Volume 8 Issue 16 | August 26 , 2019
News for Faculty and Staff from Human Resources
Open Positions
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IT Business Analyst / Project Manager
Evening Assistant Manager at the Golden Dome Market
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Maharishi University of Management is an equal opportunity employer.
Health and Wellness
Understanding the 5 Subdoshas of Pitta
by vpk by Maharishi Ayurveda on July 3, 2019

According to Ayurveda, the body is governed by three different elemental characteristics, or  doshas : Vata (associated with wind and air characteristics of the body), Pitta (associated with fire and water characteristics of the body), and Kapha (associated with earth and water characteristics of the body). Every one of us contains a unique combination of these three doshas, which influence everything from the shape of our bodies to our digestion, sleep patterns, skin tone, emotions, and intellect. Within each dosha are five distinct subdoshas that govern specific parts of the body and their functioning. In this article, we’ll focus on the subdoshas of Pitta.

“Pitta dosha itself is all about transformation, heat, and energy,” explains Dinesh Gyawali, PhD, a classically trained Ayurvedic  Vaidya  (Ayurvedic expert) and Assistant Professor at  Maharishi University of Management . “Pitta represents all forms of metabolic activities that generate energy. It’s primarily composed of  agni  (fire) and  jala  (water) elements. Pitta represents that ever-changing and evolutionary quality of our physiology which may seem static at times but is going through transformation each and every second.”

People often associate Pitta with digestive fire and digestion, but as you’ll see, it governs other organ systems as well.

Upcoming Fall TM-Sidhi Course: CIC#87

  • Fairfield, IA: October 31–November 3, November 7–10, and November 14–17
  • Application deadline: October 17, 2019
  • Contact: Bobbi Ringwalt at cicfairfield@tm.org or 319‑400‑5010
The auspicious Vedic day, Ganesh Chaturthi, falls on September 2nd this year. Yagyas done on this day are enhanced by that powerful, lively aspect of Cosmic Creative Intelligence which helps remove obstacles and hindrances and promotes success.

This is an ideal opportunity for a Well-Being Special Yagya.

Applying for these yagyas is very easy and  can be done here . Please request your yagya at least seven days in advance. To read more about the Special Yagyas  please click here .

All proceeds from the yagyas go towards supporting the Maharishi Vedic Pandits in India and are deeply appreciated.
India Post is Releasing Maharishi Stamp - As part of Master Healers of AYUSH Series

Upcoming Events and Courses
Originals Reunion
Sept. 20-22, 2019
MUM Campus

Here’s your chance to meet with dear friends from the early days. Reconnect with other TM teachers from the origin of the TM Movement in the 60’s and 70’s.

The emphasis will be on having time to reconnect, socialize, tour campus, and refresh your TM and TM-Sidhi Program practice.

Spread the word!

Global Group Meditation
Sunday, September 22 at 5:00 pm

Meditators and Sidhas from around the world will be meditating with us in large groups, for a truly global event.
“So today is the day of clearing the passage, and the long journey from infinite diversity to absolute unity has been cut short.
“By whom have the obstacles been eliminated? By Ganesh, the Devata of Purification.” Maharishi, Ganesh Chaturthi 2007

The next 11-day Maharishi National Yagya  performance for the U.S. begins on August 30, concurrent with the 10-day Vedic performance for Ganesh Chaturthi, the birth of Ganesh.

During this time, the aspect of Cosmic Creative Intelligence that removes obstacles and fear in all areas of life is maximally lively. By nourishing this specific Law of Nature through National Yagya performances, we enliven our ability to overcome resistance, and to rapidly achieve all our goals.

The Sankalpa (intention) of the Yagya will be:
Removing obstacles to harmony, positivity, and spirit ual awakening
for the United States and its people.
Silence The Violence
David Lynch Foundation Benefit Concert

Fri • Oct 11 7:00 PM

The Anthem
Washington , DC
13 – 23 October 2019
Peñiscolá, Castellón, Spain

It's the biggest event of the year for young Meditators!
In the Global Family Chat aired on 15 May, Raja Peter inspired us all with the news of the International Young Meditators' Course, showing highlight videos from past years and offering insights about this year's course in Spain this coming October.

Raja Peter began by speaking about the history of this course and how it is modelled on the residence courses Maharishi himself held. Just like those early residence courses, today's International Young Meditators' Courses are held in beautiful locations around the world, with the purpose of providing deep experiences through extended rounding and profound knowledge accessible to all Meditators, both experienced and completely new. This awareness, Raja Peter explained, gives young Meditators much more clarity on their direction in life – and even inspires many to become Teachers of Transcendental Meditation in their countries.

In addition to showing highlight videos from past years and invitations to this year's course, Raja Peter invited the young course leaders to join the call and express the highlights from their perspective. James Scott from the UK described the wonderful opportunity of joining such a large group as last year's course in Romania offered, with 130 participants from around the world coming together. Daniel Pal affirmed the joy of the coherence created by such a group, and expressed how delighted he was to see everyone's eagerness for Maharishi's knowledge. And Cristina Ballesteros added that the course offers the perfect balance of rest, holiday in the sunshine, deep knowledge, and great company with friends and leaders in the Movement.

World Peace Assembly

  • Get an in-person Checking of your TM-Sidhi® program.
  • Go deeply into experiences and understanding of higher states of consciousness—especially God Consciousness and Unity Consciousness.
  • Enjoy rare videos of Maharishi, special recordings by Dr. Tony Nader, and contributions from Dr. John Hagelin explaining higher states of consciousness.
  • Delight in Dr. Fred Travis’s research on people experiencing higher states of consciousness, and Dr. Craig Pearson’s insightful discussions on the development of higher states.

Enjoy our special guest speakers!
Drs. Doug and Linda Birx  have been teaching the TM-Sidhi program since 1978. Maharishi has referred to them as our “Master Checkers.” During this course, they will review the simple, natural, effortless instructions of your TM-Sidhi practice and take questions from the group.

Fred Travis, Ph.D. , is the only published researcher of the neurophysiology of transcending and is currently doing research on higher states of consciousness. One of our most cherished and interesting speakers, Fred is a professor and Chair of the Department of Maharishi Vedic Science SM , Dean of the Graduate School, and Director of the Center for Brain, Consciousness, and Cognition at Maharishi University of Management (MUM).

Craig Pearson, Ph.D. , is the author of  The Supreme Awakening: Experiences of Enlightenment Throughout Time—And How You Can Cultivate Them , Volumes 1 & 2, and Vice President of Academic Affairs at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa.

Refresh & rejuvenate in a quiet haven

Questions? Call: 641-451-5108

2019 Purusha Capital SM
Top Leaders Coming Again This Year
We invite all male Governors and Sidhas to join us for deep experience and knowledge on one of our courses. During these courses top leaders of the TM ®  organization will share their knowledge and the latest news and developments in their area of expertise.
For a complete list of all World Peace Assemblies (WPAs) and other courses, including detailed course descriptions, please visit  PurushaCourses.org .

Upcoming Courses/WPA

September WPA • September 7-14, (Sat-Sat) , 7 nights • $950

Columbus Day Weekend Oct 11–14 (Fri-Mon) 3 nights $450
This will be the last weekend course in 2018.

Nine Days of Mother Divine WPA with Dr. Doug Birx Sep 28 to Oct 5
(Sat-Sat)7 nights $950
Special Articles
The Small Town That Radiates Peace and Creativity
What happens in a community with 3,000 meditators BY DEBBIE THOMPSON

For such a tiny town, Fairfield’s achievements are quite impressive. “We’ve been recognized as the most entrepreneurial city in America, under 10,000 population,” says Mayor Ed Malloy. It’s also home to Maharishi University of Management and some 3,000 practitioners of the TM technique.

Remarkable creativity, award-winning innovation, and harmonious, conscious living are a few of the features that make this Iowa town stand out, attracting students, young families, older retirees, and everyone in between.

Humor Corner
TM in the News
‘Never really talked about it:’ Mental health conversations for veterans evolving with increased investments By  Alexa MacLean

The other program receiving support is the Canadian Women’s Wellness Initiativ e which offers stress-reduction training through transcendental meditation.

“TM [transcendental meditation] is very simple. You sort of go within, you settle down, you experience that quietness within and yes, it can be as effective as pharmaceuticals and medication as well but far less expensive,” Helen Creighton said, the national director of the program.

$3-million in grants are provided annually through the Veterans Family and Well-Being Fund.

It’s a program that veterans like Gard welcomes.

“We’ve come a long way I think with the stories that have been told, written about and people that have been interviewed that we’ve learned of their struggles and for the longest time it wasn’t talked about it,” he said.

The Woman Who Inspired 'Dear Prudence' Opens Up About World Peace, the Influence of the '60s and Why Kids Today Love the Beatles   AUGUST 9, 2019
Prudence Bruns, daughter of Maureen O'Sullivan and John Farrow

The Beatles’ muse still believes in world peace.

Prudence Bruns, 71, has several claims to fame. First, she’s the daughter of film director John Farrow and actress Maureen O’Sullivan, as well as the younger sister of actress Mia Farrow. Second, she’s a teacher and passionate advocate of Transcendental Meditation who studied with the TM guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in Rishikesh, India, back in the late 1960s. It’s at Maharishi’s retreat in 1968 where Prudence’s fellow students included all four members of the Beatles. Third, her behavior during the retreat led John Lennon to write the song “ Dear Prudence ,” which appeared on the Beatles’ White Album. So, who is the flesh and blood woman behind the song that Rolling Stone named as No. 63 on its list of “100 Greatest Beatles Songs”? And what’s the story behind the famous song? Parade caught up with Bruns to find out.

You met the Beatles at Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s retreat in Rishikesh, India, in 1968, where you’d traveled with your sister, Mia, to learn Transcendental Meditation. Were you starstruck?

No, I’d been around famous people before. It wasn’t a big deal to me but I liked them a lot, especially John and  George . They came into my room one night to play a song and I could hear them outside on the patio at night playing. But really, I was so focused on getting the most out of my time there. It was my dream to go to India and study with a person who really knew about this meditation. I was pretty extreme.

That’s why John wrote the song, which starts out, “Dear Prudence, won’t you come out to play/Dear Prudence, greet the brand-new day.