Volume 8 Issue 2 | January 21, 2019
News for Faculty and Staff from Human Resources
Important Message from HR Payroll Office
2018 W-2 Wage Summary forms will be mailed out in the last week of January 
New Staff
Tere Cutler joins our ComPro Career Center. Her work experience includes many years as Director of Admissions and Registrar at Maharishi School, office administrator at Sunnybrook, and many roles at Overland Sheepskin including buyer, inventory, quality control, store management and social media. Tere moved from the East Coast to attend MIU in the early 80’s and has been part of the TM and Fairfield community since then. Prior to that she attended Marymount College of Virginia, and the University of Pennsylvania.
Tere worked at Maharishi SchooI in various capacities from the Lower School Office to Admissions for many years while her daughter Mollie attended Pre-School through high school graduation. Her work experience in office environments, the retail sector and service industries, has given her varied skills and the ability to work with many people from all over the world, something she truly enjoys. Outside of work ,  she and her husband Dave have fun golfing, skiing, playing 8-ball pool, traveling and relaxing at home with their pug Stella.
Open Positions
Please contact cpassos@mum.edu if you know of anyone who has the qualifications and interest to fill any of these positions.

Financial Aid Officer
Bookstore Cashier
IT Technical Trainer - ComPro
Sustainable Living Departmental Administrator

For job descriptions and application information on any of these positions click here.

Maharishi School seeks a full-time music teacher; includes a lower and middle school class each day, as well as a project period each day to work with upper school students. Please send inquiries to: Terry Weiss, Human Resources Director,  tweiss@maharishischool.org   (641-472-9400 #5096).
Health and Wellness
New Year's Resolution - Food! "We are how we eat"
The New Year brings new hopes, aspirations and resolutions. It is the time of the year when we set our goals to achieve for the next year. How many of us are able to actually act on our plans? Be it the promise to hit the gym every single day or make a schedule to socialize more often, even the best promise-keepers may find it hard to keep up with New Year’s resolutions. However, no matter how many times we’ve fallen behind, year after year, we never give up. And I say we shouldn’t! After all, the new year is all about starting new habits (good ones) and committing to the activities that lead to a more positive life — all leading in the direction of better health and happiness.

When thinking about resolutions for the new year, I encourage:  "make it simple."  Yes, let’s set goals that are achievable. Many times, we are so excited to set a higher benchmark that we often forget what our limitations and soft corners are. So, the most effective way to start out is to make resolutions that are simple and achievable. And, once we are actually able to keep up with our promise, think about the amount of fulfillment and joy it will bring to our lives.

I’ll offer one simple resolution to start the new year:  bring attention to your diet.

Don’t get the impression that I’m now going to write a lengthy article about a dosha-specific diet, or a vegetarian, lacto-vegetarian, vegan, or so-and-so diet. As I already said, keep it simple. Our diets have less to do with what we eat, and more to do with  how we eat . Of course, what we eat matters, but definitely, the way we eat is just as important, although it is often overlooked.

Doug Henning Memorabilia sought
If you have any Doug Henning keepsakes stored away, they may be worth dollars in the world of magic collectibles. The foremost auction house is Potter & Potter and they have sold many Doug Henning artifacts, including his outfits, some of his illusions, information on Veda Land, Doug as Natural Law Party candidate poster, etc. If interested contact Gabe Fajuri directly:  gabe@potterauctions.com
Recreation Center Renovation Update
The work on installing a new surface on our multi-purpose courts has been completed, and the south end of the recreation center is now open to everyone.

We now require everyone bring a change of shoes to wear in the Recreation Center. Shoes must be indoor, non-marking, non-scuffing shoes.

No outdoor shoes will be allowed on the new courts — no exceptions.

Our front desk staff will ask you to change into your indoor shoes when you arrive and leave your outdoor shoes in the shoe rack at the front before entering.

Thank you for keeping our new courts clean.
URGENT - Spoof letter from Pres. Hagelin DO NOT OPEN

If you receive an email message purportedly sent from President Hagelin, please  DO NOT OPEN IT . It contains a PDF file that would make you click to a malicious website.
See text below:
                                   LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT JOHN HAGELIN
Dear Colleagues:
I will like to remind each and every one of you that this organization holds itself to the highest ethical standards. To that end we are pleased to announce our updated Business Integrity Program. Adherence to t….
Gilberto Rodriguez
IT Manager of Network Services
Information Technologies
Upcoming Events and Courses
Is College Bad for your Brain?

February 8, 2019
7:30 to 9:00 pm
Dalby Hall

This event is a continuation of the Changemakers series sponsored by MUM & DLF. This event is being timed to be the finale of the Orientation Week for new and returning students. Coordinated with Rod Eason.

It will feature prominent guest speakers.
Empty Bowls at Maharishi School Postponed
We are postponing the Empty Bowls event until Sunday, January 27 (11:30 am - 2:00 pm), because of a big winter storm being forecast. Stay warm and safe this weekend and please join us next Sunday.

 Maharishi School students will be holding the 4th annual Empty Bowls event in the Maharishi School Courtyard Kitchen. This is a wonderful community event where people come together to enjoy delicious soups and each other's company. For $25 per person, in addition to lunch, you'll go home with a handcrafted bowl of your choosing. All proceeds from the event will go to two organizations, one local and one global, that help to eliminate food insecurity.

Please join us and bring your friends!

What:  Empty Bowls
When: Sunday, January 27, between 11:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.
Where: Maharishi School Courtyard Kitchen
How: Tickets are $25 each and will be available at the door.

You can also pay through the School website at this link: 
Full Moon Celebration Postponed to Monday, January 21, 8 pm in Dalby Hall
Bevan Morris's personal memories of Maharishi
 New Course with Dr. Bevan Morris
March 11 – April 18, Mon. & Thurs. evenings
In Dalby Hall and Online 

Dr. Bevan Morris will be sharing his unique personal memories of Maharishi and reflections on the gifts that Maharishi gave to the world. Having worked closely with Maharishi as a teacher and leader in our worldwide organization for nearly 50 years, Dr. Morris is ideally placed to offer a deep insight into Maharishi’s vision for the world.
Dr. Morris will explore:
  • How Maharishi started his worldwide Movement, and how spontaneously it developed year after year, reaching every corner of the planet
  • What Maharishi did to fully transform the knowledge and technologies available to the world in every field of life during 53 years of service to Guru Dev
  • The nature of the golden age of the human race that is now rising as a direct result
  • Reflections of personal experiences of Maharishi’s cosmic genius and supreme achievements

The course fee is $125 or $75 discounted rate for MUM staff, IAA grant recipients and others. (Please see details at  http://mum.edu/tmhistory .) Prerequisite: TM technique 
Course Dates: Feb. 15–17, Mar. 8–10, Apr. 12–14, May 17–19 in Dalby Hall and Online

Fri. evenings, Sat. afternoons & evenings and Sun. afternoons

Come study with Vaidya Manohar, one of the world’s most experienced Maharishi AyurVeda vaidyas who spent many years working closely with Maharishi, as well as with Vaidya Brihaspati Dev Triguna, Vaidya Balraj Maharishi, and Vaidya D.M. Dwivedi.
This four-weekend course is designed to enliven the knowledge of Maharishi Nadi Vigyan and enhance correct practice according to Maharishi’s guidelines. It is for both professional practitioners and nonprofessionals.
For Maharishi AyurVeda Practitioners: This course will bring your Maharishi Nadi Vigyan skills to another level of effectiveness and profundity. It will give correct understanding and systematic procedures to practice successful analysis. This course will help standardize and deepen the practice of Maharishi Nadi Vigyan for all our practitioners.

For Nonprofessionals: You will learn to take other people’s pulses to know the different types of pulses. The main intention is enhancing and understanding your own pulse and the self-pulse practice. Prerequisites are Maharishi Self-Pulse Reading courses Parts 1, 2, 3 or 1, 2, 4, taught by Andrew Stenberg or the 16-Lesson Online Course.
The prerequisite for each weekend 2, 3 & 4 is the previous weekend. The course fee is $125/weekend or $75/weekend discounted rate for MUM staff, IAA grant recipients and others. (Please see details at  http://mum.edu/advancedpulse .)
Special Articles
A Modern Understanding of the Ancient Principle of Karma

Dr. Tony Nader explains the law of action and reaction for personal development BY DEBBIE THOMPSON

What is karma, and how does it work? Is there really free will? What is the relationship between free will and karma? And how is stress in the nervous system related to karma?

In this engaging, thought-provoking talk, Tony Nader, M.D., Ph.D., M.A.R.R., an MIT- and Harvard-trained neuroscientist, head of the international Transcendental Meditation® (TM®) organizations, and one of the world’s great Vedic scholars, discusses the nature, source, and function of karma in life.

He also explains the ultimate secret to resolving negative influences and enhancing positive ones. “The free will of today is the karma of tomorrow,” he adds.
New Book by Keith and Samantha Wallace

Check out  the new blog  on  d ocgut.com  introducing our latest book— The Rest And Repair Diet: Heal Your Gut, Improve Your Physical and Mental Health, and Lose Weight —a practical companion to Gut Crisis.  
Most people think they have to eat less and exercise more to lose weight, but this may not be enough because these changes don’t take the condition of your gut into account.
The Rest And Repair Diet is  designed to detox and allow your gut to repair itself, with weight loss as a side benefit. 

The diet makes use of your body’s natural ability to heal itself and restore your microbiome.  
Postmater in India has Special Cover envelope with Maharishi
Humor Corner
TM in the News
Meditate. Your Mind Wants To By Michael Braunstein
January 13, 2019
Let’s get something straight right out of the box: You do not have to sit funny in order to meditate. All that is necessary to meditate is to learn it correctly then apply it. Since learning Transcendental Meditation in 1984, I have meditated in airports, hospital waiting rooms, sitting in the stands at soccer games, in the lobby of a busy Manhattan office building, on mountain tops and in quiet, darkened spaces wafting with incense, all with unequivocal success. Meditation doesn’t require special needs. Look, meditation is a natural state of mind that the mind craves. It’s healing. It’s transformative. And it’s easy. All you have to do is learn it correctly.

MVM holds programme on ‘Role of media’ to pay tributes to Maharishi By  Daily Excelsior  -13/01/2019
AMMU, Jan 12: Maharishi Vidhya Mandir (MVM) Jammu celebrated 102nd birth anniversary of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi here today. The day was designated as the “Age of Enlightened Day”. On this occasion, S K Sharma, Additional Income Tax Commissioner, was the chief guest while some media personalities were among the guest of honour.