Volume 8 Issue 13 | July 15, 2019
News for Faculty and Staff from Human Resources
Open Positions
Please contact hr@mum.edu if you know of anyone who has the qualifications and interest to fill any of these positions.

IT Business Analyst / Project Manager
Food Service Worker at the Golden Dome Market
For job descriptions and application information on any of these positions click here.

Maharishi University of Management is an equal opportunity employer.
Health and Wellness
7 Tips for Avoiding Elderly Heat Stroke & Exhaustion

Tip One
Drink Plenty of Liquids

Tip Two
Wear Appropriate Clothes

Tip Three
Stay Indoors During Mid-day Hours

Tip Four
Take it Easy

Tip Five
Watch the Heat Index

Tip Six
Seek Air-conditioned Environments

Tip Seven
Know the Warning Signs of Heat-related Illness

Maryam Naraghi New PDSO for MUM

It's my great honor and pleasure--(after 25 years in the saddle!), to announce to you all that Maryam Naraghi is now officially in charge of all international student matters, and is officially the PDSO (Principal Designated School Official) in SEVIS, with ultimate responsibility for compliance in all areas concerning international students (admissions, enrollment, working at the University, maintenance of status and all that goes with that aspect). Her official PDSO title is Dir. of Int'l Student Advising.
Maryam is also now responsible for compliance from the side of the University as well, making sure that all academic programs to which we want to admit international students (and issue documents for them to come here and study on F-1 visas) are properly reflected in detail on our underlying Certification Petition and have been fully approved by SEVP for admitting and enrolling international students to all offered programs.

It is very important in this regard that Maryam be involved in the planning stages re any new programs and/or degrees we may wish to offer, if international students are to be admitted, as it takes significant time to have any new programs approved by SEVP/ICE, the branch of Homeland Security that monitors and oversees our SEVIS system and continuing Certifications.

I am so proud of Maryam's accomplishments mentoring and learning everything in this past year of our working closely together, and feel completely confident in passing the mantle onto her highly competent shoulders, knowing we are in ideal hands with her in charge of this hugely important area! 
With my very best wishes to you all ~
     Nancy Watkins

PS: I will continue on as a DSO, and I've promised to be there for Maryam whenever she needs me!
Code of Conduct

We are required to circulate the attached code of conduct regarding Educational loans to all Faculty and Staff.

Here is the link:  Code of Conduct

Laura L. Smith
Assistant Director
Financial Aid Office
How to Avoid Tech Phone Call Scams
We have been informed of various computer attacks, specifically those showing a pop up screen on your computer that prompts you to call a phone number.

Instead, make a screen shot (or take a photo with your phone) and email it to us at  helpdesk@mum.edu . You can also call us at 641-472-1170,
which is our main IT number. The screen would look like this:
We recommend shutting the computer off (ideally powering it down i.e. pull the power plug) and letting us know right away.
Old chairs in Library

We have recently upgraded the Chairs in CS Library labs( L209 and L210) and planning to give away the old chairs ( These chairs can be used in home with minimal maintenance) . Can you please circulate the email to faculty and staff to contact us @ 4326 or 4329 or  cshelpdesk@mum.edu . So that, anybody in need of the chairs will reach to us.

Samir Shrestha
System Administrator
Computer Science Department
Upcoming Events and Courses
Q: What is the fee?  None 
Q: How do I schedule ?  call 641-954-2290
Please join us for the Checking of Advanced Techniques at the Fairfield Peace Palace!
Best wishes,
Wally DeVasier  Director
Olga Hopkins
Join us for our Second Live Webinar! 

Tuesday July 23rd or Thursday July 25th

Why is East So Important? is open to all and will include questions and answers. This is the perfect opportunity to ask your questions about orientation and the scientific research.

Jon Lipman, AIA, our National Director and Chief Maharishi Vastu architect, will explain the emphasis on facing east in the context of the latest research that deals with the effect of orientation on brain functioning. The webinar will take about an hour.

Click on either link below to access the registration page of your choice. The Thursday event will be the same content as the Tuesday event. You will receive an email confirmation with your personal link to the event. A reminder email will also be sent to you the day before the event.

Tuesday, July 23 at 7:30 pm Central time U.S. 
(click on THIS link to register for the Tuesday webinar) 
Thursday, July 25 at 1:30 pm Central time U.S.  
(click on This link to register for the Thursday webinar) 
Free Talk on Sunday, July 21at 8 pm
In Dalby Hall and Livestreamed Online!

It is a joy to announce that Raja Peter Warburton, PhD will be returning to Maharishi University of Management on July 21, 2019 to offer three weeks of new and inspiring Total Knowledge courses, along with Professor Tom Egenes, Professor Ken Chandler, Dr. Charles Heath, and special guest Dr. Vernon Katz.
These courses will be offered in Dalby Hall and will also be available online—both livestreamed and available to view afterwards at your convenience.
For more information and to sign up, please visit  http://mum.edu/totalknowledge2019
Raja Peter To Offer Three Weeks of New Total Knowledge Courses Starting July 21

Three Weeks of Exciting New Total Knowledge Courses Start Sunday July 21!

It is a joy to announce that Raja Peter Warburton, PhD will be returning to Maharishi University of Management on July 21, 2019 to offer three weeks of new and inspiring Total Knowledge courses, along with Professor Tom Egenes, Professor Ken Chandler, Dr. Charles Heath, and special guest Dr. Vernon Katz.
These courses will be offered in Dalby Hall and will also be available online—both livestreamed and available to view afterwards at your convenience.
Sunday, July 21 – Friday, July 26

With Raja Peter, Professor Tom Egenes, and Guest Speaker Dr. Vernon Katz (via Skype) “Yoga, or Union of the mind with the divine intelligence, begins when the mind gains transcendental consciousness,” Maharishi writes in his commentary on the Bhagavad-Gita. The story relayed in the Bhagavad Gita and Maharishi’s amazing commentary on Chapters 1-6, written in the 1960s with Dr. Vernon Katz, perfectly illustrate the depth of wisdom captured in the unique curriculum of Total Knowledge that Maharishi developed with Raja Peter in the early 2000s.
In recent years, two of the most popular one-week courses offered at MUM have been those on “Total Knowledge and the Brahma Sutras” and “Total Knowledge and the Upanishads.” Now, the same brilliant speakers bring you this course on “Total Knowledge and the Bhagavad-Gita.” Raja Peter’s presentation of the complete framework of Maharishi’s Total Knowledge lays the perfect ground for Dr. Vernon Katz and Dr. Tom Egenes to illuminate Maharishi’s precious insights into the Bhagavad Gita.
Sunday, July 28 – Friday, August 2

With Raja Peter and Professor Ken Chandler   This course promises a feast of inspiration through connecting Maharishi’s knowledge with the insights of the greatest visionaries of all time. Maharishi’s complete exposition of Total Knowledge, brought out by Raja Peter, encompasses a consciousness-based approach to the administration of all areas of society. In this unique course, Dr. Ken Chandler reveals how the teachings of the great thinkers, philosophers, spiritual leaders, and other luminaries throughout the ages not only reflect the same vision but bring fresh insight through unique and original expressions.
For the first time, Dr. Chandler will be bringing out the fruits of 30 years of profound research in this field and making available proof copies of his books for the course participants. In his usual charming manner, Raja Peter will highlight the connections to the framework of Total Knowledge brought to the world by Maharishi.
Sunday, August 4 – Friday, August 9

With Raja Peter and Dr. Charles Heath   The MUM Department of Continuing Education is delighted that these two much admired and popular speakers are coming together for this unique course. Raja Peter’s exposition of Total Knowledge, which covers the full range of Maharishi’s Vedic Science, provides a most satisfying and complete insight into the nature of Jyotish (Vedic astrology) and its role in our lives. As the leading representative of Maharishi Jyotish and Yagya programs in the USA, Dr. Charles Heath has a great wealth of experience of Jyotish, with so many fascinating insights, stories, anecdotes and examples.
Maharishi Jyotish has two main aspects — inner and outer — which will both be covered during this course. The inner value is Jyotish-mati pragya — described by Maharishi as “that fully awake field of intelligence that knows everything." The outer value is based on precise mathematical calculations about the specific influences that come to bear on an individual as his or her life progresses. Both give complete knowledge of past, present, and future, and they complement one another, opening the door to develop fully awake consciousness, reverberating blissfully in daily life. As Maharishi says: “Maharishi Jyotish and Maharishi Yagya are for the development of enlightenment — life free from dependence on surroundings and circumstances, and mastery over one’s own destiny.”
World Peace Assembly

  • Get an in-person Checking of your TM-Sidhi® program.
  • Go deeply into experiences and understanding of higher states of consciousness—especially God Consciousness and Unity Consciousness.
  • Enjoy rare videos of Maharishi, special recordings by Dr. Tony Nader, and contributions from Dr. John Hagelin explaining higher states of consciousness.
  • Delight in Dr. Fred Travis’s research on people experiencing higher states of consciousness, and Dr. Craig Pearson’s insightful discussions on the development of higher states.

Enjoy our special guest speakers!
Drs. Doug and Linda Birx  have been teaching the TM-Sidhi program since 1978. Maharishi has referred to them as our “Master Checkers.” During this course, they will review the simple, natural, effortless instructions of your TM-Sidhi practice and take questions from the group.

Fred Travis, Ph.D. , is the only published researcher of the neurophysiology of transcending and is currently doing research on higher states of consciousness. One of our most cherished and interesting speakers, Fred is a professor and Chair of the Department of Maharishi Vedic Science SM , Dean of the Graduate School, and Director of the Center for Brain, Consciousness, and Cognition at Maharishi University of Management (MUM).

Craig Pearson, Ph.D. , is the author of  The Supreme Awakening: Experiences of Enlightenment Throughout Time—And How You Can Cultivate Them , Volumes 1 & 2, and Vice President of Academic Affairs at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa.

Refresh & rejuvenate in a quiet haven

Questions? Call: 641-451-5108

We're excited to announce a new   Online MS in SAP Finance  
  • No prior experience needed
  • All costs typically covered by federal loans*
  • Online with flexible schedule
* Federal loans available for US citizens and permanent residents

What is SAP?   It's the world's most popular corporate software for enterprise resource planning (ERP).
To learn more, visit  Online MS in SAP Finance. 

Maharishi Marma Therapy

Dr. Michael Olmstead and Stellavera Kilcher have been trained and certified by MERU and are offering  Maharishi Marma Therapy  at the Integrative Wellness Center. 1080 N. 4th Street, Fairfield, Iowa 52556.

Our next appointments are available on Wednesday, July 17th. The appointment fee is $85 or $75 for full time IA, Faculty, Staff and Students. 

If you would like to experience this life enhancing treatment,  please call 641-472-7000 X3406   to make an appointment. If you prefer, you may  email:   appointments@mum.edu    Please leave your  name, date of birth, email & phone number.  We will call you back to confirm an appointment time. During July, we are in the office from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.
Maharishi has said the following about the efficacy of marma treatments:  "Marmas are the cosmic switchboards in the body, and in Marma, consciousness manifests into matter.”

The treatment does not involve any pressure on the marma points, but very light, subtle touch. The result has a re-balancing and healing effect on the body.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,
The Integrative Wellness Center Staff
641-472-7000 X 3406 or 3411
2019 Purusha Capital SM
Top Leaders Coming Again This Year
We invite all male Governors and Sidhas to join us for deep experience and knowledge on one of our courses. During these courses top leaders of the TM ®  organization will share their knowledge and the latest news and developments in their area of expertise.
For a complete list of all World Peace Assemblies (WPAs) and other courses, including detailed course descriptions, please visit  PurushaCourses.org .

Upcoming Courses/WPA

September WPA • September 7-14, (Sat-Sat) , 7 nights • $950

Columbus Day Weekend Oct 11–14 (Fri-Mon) 3 nights $450
This will be the last weekend course in 2018.

Nine Days of Mother Divine WPA with Dr. Doug Birx Sep 28 to Oct 5
(Sat-Sat)7 nights $950
Special Articles
Achieve Greater Happiness, Love, and Fulfillment
"Consciousness and the Self"

“For us to achieve the fulfillment that we seek, rather than being caught up in the tumultuous existence on the surface level of daily living, we need to experience our deeper inner nature.” —Dr. Tony Nader
The nature of life is to grow. We all want more happiness, more love, more knowledge, and more power to achieve bigger and bigger goals and reach fulfillment. But consider how most of us go about trying to achieve these things.

We look to the outside, to the surface level of life, in an effort to control the ever-changing reality and circumstances we encounter. We’re tossed around from side to side, much like trying to navigate turbulent waters in a small rowboat. As we grasp at anything that appears to be stable, the next wave knocks us untethered from our perch of false security.

For most, this is all we typically experience in life—the surface level. But much like the vast and expansive ocean, there’s a deeper, more profound reality inside each of us. That is the reality of our mind, our intellect, our ego, and our true self.

David Lynch and Russell Brand on Transcendence, Recovery,   Yogic Flying ®,  Blue Velvet , World Peace, and More | 58:26  

A rare—and fun—meeting of creative hearts, minds, and spirits

Iconic filmmaker David Lynch and actor-comedian Russell Brand shared a free-wheeling conversation for the audience at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles on June 9, 2019. Proceeds from the live-streamed event benefited the David Lynch Foundation SM  (DLF) and Friendly House, to bring the Transcendental Meditation® (TM®) technique to women recovering from addiction.

DLF CEO and long-time TM teacher Bob Roth took part in the wide-ranging exchange, passing along questions from the audience, adding an occasional “science alert,” and noting it was like being in the living room with his good friends Lynch and Brand.

Settle in and enjoy this one-of-a-kind conversation.

Humor Corner
TM in the News
Ringo Starr on Peace & Love, Sobriety and His All-Time Favorite Beatles Song, Plus an Exclusive Video Revealing His Secret to Staying Upbeat  JULY 5, 2019 

Why has the message of peace and love become so important to you? You’re rarely photographed without flashing the peace sign.

I loved the mid-’60s, when all this peace and love started. [The Beatles] went right along with it. The press used to give me a hard time: “Oh, he’s doing that peace and love thing again.” But I’m only peace-and-loving. And they still like to sh-t on me! It’s connected to the Maharishi [the Indian spiritual leader the Beatles famously visited in 1968]. If you think to do good, then the planet will support you. It’s like a pebble in the ocean; it’s rippling out. And it will get to shore. But you can’t be impatient [laughs].

The mindfulness aspect of your peace-and-love message connects to meditation, which has become a major part of your life. What does it do for you?

It gives me a break from myself. Some days there’s absolute peacefulness and a feeling that I’ve been somewhere away, and I only know that because I come back. It’s very important for me to “not think.” I do enough thinking. You can just “be.” It’s a transcendent feeling. That’s why they call it Transcendental Meditation!

Can't get yourself to meditate? It could be because you haven't found the right way
Contrary to common knowledge, there is more than one way to meditate, it's just a matter of finding what works for you
How transcendental meditation worked for me

I tried transcendental meditation (TM) next. On the first day of the course I was given a one-word mantra that I had to concentrate on. However, unlike japa, where the pronunciation has to be perfect, TM says that you use the mantra to lose it. Based on a Vedic tradition, the practice was introduced to the rest of the world by spiritual leader Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. And research has shown that it helps reduce anxiety, insomnia and improve cardiovascular health. Plus, the transcendental meditation program is also said to boost creativity, improve focus and reduce the level of inflammation in the body.

The method seems simple enough; use a mantra till it disappears and you transcend into a meditative state. You need to practice it for 20 minutes each in the morning and evening, two hours after a main meal, and preferably not right before you go to bed. If you’re feeling particularly stressed, you can practice an extra 10 minutes. I have missed a meditation once in a while, but on most days for the last two months, I’ve been meditating twice a day. Whether I’ve been distracted, disturbed or completely peaceful, I feel exactly the same after TM—refreshed and ready for the rest of the day. Unlike other schools of meditation, where you only practice their technique, TM lets you experiment with other schools as long as you’re practicing TM twice a day for 20 minutes. For me this is perfect—as a wellness researcher who likes to try every type of  breathing technique , meditation school, or traditional ritual so that I can write about it, this type of meditation gives me freedom in more ways than one.