Sunday, June 6, 2021
Rev. Susan Phillips
Please join us online at 10:30 AM

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Three Worship Gatherings
9:00 Sundays Onsite in the Sanctuary
10:30 Sundays Online via Zoom
6:00 Wednesdays Worship in the Garden

Please join us for one or all of these services.
Worship in the Sanctuary – What to Expect
We are excited to add a 9:00 Sunday morning onsite service to our worship opportunities!  

We will continue prioritizing the wellbeing of our community, so we will continue gathering online for worship Sundays at 10:30 and Wednesdays for Worship in the Garden at 6:00. You are welcome to join us for all of them!

For the safety of all, here is what you can expect for onsite worship in the sanctuary:

  • We will all wear masks while inside. Masks are provided if you forget yours.
  • We will maintain physical distancing.  
  • We will wash our hands. Hand sanitizer is provided.
  • We will stay home if we are sick.

· Pre-registration/Registration: If you know you will be attending an onsite service, please follow the online prompts (in the weekly eNews or on the church website) to pre-register. This gives staff an idea of how many participants to plan for. Pre-registration is encouraged but not required to attend an onsite service or activity. We will keep a record of those participating in onsite activities should contact tracing become necessary.

· Entrance: Please enter through the garden door at the top of the ramp. Doors will open at 8:45 AM for the onsite Sunday service.

· Parking: We encourage those with accessibility needs to park on 7th Street. 

· Building Access: At this time the sanctuary, narthex and Peace Garden will be open.

· The Worship Service: 
  • We will feature live organ music. We will limit singing at this time.
  • Bulletins will be provided and you are encouraged to read responses quietly.
  • Offering plates are placed at the sanctuary door.
  • We will celebrate Communion the first Sunday and Wednesday of each month. You may bring your own Communion elements or you’re welcome to individually wrapped crackers and water available.
  • At the end of the service, we will exit the sanctuary and are free to gather and visit in the garden.

· Vaccinations: We strongly encourage those eligible to get vaccinated and we recognize that choosing to get vaccinated is a personal health decision. We are not requesting vaccination information. God’s doors and our services are open to all. We ask those who have been vaccinated to show grace and love by continuing to follow safety protocols while participating in onsite services.  

Links for all online worship services, meetings, and classes are available in the eNews, the church website, and the calendar.

If you have questions, please email

Wednesday Worship in the Garden
5:30 Social Time
6:00 Worship Service

It's delightful to worship in the garden!

We will celebrate together in the garden and take precautionary measures including masking, distancing, and hand sanitizing. Emily Wheeler will be providing music.
Architect for Building Renovation Project
Session members voted to hire The Samuels Group as the architect and design firm for our renovation project. They have provided design and construction services for many religious buildings. Dan Roarty, Director of Design has been providing design, engineering, and construction administration services for religious building projects for over 30 years. Our charrette team truly enjoyed working with Dan.
June is Pride Month. Here is one reason why this recognition is so important. 
The other day I posted a meme on the church’s Q+ Working Group’s Facebook page. It says: “Gay Pride was not born of a need to celebrate being gay, but our right to exist without persecution. So instead of wondering why there isn’t a Straight Pride movement, be thankful you don’t need one.”
When we speak about the persecution of Q+ people, some respond with an eye roll and an accusation that we are being overly dramatic. We have a “persecution complex” and, perhaps should stop whining.

Congratulations Graduates!
Philip Young and Emma Cox (Helen Cox's granddaughter) graduate from Springfield High School.
Student of the Year!
Hayden Thongsithavong was chosen by two teachers as student of the year!! 
Congratulations, Sonthana!
Sonthana is not only the president of the Central Illinois Tennis Association, he's now also the Recreational Tennis Manager for the Springfield, Illinois Park District.

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Devotional to Sancti Spiritus
by Sohail Aslam
Matthew 7:7-8

Prayer is an act of direct communication with God. Asking our Heavenly Father is the very first step. A lot of times, we assume, just because we asked God, that, that should be enough. According to this promise from God, asking is just the first step. This first step has to be followed with seeking and then knocking. Then and only then the door shall open. Here, God promises us that He shall fulfill his promise as long as we follow through with all three steps. Ask, then seek and then knock.

In life, unexpected life changing events require that we ask for strength from God and we quickly adapt. In order to adapt to life changes, we should seek a new direction from God. Most of all when God opens a door, we need to be receptive to the direction in which the newly opened door is taking us. With God, every adversity has an open door. When God allows adversity, pain and suffering in our lives, we are usually being guided to a door of “God’s new blessings” that we would have never discovered without adversity.

Remember, in adversity or in success, always knock on the door that God is leading you to and it shall be opened. Praise God for this promise.
Isaiah 43:1-2

The phrase “fear not“ is used at least eighty times in the Bible, most likely because God knows that this one human emotion called “Fear” can shake up our very existence and impact our confidence in God’s promise. 
Fear not only impacts us psychologically in ways unimaginable but it also causes our immune system to weaken. It can cause ulcers. It leads to accelerated ageing and even premature and untimely death. 
The opposite of fear is courage. Courage can only come when we are assured that things are going to be okay and for us to feel that way, we have to have trust in God and His promises to us. 

Here again, I stress on three important actions that will give us confidence, assurance and hence courage to overcome fear. Prayer, reading of the Word of God and fellowship with God centered people. Courage as opposed to fear is an active choice that one makes. Prayer gives us closeness to God, the reading of His Word gives us assurance in His promises to us and fellowship with God centered people helps us keep going with the right mind set. 
FREE Anti-racism Workshop Opportunities
The PCUSA has invited congregations to focus on Matthew 25 by attending to congregational vitality, systemic poverty and racism. The Springfield Coalition on Dismantling Racism is offering one more round of grant-funded anti-racism training. Online workshops are available June 7 and 14. These learning opportunities include a two-hour webinar you watch on your own, then a two-hour facilitated conversation with community leaders.

Share your work with us! We would love to see and display your creativity and talent. Send us your colored pictures (scan, email, regular mail) and we will share them on Sunday mornings and maybe also on our Facebook page.
Tuesday Night Bible Study
All are welcome to join us for our Tuesday Night Bible Study each Tuesday at 6:30pm. Currently we are looking at the early church as they learned how to live out the Great Commandment (Mark 12:28-34). We are guided by an excellent book by Diana Butler Bass titled "A People's History of Christianity." Plan on joining us! The meeting link is listed below.

One tap mobile

or call +1 312 626 6799
Meeting ID: 865 8210 8914
Just a reminder that another way to be kept up to date on the happenings of the church is to check out our Facebook page.
Keep Posting Your Renovation Ideas!
Thank you for your suggestions and questions regarding the renovation project. Your ideas to date have been posted to the renovation page for everyone to view. Keep posting those ideas!

The Rooted and Reaching Renovation presentation recording is available at You can review all of the information related to our renovation project, including congregational retreats, pastoral letters, engineering analysis, drawings, financial information, and timelines. We have a suggestion box for everyone to submit their questions and ideas, too.
Vaccination Helpers Available

Are you having difficulty navigating the registration system for the vaccine? Do you have an appointment but need a ride to the vaccination site? Would you like to have more information about the vaccine or talk with someone who has received it? The Deacons and the COVID Response Team are available to help. If you need assistance contact Chaplain Tim at or call the church office at 217.528.4311 and leave a message. Someone will be in touch.

COVID-19 Funeral Assistance
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought overwhelming grief to many families. At FEMA, our mission is to help people before, during and after disasters. We are dedicated to helping ease some of the financial stress and burden caused by the virus.

Under the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2021 and the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, FEMA is providing financial assistance for COVID-19 related funeral expenses incurred after January 20, 2020.

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All events are via Zoom unless otherwise specified.


Worship Committee Meeting 2:30
Christian Formation Committee Meeting 5:00
Communications Committee Meeting 5:30

Tuesday Night Bible Study 6:30

Mission Committee Meeting 4:00
Wednesday Worship in the Garden 5:30

Finance Committee Meeting 6:00

Rev. Susan Phillips to lead worship

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