interdepartmental functions made her uniquely qualified for the position.  Cabral said “As Debora’s manager I could not be prouder of her accomplishments! She has shown dedication, perseverance, organization, and determination. She not only hears what her colleagues are saying but listens and comprehends with an open mind. She often thinks outside the box to succeed.”
Employees Making a Difference:
Sondra Natale
Sondra Natale is a medical receptionist at EBCAP’s Adams Farley Counseling Center location. Her supervisor, Aida Cabral, Director of Health Center Operations, praises Natale for her phone skills and knowledge of the agency’s services. Cabral has witnessed Natale answering many calls and assisting clients in her current role as a Receptionist. The inquiries can sometimes be difficult, Cabral admits, however, Natale is always professional and polite. Cabral says she has the ability to communicate clearly and utilize positive language, and she possesses an ability to understand the needs of the clients. This ability enables her to quickly and very effectively assist each person she encounters. Cabral adds “Her customer service skills and ability are exceptional!”