Volume 3 |  May 7 2017

We are excited to announce that First Equine is growing!  Be on the lookout for Dr. Brittany First’s new fully stocked ambulatory vehicle.  She is available for appointments Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  Give us a call today to get scheduled with Dr. Brittany!

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This time of year many horses are travelling and competing frequently.  If you are planning on travelling to shows/exhibitions multiple times this summer please ask us about a 6 month health passport.  These are extended health certificates that allow travel in all gulf coast states and are more economical than multiple monthly health certificates. 

Upcoming Events

We have a client education event coming up this month!! Join us, May 30th at 6:30pm at the Jon Archer Agricultural Center to learn about spinal manipulation and acupuncture!   Dinner will be provided at 6pm. 

Spacing is limited so RSVP!

Service Spotlight
First Equine Veterinary Services is proud to offer the Peak Performance Wellness Plan. The goal of this wellness plan is to offer the best in preventative medicine at an affordable price. We take the burden of equine healthcare off your shoulders and provide the latest in equine preventative medicine. By having an experienced veterinarian perform a biannual wellness exam many diseases can be diagnosed early on and can extend the life of your equine companion.
Services include:

-Spring/Fall Physical Exam
-Spring/Fall Vaccines(EWT, FR, WN, Rabies)
-Oral Exam and Powerfloat with Sedation
-Spring/Fall Fecal Egg Count/Sand Sedimentation
-Sheath/Udder Cleaning
-Lameness Screening
-Farm Call

By taking part in the Peak Performance Wellness Plan you will be saving 20% and will receive an additional 50% off after hours emergency calls.

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Success Story

Tessa is a 10 year old Paso Fino mare owned by Katherine Bragdon of Mobile, AL and treated by Dr. Patrick First.  Tessa had a history of colic signs including lying down, rolling, sweating, as well as diarrhea. Upon arrival to the farm Tessa was very painful and unable to stand. A full colic exam was performed including: listening to the GI tract, checking hydration status, assessing heart rate, rectal palpation, and passing a nasogastric tube.  Bloodwork showed mild dehydration (PCV=47.)  She was found to have an elevated heart rate, and temperature at the high end of normal, hypermotile gut sounds, and found to be 6% dehydrated.  Rectal palpation confirmed the abundant liquid feces.  No sand was noted on fecal sedimentation.  A diagnosis of colitis was made based on these diagnostics. 

What is colitis?

Colitis is defined as inflammation of the large bowel and has the potential to cause massive fluid losses very rapidly.  Acute colitis can be caused by a variety of agents including: viral, bacterial, parasitism, NSAIDS, antibiotics, feed changes, sand, and stress.  Horses with colitis will be depressed, febrile, inappetent, and show mild colic signs as well as have large quantities of diarrhea.  The inflammation in the colon can cause a die off of certain bacteria that release endotoxins into the horses blood supply.  This endotoxin causes the gums to become red and injected and can lead to laminitis. 

Tessa’s Treatment

Tessa was given a large bolus of oral fluids through nasogastric tube.  She was started on Banamine (NSAID to combat fever and endotoxemia), Biosponge (GI Toxin absorber), and Probios (Probiotic to help repopulate the shift in microbial flora), and Metronidazole (antibiotic.) She improved slowly over the course of 4 days.  At first being inappetent and dull and gradually being able to eat more with her stool gaining consistency day by day.  Today Tessa is happy and healthy due to her diligent owner that sought immediate help.  

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