Volume 8 Issue 8 | April 15, 2019
News for Faculty and Staff from Human Resources
Dear Faculty and Staff,

Updated Employee Handbook online. Please click on the Handbook cover or on the link below to view.

Human Resources Office

New Staff
Richard Andrews joins our Golden Dome Market staff as part of his Master’s in Vedic Science internship. He already has an MBA from MUM and a BA in Commerce from Monash University in Melbourne. He has also obtained certificates in Business, Editing, Horticulture, Real Estate and Public Administration, and has used all of these skills in his experience in real estate, fundraising (including MUM’s Alumni office), and as a public service officer. He also managed MUM’s Press Marketing office during part of MBA internship.

Most recently Richard was the owner/operator for a freelance book editing business and a contractor for a commercial cleaning company. He has extensive experience in the hospitality industry including customer service, owner-operator of an organic catering business, working at six organic/biodynamic/permaculture farms/properties/community gardens.
Peter Cameron joins the MUM internship program as the Clinical Coordinator for our Integrative Wellness Clinic. He is a long term teacher of Transcendental Meditation (since 1972) primarily in Eastern Canada, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and New Delhi, India. Besides teaching TM, Peter has extensive management experience as co-director of a Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center in Canada, and director of Canada’s National TM Academy in Huntsville, Ontario, and as the Executive Assistant to Doug Henning in the Veda Land project.

Peter’s marketing experience includes Telegroup and Twin Galaxies in Fairfield, the Heavenly Mountain Clinic in Boone, North Carolina, and Dow and Duggan log homes in Nova Scotia. He is a licensed real estate agent with a background as a musician having graduated with a Bachelor of Music Education from Acadia University in New Brunswick, and has an MBA from MUM.
Sharlyn MUIGEI joins our Financial Aid Department, working as a Perkins loan officer where her duties include processing monthly and fiscal journals, reconciliations and remittances reports, processing loan consolidations, deferments and cancellations for borrowers leaving the university. Her skills include customer service, effective interpersonal communication, sales and marketing, problem solving, working under pressure, business management, and research.

Sharlyn graduated with an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from MUM through the Maharishi Institute (MIM) in South Africa and is currently pursuing an MBA in Sustainable Business. Her previously work experience includes being a customer service consultant for a digital solutions organization and as an economics and business tutor at MIM in South Africa. She consider herself to be a devoted team player, always striving to reach new heights, reliable, self-driven, passionate about education and learning, and an aspiration to facilitate change in disadvantaged communities. 
Open Positions
Please contact cpassos@mum.edu if you know of anyone who has the qualifications and interest to fill any of these positions.

HR Assistant - Office administration, reception, maintain database
Development Office - Systems Manager
Golden Dome Market - Cook, Head Cashier and Produce Inventory Specialist, Dishwasher
ComPro - Technical Trainer, and Customer Outreach Specialist
Physiology and Health - Animation Specialist and Content Editor

For job descriptions and application information on any of these positions click here.

Maharishi Foundation USA has an immediate opening for a creative, highly motivated IT application developer to   join our team in creating innovative frontend applications for TM websites. Contact hr@tm.org
Health and Wellness
Upcoming Webinar: Ayurvedic Answers to Gut Health & Immunity
According to Ayurveda, digestion and gut health play leading roles in supporting immunity—or lack of it. Only a healthy digestive system is able to create ojas, a refined substance that brings strong immunity, emotional balance, radiance, and overall vitality.
Join Ayurvedic expert Robert Keith Wallace, PhD on Wednesday, April 17th at 7:30 p.m . CT, for a webinar on strengthening your gut the Ayurveda way. Drawing from his new book, The Rest and Repair Diet and his earlier Gut Crisis, he’ll share hands-on tips for resetting your digestive power and enhancing overall well-being.

Wednesday, April 17 , 2019, 7:30 P.M.
How to Find Your Purpose in Life
In case you missed Dr. Tony Nader's Facebook talk, it's now available for replay:   Discovering what your life purpose is and how to achieve your dreams
Upcoming Events and Courses
Register Now for Spring 2019 Yoga Philosophy in the Light of Maharishi Vedic Science
Course Starts April 15

This 10-lesson course will explore how the correct understanding of the principles of Yoga philosophy, as interpreted and explained by Maharishi, can reinvigorate its practical value for modern life—restore balance and bring greater happiness and harmony.

Learn more  about the topics covered in this course.

Have Questions? Contact Us at  de@mum.edu

Instructor Viji Hobbs
Susan Metrican 
Neighbor Bridge Neighbor 

A new exhibition at MUM's UNITY Gallery

Featuring works by artist Susan Metrican.

The opening reception will be held Saturday 20th of April from 2pm - 4pm at Unity Gallery inside the MUM Library.

The show will run from April 20th until May 18th, 2019.

Unity Gallery is located in the MUM library
Profound Knowledge & Deep Rest
 No errands. No office.
No cooking. No chores.
No need for phones or Internet.
Just time to refresh & rejuvenate
in a quiet haven

For more information: 641-451-5108

“My TM-Sidhi  ®  practice is now deeper, with the profound silence I experienced on the course. So surprising the silence came home with me! ” —Scott Muellner, Kingwood, TX

Enjoy our special guests and speakers:
  • Dr. John Hagelin speaks on “The Physics of Enlightenment.”
  • TM-Sidhi administrators Drs. Doug and Linda Birx will offer a TM-Sidhi checking during the first weekend.
  • Dr. Craig Pearson will be giving a talk on “Experiences of Enlightenment throughout Time — and How You Can Cultivate Them.”
Maharishi Jyotish – Foundations of the Science of Transformation and Technology of Prediction – 26 April - 3 May 2019 at MERU, Holland
‘Maharishi Jyotish is that very perfect science which connects the total universal influence on each individual; and each individual’s influence on his surroundings, on his environment, his relationship, his friends, his dear ones, with everything.’ – Maharishi, March 1989

What are the past and present influences that shape the future of our health, family life, finances, education, and career?

This seven-day course offers a complete introduction to Maharishi Jyotish – the timeless, Consciousness-Based system of prediction used to identify and transform trends and tendencies in all these areas of our lives.

2019 TM-Sidhi Course (CIC) Schedule
The next TM-Sidhi ®  Course (CIC) will be held on three consecutive weekends:

  • Fairfield, IA: May 23–26, May 30–June 2, June 6–9
  • Application deadline: April 30, 2019

The Invincible America Department will be hosting the two-week in-residence portion of Center Invincibility Course #86 from June 27 to July 11 , on the campus of Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa.
Maharishi Sthapatya Veda Vastu Vidya
Maharishi’s 17-Lesson Course on Natural Law Based Architecture
Offered in English and German
MERU, Holland
19 – 24 May 2019

More and more, our society is discovering how the buildings we live and work in affect us on the level of mind, body, and spirit. But most people don’t realise there are ways to structure our societies to support our health from the most fundamental level, the level of consciousness itself. 

This course presents Maharishi’s complete vision of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda – that is, Natural Law Based Architecture – connected to Yoga (union), the experience of pure consciousness. 

Offered at MERU this May in English and German, this course will open your eyes to how you can transform your daily experience, and even your entire community, through architecture based on Natural Law.

Apply Now for 2019 Maharishi YogaAsana Teacher Training Course for Governors and Sidhas

  • Course begins May 6
  • Application deadline: May 5
  • Systematic training to teach the 16-Lesson Maharishi Yoga Asana Course
  • Learning to establish & maintain the state of Yoga
  • Aligning individual physiology with cosmic physiology

May 6–June 6: Online portion, plus
June 21–July 2: In-residence at the IdeaLife Campus in Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa
with possible free accommodation extension from July 3‑18 at the Ideal Life Campus in Maharishi Vedic City
Special Articles

Heaven on Earth

Modern science has discovered the source of creation to be a field of pure energy and intelligence. They call it the “Unified Field”. The seers of ancient Vedic science have known this field for millennia. They described it as a field of consciousness, which can be experienced by everyone as their inner-most Self.
The seers revealed that this field vibrates within itself to produce sound. They saw this sound to be the laws of nature that create and govern the universe. This primordial sound is called “ Ved” (or Veda ).

For centuries, the knowledge of Ved has been misunderstood. Fortunately, in this present age, the right understanding of Ved , as well as the method to experience it, have been revived by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. His Vedic Science and Technology reconnects every area of human life to its source in Ved . It’s laying the foundation for Heaven on Earth.

“Heaven on Earth has been the most laudable aspiration of the wise throughout the ages. Creation of Heaven on Earth is the most desirable project in the entire history of the human race.

“Everyone can now enjoy Heaven on Earth through perfect alliance with natural law, through the enlivenment of the total potential of natural law in one’s own consciousness. Perfect alliance with natural law is now available to every individual and every nation through my Vedic Science and Technology ─the perfect science and technology of life which offers to enrich and raise to perfection all fields of daily life and create Heaven on Earth.

“The inspiration to create Heaven on Earth comes from the great achievements of my Movement around the world during the last thirty years and, above all, from the discovery of the Ved ─the infinite creative intelligence of natural law, in the self-referral consciousness, transcendental consciousness of everyone.
“Now that scientific research has repeatedly proved that life can be lived in full accord with natural law through the practice of my Transcendental Meditation, that positivity and harmony can be created and negative trends can be completely eliminated throughout society, this is the opportune time for us to launch a global initiative to create Heaven on Earth in a scientific way, and accomplish real Heaven on Earth now in this generation, so that perfection is a reality of the daily life of everyone for all generations to come.”
─Maharishi (1985)
Inspirational Story
This is Jim Thorpe. Look closely at the photo, you can see that he's wearing different socks and shoes. This wasn't a fashion statement.

It was the 1912 Olympics, and Jim, an American Indian from Oklahoma represented the U.S. in track and field. On the morning of his competitions, his shoes were stolen. Luckily, Jim ended up finding two shoes in a garbage can. That's the pair that he's wearing in the photo. But one of the shoes was too big, so he had to wear an extra sock. Wearing these shoes, Jim won two gold medals that day. This is a perfect reminder that you don't have to resign to the excuses that have held you back. So what if life hasn't been fair? What are you going to do about it today? Whatever you woke up with this morning; stolen shoes, ill health, failed relationships, failed business, don't let it stop you from running your race. You can experience more in life if you'll get over the excuses and get on with living. You can have reasons or you can have results...but you can't have both.
Humor Corner
The caption roughly translated reads: I think the toner ran out of ink
TM in the News

Meditation in school boosts social-emotional learning Mar 21, 2019
WASHINGTON: Practising meditation as part of a school curriculum can improve the students’ social-emotional competency and reduce psychological distress, a study has found.
Social-emotional learning (SEL) is gaining increased recognition as an important goal of education. Competencies include self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and goal-directed behaviour.

Developing these skills may help students perform better academically and enjoy enhanced emotional and social well being.

“There’s a strong body of research supporting the clear value of developing social-emotional competency for students,” said Laurent Valosek, Executive Director of the Center for Wellness and Achievement in Education (CWAE) in the US.

Listen: James Meade And "The Transcendental Meditation Connection"
Thursday, April 4, 2019 - 21:35
James Meade, after graduating from Guilderland High School, Hamilton College, and Northwestern University — with a Ph.D. in English — wrote several novels, all rejected by publishers. He thinks it’s important not to self-publish but to write for money, and built a career writing nonfiction books, over 30 of them, including five in the well-known Dummies series. His favorite book is “The Answer to Cancer: Is Never Giving It a Chance to Start,” which he wrote with Hari Sharma, M.D. The two have recently written, “Dynamic DNA: Activating Your Inner Energy for Better Health.” Meade and his wife, Nina, started practicing transcendental meditation 50 years ago when they lived in Illinois. They now live in California’s San Fernando Valley where they run the Encino Transcendental Meditation Center and travel the world, teaching the techniques that Meade says relieve stress and improve consciousness.
Postcard from: Fairfield, Iowa

by  Joseph Simonson April 12, 2019
Iowa has traditionally courted a variety of religious sects looking to break away from American society and create their own paradise among the cornfields. In the eastern part of the state, you can find Amish, Mennonites, Quakers, and Pietists who all settled in the 19th century and enjoy thriving communities where they won’t be bothered by anyone but the occasional tourist.

Fairfield, where I covered a recent rally for Vermont's independent Sen. Bernie Sanders, follows in that tradition, with a twist. Rather than hosting an obscure Christian sect, the town of roughly 10,000 is considered the international home for Transcendental Meditation and the Maharishi University of Management, named after Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.