Volume 8 Issue 15 | August , 2019
News for Faculty and Staff from Human Resources
CELEBRATING The 40TH Anniversary of Maharishi Founding the National Super Radiance Program

Sunday, August 18
2:00 PM
Dalby Hall

THAT DAY IN AMHERST That Changed the History of the United States.
Open Positions
Please contact hr@mum.edu if you know of anyone who has the qualifications and interest to fill any of these positions.

IT Business Analyst / Project Manager
Evening Assistant Manager at the Golden Dome Market
For job descriptions and application information on any of these positions click here.

Maharishi University of Management is an equal opportunity employer.
Health and Wellness
Kaphas, keep moving! In the heat of summer, traveling and the stimulation of new sights and experiences can be good for slow Kapha-predominant types who may prefer the comforts of staying at home. Heavy, stable Kapha dosha is less apt to become unbalanced by travel. However, part of the fun of being on vacation is to treat ourselves and indulge in new foods.
But, over-indulging, overeating, or eating too many sweets can increase Kapha, slow the digestive system, or create congestion. Taking care of Kapha on the road is simple: eat lighter, Kapha balancing foods , do so at your regular mealtimes and eat your main meal of the day at between 12 and 1 pm.
Not sure of your dominant Dosha type? Take our  Dosha Quiz . It is a great guide to understanding your unique needs.
Upcoming Fall TM-Sidhi Course: CIC#87

  • Fairfield, IA: October 31–November 3, November 7–10, and November 14–17
  • Application deadline: October 17, 2019
  • Contact: Bobbi Ringwalt at cicfairfield@tm.org or 319‑400‑5010
Maharishi Yagyas are powerful technologies to enliven the total intelligence of Nature. They nourish all of creation and help
enliven peace in our world family. Every Yagya performed – large or small – reduces negativity in collective consciousness.

Auspicious day for Well-Being Yagyas!
Krishna Janmasthtami, the birthday of Krishna, falls on August 23rd this year. Krishna represents the Unity that is the basis of all creation. On this day, the reality of the eternal, ever-present value in nature becomes livelier.

Maharishi Yagyas performed on this day enliven the absolute value in our conscious awareness, bringing freedom from boundaries, fulfillment of desires, and speeding the growth to enlightenment.

Upcoming Events and Courses
Join us for our Third Live Webinar!  
Tuesday August 13th or Thursday August 15th

Maharishi Vastu is not Feng Shui is open to all and will include questions and answers. This is the perfect opportunity to ask your questions about how Maharishi Vastu design differs from Feng Shui, how it compliments current, sustainable building systems and how it is unique from other systems of vastu.
Led by Jon Lipman, AIA, our National Director and Chief Maharishi Vastu architect, who will explain why only a complete and authentic Vastu can produce reliable benefits. This webinar promises to be a lively exchange.

Click on either link below to access the registration page of your choice. You will receive an email confirmation with your personal link to the event. A reminder email will also be sent to you the day before the event. Please note: The Thursday event will be the same content as the Tuesday event.

Tuesday, August 13th at 7:30 pm Central time U.S.  
(click on THIS link to register for the Tuesday webinar) 
Thursday, August 15th at 1:30 pm Central time U.S. 
(click on This link to register for the Thursday webinar) 
13 – 23 October 2019
Peñiscolá, Castellón, Spain

It's the biggest event of the year for young Meditators!
In the Global Family Chat aired on 15 May, Raja Peter inspired us all with the news of the International Young Meditators' Course, showing highlight videos from past years and offering insights about this year's course in Spain this coming October.

Raja Peter began by speaking about the history of this course and how it is modelled on the residence courses Maharishi himself held. Just like those early residence courses, today's International Young Meditators' Courses are held in beautiful locations around the world, with the purpose of providing deep experiences through extended rounding and profound knowledge accessible to all Meditators, both experienced and completely new. This awareness, Raja Peter explained, gives young Meditators much more clarity on their direction in life – and even inspires many to become Teachers of Transcendental Meditation in their countries.

In addition to showing highlight videos from past years and invitations to this year's course, Raja Peter invited the young course leaders to join the call and express the highlights from their perspective. James Scott from the UK described the wonderful opportunity of joining such a large group as last year's course in Romania offered, with 130 participants from around the world coming together. Daniel Pal affirmed the joy of the coherence created by such a group, and expressed how delighted he was to see everyone's eagerness for Maharishi's knowledge. And Cristina Ballesteros added that the course offers the perfect balance of rest, holiday in the sunshine, deep knowledge, and great company with friends and leaders in the Movement.

World Peace Assembly

  • Get an in-person Checking of your TM-Sidhi® program.
  • Go deeply into experiences and understanding of higher states of consciousness—especially God Consciousness and Unity Consciousness.
  • Enjoy rare videos of Maharishi, special recordings by Dr. Tony Nader, and contributions from Dr. John Hagelin explaining higher states of consciousness.
  • Delight in Dr. Fred Travis’s research on people experiencing higher states of consciousness, and Dr. Craig Pearson’s insightful discussions on the development of higher states.

Enjoy our special guest speakers!
Drs. Doug and Linda Birx  have been teaching the TM-Sidhi program since 1978. Maharishi has referred to them as our “Master Checkers.” During this course, they will review the simple, natural, effortless instructions of your TM-Sidhi practice and take questions from the group.

Fred Travis, Ph.D. , is the only published researcher of the neurophysiology of transcending and is currently doing research on higher states of consciousness. One of our most cherished and interesting speakers, Fred is a professor and Chair of the Department of Maharishi Vedic Science SM , Dean of the Graduate School, and Director of the Center for Brain, Consciousness, and Cognition at Maharishi University of Management (MUM).

Craig Pearson, Ph.D. , is the author of  The Supreme Awakening: Experiences of Enlightenment Throughout Time—And How You Can Cultivate Them , Volumes 1 & 2, and Vice President of Academic Affairs at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa.

Refresh & rejuvenate in a quiet haven

Questions? Call: 641-451-5108

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2019 Purusha Capital SM
Top Leaders Coming Again This Year
We invite all male Governors and Sidhas to join us for deep experience and knowledge on one of our courses. During these courses top leaders of the TM ®  organization will share their knowledge and the latest news and developments in their area of expertise.
For a complete list of all World Peace Assemblies (WPAs) and other courses, including detailed course descriptions, please visit  PurushaCourses.org .

Upcoming Courses/WPA

September WPA • September 7-14, (Sat-Sat) , 7 nights • $950

Columbus Day Weekend Oct 11–14 (Fri-Mon) 3 nights $450
This will be the last weekend course in 2018.

Nine Days of Mother Divine WPA with Dr. Doug Birx Sep 28 to Oct 5
(Sat-Sat)7 nights $950
Special Articles

Neuroscientist Fred Travis explains how TM practice increases neural connectivity and develops total brain functioning, leading to growth of consciousness and heightened well‑being.

Dr. Travis is an internationally renowned neuroscientist. In a distinguished career that has spanned more than 30 years, Dr. Travis has published over 70 scientific papers, many in top peer-reviewed scientific journals, and has given presentations at major international conferences. He is a leading figure in global research into the field of consciousness and the development of consciousness through the Transcendental Meditation technique. In his research around the world, Dr. Travis has used electroencephalograph (EEG) measurements to observe changes in brain functioning which occur during practice of Transcendental Meditation. This research shows that TM enhances brain wave coherence and promotes integrated brain functioning. Several studies indicate the development of Total Brain Functioning through the regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique.

Click here to watch.
The Poetry of Transcendence
To heal, inspire, and bring joy to your life

Dr. Norman Rosenthal is a world-renowned psychiatrist and author whose research on seasonal affective disorder (SAD) has helped millions of people. His book  Transcendence: Healing and Transformation through Transcendental Meditation  was a New York Times bestseller, and his latest book is  Super Mind: How to Boost Performance and Live a Richer and Happier Life through Transcendental Meditation . He is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Georgetown University Medical School.  The Poetry of Transcendence  is from Dr. Rosenthal’s new website on the healing power of poetry,  Poetry Rx

Tran·scend:  To go beyond or rise above a limit, or be greater than something ordinary. —Oxford Dictionary

There is something beyond our mind which abides in silence within our mind. It is the supreme mystery beyond thought. —Maitri Upanishad

I have often wondered about the word “transcendence,” about what it means to go beyond or rise above a limit, as the Oxford Dictionary definition suggests. But it was only when I took up the Transcendental Meditation ® (TM ® ) technique over a decade ago that I gave the matter serious thought. When it came to writing a book about the technique and the state of Transcendental Consciousness that is its hallmark feature, the title Transcendence seemed like an obvious choice.

Group practice of Transcendental Meditation dramatically reduced violence in Cambodia, new study shows 
Researchers find group meditation can positively impact society

The group practice of the Transcendental Meditation ®  and TM-Sidhi ®  programs in Cambodia between 1993 and 2008 was associated with a 96.2% decline in sociopolitical violence in that war-torn country compared to violence in the preceding three years, according to a new peer-reviewed study published in Studies in Asian Social Science.

According to the study, the likelihood that this reversal in the rising 1990-1992 trend of violence occurred randomly was one chance in 10 million, suggesting that meditation can indeed have a coherence-creating effect on society.

Effect recognized by government officials
"Maharishi Vedic University was established by Maharishi in Cambodia on January 1, 1993, for the declared purpose of bringing peace and prosperity to Cambodia," said study author Lee Fergusson. "The positive influence of the MVU meditating groups was recognized by officials of the Cambodian government."

The late King Norodom Sihanouk was quoted as saying, "Maharishi Vedic University is playing an important role in human resource development and in [the] restoration of peace and expansion of prosperity throughout the country."

Up to 1,250 students participated
The reduction in violence began in January 1993, when more than 550 students began practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique together twice daily in a group at Maharishi Vedic University in Cambodia. Also, 100-200 students practiced the TM-Sidhi program together twice a day in a group as part of their Consciousness-Based SM  education curriculum starting in 1994.

Across three MVU campuses, up to 1,250 students contributed to increased coherence in collective consciousness through their daily group Transcendental Meditation practice during 1993-2008.

The study is the first to use an explanatory mixed-methods research design to explore the growth of social coherence using time series analysis and qualitative content analysis of news articles. The researchers analyzed monthly data on the level of sociopolitical violence obtained from automated content-analysis of news reports performed by a leading independent research organization. 

Other research shows reduced poverty
Other published research   by Dr. Fergusson, professor and founding director of Maharishi Vedic Research Institute, Australia, documents the dramatic economic and social transformation of Cambodia after the founding of MVU. 

In 1990, Cambodia, devastated by decades of war, was the poorest country in the world. After establishment of MVU, Cambodia's gross domestic product (GDP) growth rates averaged 8.9%, and poverty was reduced by 63% between 1994 and 2008. By 2010 Cambodia was ranked 63rd out of 152 countries on the international scale of poverty, an unprecedented jump of 89 places in less than one generation. 
Humor Corner
TM in the News
Transcendental Meditation Turns 60
NEW YORK: TM turns 60 this year. First introduced in the US in 1959 by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Jul 31, 2019

The Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique has now been learned by more than 10 million people, worldwide.

Its health benefits have been documented through more than 400 published peer-reviewed research studies. Through the efforts of filmmaker David Lynch, the technique has been taught at no charge to more than one million inner-city youth, veterans with PTSD, and adults and children battling substance use disorder

However, the need for Transcendental Meditation is more urgent than ever, according to quantum physicist Dr. John Hagelin, who heads the TM organization in the U.S. 

We live in an epidemic of stress. Tens of millions of Americans are anxious or depressed—or feel overwhelmed and overburdened by the critical need to be more productive, more creative, more energetic, and more focused than ever, Dr. Hagelin said. People are learning TM because it's a simple, easily learned technique that markedly reduces stress, promotes health, improves brain and cognitive functioning, and promotes happiness and self-actualization.

To celebrate the sixtieth anniversary, Dr. Hagelin announced a national initiative to teach the TM technique to millions of Americans in the next five years. To facilitate the process, a new nationwide income-based pricing plan is being introduced in July, based on annual household income.

This will bring the extraordinary benefits of Transcendental Meditation to a broader audience. The one-time course fee now starts at $380 for full-time students, and increases based on an individual's earnings, Dr. Hagelin said.

The plan will be implemented at all Transcendental Meditation Centers in the U.S., and will apply to all instructions booked on and after July 1. New prices per person are as follows

$380 for full-time students
$500 for households earning less than $50,000 annually
$740 for households earning between $50,000 and $99,999 annually
$860 for households earning between $100,000 and $199,999 annually
$960 for households earning $200,000 or more annually

The TM course comes with a satisfaction guarantee, and includes a lifetime of free personal follow-up.

The Transcendental Meditation organization also offers partial grant support to deserving individuals in need.

For more information www.TM.org and DavidLynchFoundation.org .
This year’s  Manchester International Festival (MIF19)  which ran from 4 – 21 July, was one of the city’s most exciting and compelling to date. Beginning with Yoko Ono’s Bells For Peace: the artist encouraged people to join in the free event at Cathedral Gardens, by each bringing a bell and ringing it for peace.

There was also a fascinating panel discussion entitled The Power of Transcendental Meditation which featured Deirdre Parsons, Executive Director of the  David Lynch Foundation UK , Tim Burgess from The Charlatans with David Lynch joining by video link. In 2005, the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace was founded to ensure that every child anywhere in the world who wanted to learn to meditate could do so. The Foundation is actively teaching TM to adults and children in countries everywhere to help them transform their lives from within by using stress-reducing programmes, and working with students, stressed out teachers, the homeless, prisoners, and many thousands of war veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Watch the full discussion  here .

You can also view this full article here including some photos of David's work and the works of other presenters.