Volume 9 Issue 2 | January 27, 2020
News for Faculty and Staff from Human Resources
Changes to Newsletter

It has been suggested that this newsletter contain more articles relevant to MIU. We think this is a great idea and would be happy to include news from your department. For example, number of new students and other KPI's, new initiatives, new programs and updates on existing ones, recognition of outstanding staff contributions, professional development, new marketing and other initiatives. Please send your ideas and input to slamothe@miu.edu.

Friendly Reminder

No foods and drinks are allowed in Dalby Hall. If during an event food or drinks are served in the lobby area, they should not be brought in in any circumstance. 
Open Positions
Please contact hr@miu.edu if you know of anyone who has the qualifications and interest to fill any of these positions.

Position - Software Engineer/Data Architect
Job Summary : Application development and data specialist performing custom data development and integrations, analysis, design, modeling, transformations, mining, migrations, operational support, maintenance of production systems. Recommend and implement data processing tools and enterprise technologies and align data architecture plans with strategic business strategies.
Qualifications:  Must have Master’s degree in computer science, engineering or related field plus two years’ experience including Data Integration, Data Modeling, Data Mining, and Data Analysis; ETL; Business Intelligence Development ( SSAS, SSRS); Complete Database Life Cycle Management (DBLC); Formal Requirement Analysis and Business CRM needs tracking End-to-End Application Life-Cycle Processes.

Other Open Positions:
  1. Student Life - Student Support Services
  2. Financial Aid - Awards Officer

For job descriptions and application information on any of these positions click here.

Maharishi International University is an equal opportunity employer.
Health and Wellness
Introducing Vaidya Amandeep Kaur at the Maharishi AyurVeda Integrative Health Center on the MIU Campus
Vaidya Amandeep is a very experienced Maharishi AyurVeda and Panchakarma physician having years of experience at the Maharishi AyurVeda Clinic in New Delhi and Noida (UP), India.

Vaidya Amandeep has especially deep experience in the Ayurvedic approach to women’s health, endocrine, and metabolic disorders.

She will be offering personal consultations and Panchakarma consultations working closely with Medical Director Jim Davis, DO, and Clinical Director Vaidya Manohar Palakurthi.

• For information and to schedule Panchakarma treatments at MAIHC, please call 641-472-1275.

Couples scheduling treatment at the same time,
through April 15, will receive a $50-a-day discount
on each day of their treatment programs.
Free Ayurvedic Consultation With Vaidya Ruchi Sharma
Full time students, staff and faculty are eligible for 2 free Maharishi Ayurvedic consultations at the Maharishi AyurVeda Integrative Health Center (MAIHC) each academic year. After that, there is a fee of $50 per appointment.

This semester, there are appointments available for an Ayurvedic consultation with Vaidya Ruchi Sharma and the students in the Ayurvedic Wellness Consultation program. These consultations are 90 minutes, at either 10:30 AM or 1:30 PM and are held at the MAIHC (formerly The Ladies Peace Palace).  We can provide an excuse for the students who will be out of class during that time.

To make an appointment send an email to  appointments@mum.edu   with your full name, date of birth, phone number, zip code, and desired time and date of consultation or by call 641-472-7000 X3406. 

Helen Davis, BS 
Clinic Administrator
Maharishi AyurVeda Integrative Health Center
President Hagelin's email hacked
Actually, his email was not hacked, just being imitated (or “spoofed”). Please be careful of suspicious emails from him. There is a fictitious email:   president.miu.edu@gmail.com   that purports to be from him. It isn’t. Make sure any emails are authentic before acting.

MIU IT is looking into this activity which is obviously illegal and will involve the authorities as needed.

Tom Brooks
Announcement From Our IT Department

We have made a change to the WiFi access points called  mum-net ; we are creating a new id for those access points called  miu-net . Until Friday (1/17/2020), both names will exist concurrently so that users will have time to make the switch. The password will be the same:  wifi-net.   As of Friday morning,  mum-net  will no longer be visible or operational. Only  miu-net  will be accessible.
Survey: Would you like to become recertified to teach the TM technique?

Are you a TM Governor who has been thinking about becoming recertified to teach the Transcendental Meditation (TM ® ) technique again?

Raja John Hagelin would like to offer a Governor Refresher, i.e., Recertification, Course, next summer in Fairfield, and would like to know if enough Governors are interested.

► The proposed dates are July 6 – Aug. 2, 2020.

  • Course fee: $1,500, which just covers mandated International fees, services and travel charges (Note: Course fee does not include housing or food.)
  • Housing: You may stay with friends in town or seek on-campus housing at MIU or the IdeaLife campus (six miles north of MIU).
  • Meals: Meal passes for the Annapurna dining hall are available for purchase.
Note: In the past it was possible to be qualified to teach the Transcendental Meditation technique after two weeks, but now the requirement is four weeks.

Please complete this brief survey right away to let Raja Hagelin know your level of interest:

Upcoming Events and Courses
Ronnie Cummins
Tuesday, February 4th
7:30 PM
Dalby Hall
The author and organic food activist Ronnie Cummins is doing a book tour and will be in our area to promote his vision for the future of agriculture.

More can be found here:
Well-Being Yagya for Maha Saraswati Day
January 30th, the day of Maha Saraswati, Vasant Panchami, is considered a highly auspicious time to access the nurturing and powerful impulses of Creative Intelligence that bestows enlightenment, wisdom, knowledge and intelligence.
Through the performance of a Well-Being Special Yagya at this time, those qualities are further enlivened in one's consciousness, and enhance the flow of progress in the direction of enlightenment.

Applying for these Yagyas is very easy and  can be done here . Please request your Yagya at least seven days in advance. To read more about the Special Yagyas  please click here .

All proceeds from the Yagyas go towards supporting the Maharishi Vedic Pandits in India and are deeply appreciated.
Special Articles
Overview of recent research on Transcendental Meditation by Dr David Orme Johnson

On 20 December 2019 Dr David Orme Johnson gave a valuable overview of the scientific research on Transcendental Meditation conducted between 2014 and 2019. He has prepared a PowerPoint of the research (98 slides), which is organized into four ‘stories’.

Maharishi Lower School student-created mural

Top 10 Achievements for 1st Semester
Today, as we honor Maharishi in our traditional January 12th Founders Day Celebration, we are also celebrating our successes of the past semester. 
Your support has given children access to the #1 ranked private school in Iowa and the benefits of Consciousness-Based education, and enabled us to progress closer to industry-standard compensation for our teachers and staff. That is the foundation for all of our other achievements as we close out 2019.
 1 Maharishi School is ranked #1 Most Diverse Private High School in Iowa, #1 Best College Private Prep High School in Iowa, and #1 Best Private High School in Iowa.
2 Overall enrollment is trending upward. Boarding enrollment for grades 8-12 is at its highest in four years: 22 students as of January 2020. Lower and Middle School enrollment is up significantly from last year. Our Children’s House (Toddlers, Preschool, Kindergarten) is full and has a waiting list.
3 Being ranked as the #1 Most Diverse Private High School in Iowa (of 53) is a huge benefit for our students as they prepare to navigate through our multicultural society and world. In our dorm alone we have students from Azerbaijan, Brazil, China, Korea, Mexico, Singapore, Switzerland, Vietnam, and the US.
In our graduating class of 2020, numerous students have already been accepted to their first-choice college, including one who has been awarded a 4-year full scholarship to Princeton University.
5 Volunteers, staff, and a few professionals have completed 75% of the "refresh" of the Hopson Building, and expect completion by August 2020. New colors, flooring, and other visual features are bringing our primary building into the 21st century. Come visit and see how beautiful it looks!
6  New this semester in Lower School are after-school offerings in Chess & Games Club, MakerSpace Club, and Tennis. Also popular has been an early drop-off program for parents who work, attend the dome, or have children on different schedules.
7 The Middle School team is finding great success in teaching through a hands-on, project-based curriculum. They are seeing increased student engagement, especially in social studies and science. A recent research-based social studies project gave students the opportunity to debate the pros and cons of genetic engineering.
8 Upper Schoolers have a choice of projects they'd like to work on each quarter. The Robotics team has been competing regularly, and immediately applies what they learn to make improvements. The "Empty Bowls" project, combining soup cooking and pottery, is gearing up for their cumulative event, where proceeds go to feed the hungry. A writing project team successfully produced a web-based school yearbook.
9 Our Development team, together with your support, has managed to raise 1/3 of it's fundraising needs. New this semester are connections being made with our local community banks and businesses, which is opening the door to future possibilities.
10 At Thanksgiving time, we hosted Generations Day, a new annual tradition to honor our 37 third-generation families that includes over 50 local grandparents.
Humor Corner
Let’s revisit our two rules, shall we?

  1. Don’t open any message, attachment or link you don’t recognize!
  2. Don’t open any message, attachment or link you don’t recognize!
TM in the News
A Q&A With Director, Songwriter David Lynch Paul Zoll January 20, 2020
Though famous forever as one of the greatest and most prolific directors of movies Hollywood and the world has ever known, David Lynch is also a long-time musician, guitarist and songwriter. He’s also a longtime Angeleno, who has lived and worked here, as well as mythologized this city in cinema, in ways few have ever done.
He’s a man of passion. For cinema, for music, for art, for love, and for this little town under the big sign from which so much mystery and magic has emerged. All merges in his work.

Not only did he collaborate intimately with the great composer Angelo Badalamenti on the scores to many of his classic films and “Twin Peaks” too, he’s one of the few directors in history – along with Charlie Chaplin – to compose music for his own films, including Wild at Heart and Mulholland Drive.
A guitarist who plays “upside down and backwards, like a lap guitar,” he has as much passion for what is heard as what is seen, and like all great artists, also recognizes the mystery and beauty in what is unheard and unseen, delighting in the bridges humans build to connect these realms.

So when he released the beautifully mysterious musical journey known as Crazy Clown Time, we asked for an interview with the man himself about music. And he said yes. Music, like movies, he explained, “all starts with the idea.” It’s a journey of discovery, about which he happily expounded in that reedy, distinctive, humble and humorous voice, the voice of a man in love with art.

AMERICAN SONGWRITER:  Does your musical journey start in the same way that you approach creating a movie?
DAVID LYNCH: Yes. The discovery is in ideas, whether it’s ideas for a song, a film, a painting. Ideas are hiding in there, in the big within. Lots of ideas come, but once in awhile one comes and you fall in love. It can be a big idea or a small idea, but you focus on it, and it becomes magically attractive and it brings other ideas in to join with it.

Ideas are like women. You can go down the street and many, many women are going by. But one day you’re going down the street and you see one of them, and you can hardly stand. You need to sit down or you’ll fall down. And you’re in love. And when you’re in love, that’s a great, great, great feeling.

Everything comes from this unified field within. Ideas are floating like fish. Desire for an idea is like a bait on a hook. If you desire an idea, it pulls and it makes a kind of a bait. Ideas will come swimming up. And you don’t know them until they enter the conscious mind. And then bingo! There it is! You know it instantly. And then more come in. If you go fishing for ideas, a lot of ideas will just pop in. And one of them will make you fall in love.
Ideas are what take me to one thing or another. If you get ideas that you fall in love with about furniture, then you’ll wake up and go to the wood shop. They direct you where to go.

Transcendental Meditation - Helping to ease the busy mind
By Steve Holloway 20th January 2020
As the UK slowly sheds its prehistoric attitudes to mental health, meditation is coming to the fore as an accessible and achievable way of improving both emotional and physical well-being.
The growing weight of evidence of its effectiveness in tackling all manner of mental and physical maladies make it an attractive prospect for all of the people whose internal monologue isn’t as measured or as supportive as they’d like it to be.

While business leaders have praised the way meditation helps them to deal with extreme levels of stress, the more artistic types have long waxed lyrical about it as a pathway to creativity.

I had attempted meditation in the past, in the less than stressful environs of Brighton Buddhist Centre, but enjoyable and pleasant as it was, I was unable to immediately tame my ‘monkey mind’, and blundered on with the chaotic maelstrom of life.