Volume 8 Issue 11 | May 27, 2019
News for Faculty and Staff from Human Resources
Dear Faculty and Staff,

As requested by our students the library has increased its working hours to be 8 am to 10 pm, Monday through Saturday, and 7:15 pm to 10 pm on Sunday.
The new hours are also on the library website  www.library.mum.edu .

Open Positions
Please contact cpassos@mum.edu if you know of anyone who has the qualifications and interest to fill any of these positions.

IT Business Analyst / Project Manager

For job descriptions and application information on any of these positions click here.

Maharishi University of Management is an equal opportunity employer.
Health and Wellness
7 Key Ways to Sharpen Your Memory
The healthy brain solution to preventing and reversing memory loss

Ever forget a name, blank out on a word, or walk into a room and forget why you’re there? Sure, we’ve all done it, especially those of us who are over 40. Such slip-ups can leave us wondering, worrying, rationalizing, and otherwise wasting precious energy trying to convince ourselves that we are not careening down the slippery slope of no return towards Alzheimer’s disease.
Winter is the vata season and can lead to “mental fog.”

But does it seem like your memory gets worse over the winter? Not to worry! A recent study 1  showed that the quality of cognition can vary, with poorer cognition occurring in winter and early spring. This seasonal fluctuation is likely due in part to winter’s enhanced immune activity, which protects us from colds and flu but can also lead to inflammation, a sure-fire memory stomper. Now, as the days thankfully lengthen, we can look forward to “longer” memory too!

As a practitioner of Maharishi AyurVeda ® (MAV), I also look at these seasonal memory fluctuations as an expression of imbalance in the vata dosha, the supersystem or aspect of nature’s intelligence that governs our nerves and circulation. (See my Enjoy TM News  article about these supersystems .) In the winter, which is the vata season, symptoms such as forgetfulness can accompany the increase in coldness, dryness, and instability that characterize vata. This causes some people to experience more “mental fog.”

Happy Spring everybody!

Just a quick reminder to conserve on water usage. Shorter showers and full laundry loads will go a long way. Below are some helpful tips. For those on campus please report dripping faucets and other fixable water waste problems to Facilities Management. Every month MUM spends $24,000 on water/sewage. A lot of money literally down the drain! Please conserve.

Tom Brooks

8 Ways to Reduce Your Water Waste
Most of us are almost unaware of how much water we waste on a daily basis.

Water is wasted waiting for the shower or sink to warm up, on the slow leak you have in the toilet bowl that you never knew about and from sprinkling your lawn every day.
With some of the newer developments surrounding water usage throughout the world, it may be a good time to really think about how you can cut down on the water you waste. There are a whole bunch of things you can do, but let’s start with some basic first steps that make a big impact.

1. Take Shorter Showers
Reduce your shower time and try to avoid baths when you can. Most baths use  35-50 gallons of water , but showers can use only about 25, especially if you have a low-flow shower head. If you don’t have one, consider investing in one. Especially if you’re renting, a new head is a great way to revamp your whole shower routine. Even the kids may enjoy it.

2. Stop Pre-Rinsing Dishes
Unless something is seriously burnt on, try really hard not to prerinse. It is an enormous waste of water, and most dishwashers are powerful enough that there’s no need to. Also, try to use the dishwasher when you can. It actually uses less water per dish than hand-washing does, which means it’s good for the environment, and you.

3. Check for Leaks in the Pipes
Don’t forget to check the outdoor faucets and pipes too. Hopefully you’ll notice if you’ve sprung a leak somewhere inside, but it can be easy to miss an outside one. Keep an eye on them, and do a check at least every six months. Also, keep an eye on your water bill. If you notice that it’s gone up, you might be leaking somewhere.

4. Only Run Full Loads of Laundry or   Dishes
I know, there are only so many items you have that get washed on the delicate cycle. However, you can still fill it up – just add in some stuff that can take a rougher washing, but isn’t too dirty. Making sure you have a full load each time means chores go faster, detergent gets used more effectively and you’ll never run out of clean underwear again.

5. Check your Toilet for Leaks
Add some food coloring to the tank before you go to bed. When you use it in the morning, see if any of the  colored water has leaked into the bowl . If so, it’s a hidden leak that should be fixed.

6. Stop Wasting Water in the Sink
Just think about how long you leave the water running while you brush your teeth. Why? It’s not doing anything. Turn it off!
Additionally, make sure you don’t have a leaky sink. This site even has  a drip calculator  to help you calculate how much water is wasted from your sink. You may be surprised at how much water a single leaky faucet loses.

7. Watch How You Water
It’s not necessary to have your irrigation system set to go off twice a day, every day. The grass doesn’t need it that much. If you really feel you must water your lawn, just water the dry spots instead of the whole thing. You can check your hose for leaks while you’re at it.

8. Reuse Water
It’s not always a feasible goal to stop wasting water entirely. However, you can cut down drastically by saving and reusing the water you can. Instead of letting it all run down the drain, capture some of it. You can save water from washing your hands or rinsing vegetables and fruits to use on your lawn or to water potted plants.

On average, each person loses  about 10 gallons a day to leaks . That is a completely fixable waste, and one that would help your pocketbook. Some of these ideas are really easy – everyone can skip a bath now and then. With droughts increasing each year, and some of the same places getting hit over and over again, saving water should be on everyone’s to-do list. Remember, every gallon helps.
Image by  blickpixel
Kayla Matthews  is a healthy living blogger with a passion for eco-friendly lifestyles. You can follow her on  Google+  and  Twitter  to read her latest post s

We have updated the Maharishi Jyotish program website with new graphics and easily readable descriptions of the benefits, services and knowledge of Vedic Astrology, restored to its original purity and effectiveness by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

  • Enjoy the Benefits: Discover, Predict, Prevent, Achieve
  • Calendar of Auspicious Days: Select the best time to fulfill your personal desires
  • Maharishi Jyotish Services: Consultations, Yagya Recommendations, Auspicious Starting Time, Compatibility Analysis, Selection of an Auspicious Name
  • Maharishi Yagya Performances: Planetary or Graha Shanti Yagyas, and Specific Purpose Yagyas
  • Jyotish Insights: Six fundamental factors for prediction and progress in life
  • Jyotish News: Courses and seminars to gain more knowledge of this ancient tradition of prediction and prevention
Upcoming Events and Courses
For more than 50 years, Maharishi blessed us with many thousands of hours of pure knowledge. During that time, he blessed us, as well, with powerful, practical initiatives intended to protect and uplift life—in our time and far into the future.

In October 2002 Maharishi explained how a large group of Vedic Pandits in India can positively influence the whole world:
“When you listen to the Pandits doing the Yagyas, they just say some words, words, words…. And what do these sequentially, properly pronounced words do? They achieve the objective which is proclaimed as the objective of the Yagya!

“All the mechanics and the systems to use those words in this way are coming from the oral tradition. It is a great blessing for all mankind, for all time. And that is what we are going to use for our purpose of creating a very cordial, a very harmonious, a very happy, a fulfilled world.”

The next U.S. National Yagya SM  performance will begin on the evening of June 4. Thursday, May 30 is the final day to sign up.

Please  CLICK NOW  to join in.

Better still... join our  Monthly Giving Circle  and automatically enjoy every National Yagya throughout the year.  CLICK HERE

If you make a gift of $1,250 or more, you, your family, someone you designate, or your company will be acknowledged by name on each day of the Vedic performance.

The Sankalpa (intention) of the Yagya will be:
Increasing peace, positivity, and spiritual awakening
for the United States and its people.
We are excited to announce that Dr. John Hagelin will present his famous course, “Foundations of Physics and Consciousness,” live and in person in Dalby Hall at Maharishi University of Management, beginning on Monday, May 27, at 10 am.

With stunning new graphics and freshly updated with the latest spellbinding, mind-expanding discoveries—profoundly integrated with Maharishi’s timeless and unfathomable Vedic wisdom—award-winning quantum physicist Dr. John Hagelin presents a profound, all-encompassing vision of the Ultimate Reality.

No homework! No exams!
Course schedule:  18 live presentations (including intimate Q&A), 10 am to 12 noon, Monday–Saturday, from May 27 through June 15. You can miss classes if you need to, but for the fullest experience and the greatest enjoyment, please attend as regularly as possible.

Registration:  A simple  RSVP  expressing your interest is sufficient, and will allow us to plan appropriately.

MUM Online and Continuing Education
Fluid Motion Factor Workshop 
Saturday, May 18,10:00 til 12:00
Free to players and sponsors ... $50 for others

RSVP: To register, call Dell Hipp at (641) 472-7404 by Sunday, May 26. Please let us know your preferred tee time, playing partners if any, and average score on 9 or 18 holes. 
If you can't come yourself, please consider sponsoring someone else. We'll have lots of former and current juniors who can play if we have sponsors for them.  

Visiting Professors Drs. John and Sara Konhaus will present a unique and first-time offering of Maharishi’s knowledge on the interrelationship between consciousness, food, physiology and the environment.
This upcoming course beginning May 27 is the first one-week course of the four-week series. Classes are 1:30 – 3:30 and 8:00 – 9:15 (Monday – Friday) in Dalby Hall and available online. Click here for the complete list of one-week courses and to sign up.
2019 Purusha Capital SM
Top Leaders Coming Again This Year
We invite all male Governors and Sidhas to join us for deep experience and knowledge on one of our courses. During these courses top leaders of the TM ®  organization will share their knowledge and the latest news and developments in their area of expertise.
For a complete list of all World Peace Assemblies (WPAs) and other courses, including detailed course descriptions, please visit  PurushaCourses.org .

Upcoming Courses/WPAs
  • June 15–22: WPA on the Bhagavad-Gita — with Purusha Raja John Bright
Special Articles
Discovering the Bliss Within | 6:10  
Historic Lecture Series: Maharishi on the Story of Inner Life

In 1968, TM Founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi spoke to hundreds of Meditators who came from all over Canada to Alberta’s Chateau Lake Louise to enjoy a one-week course with him. The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. learned of this rare opportunity and created a TV special  about Maharishi’s visit and his message of finding bliss and peace within through  the Transcendental Meditation® (TM®) technique. This excerpt from that historic video was shot on the shores and mountains around beautiful Lake Louise.

Humor Corner
TM in the News
This Is The Self-Care Practice Kendall Jenner Swears By For Her Anxiety
Easy and effective  - by  Grace Back
Mental disorders such as  anxiety  have become more frequently discussed in recent years, as it has been revealed that 20 per cent of people in the cope with anxiety in various degrees of intensity. Even celebrities who seem to have it all are not immune from the struggle.

The practice of Transcendental Meditation (TM) has become an increasingly popular form of self-care. American model Kendall Jenner has been candid in the past about her battle with anxiety, which grew worse after sister  Kim Kardashian , was robbed at gunpoint while in Paris. The trauma from that event, as well as the stress of dealing with stalkers and the other struggles of being thrust constantly into the public eye, had the model searching for help to cope. 

Bob Roth on Citytv on May 24th

Bob Roth appeared on  Breakfast Television Vancouver
Transcendental Meditation is food for thought in battle against ourselves
Bob Roth brings word of TM and David Lynch to event.  DANA GEE May 17, 2019
Bob Roth will be in Vancouver on May 23 to talk about his new book Strength in Stillness and the power of transcendental meditation. He will be joined by special guest filmmaker and longtime TM advocate David Lynch. The David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace is a global foundation founded by Lynch to fund the teaching of TM in schools.

Consciousness & Creativity with David Lynch & Bob Roth

When: May 23, 7 p.m.
Where: SFU Goldcorp theatre

Tickets and info:
$27.50-$65  eventbrite.ca

These days it seems you can’t swing a string of Buddha beads without hitting someone who meditates or is about to start to do so with help from their freshly downloaded Headspace meditation app.

Despite some forms of it dating to as far back as 1500 BCE, it seems meditation really is all the rage today. You can tell that is true by how tightly the marketers have embraced the idea of selling inner peace. Everything from juice to moisturizing lotion and bubble bath come with the word mindful attached. If you are in the U.K. you can even order online meals from the  Mindful Chef . However, you have to agree to not talk with your mouth open. Actually not talk at all. Kidding.
“Meditation has become so much more mainstream, all the different forms,” said  Anne-Mareike Chu,  who is one of the 20 registered transcendental meditation, or TM, teachers who work out of the  Vancouver TM Centre . “We have lots of people who come to us who have tried different kinds of meditation or apps.”

If you’re the type of consumer that likes a good celebrity stamp-of-approval in these influencer-driven times then TM has you covered. Supermodel Kendall Jenner told Vogue it helped her with anxiety and to clear her mind. Fans of Ellen DeGeneres’s daytime TV show have likely heard her talk about her eight-year TM practice.

“It’s changed my life,” said DeGeneres during a show that aired a year ago.

She was talking about TM on this day because her personal TM teacher Bob Roth was on the show with his new book, The New York Times Bestseller Strength in Stillness — The Power of Transcendental Meditation.

The book is a quick and interesting guide to TM through Roth and other people’s (some famous, some not) experiences. It’s an engaging and unfailingly understandable guide to a meditation practice that was brought to North America 50-plus years ago by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Roth learned the practice from the Maharishi/guru to the Beatles and has been practising it for five decades. For the past four decades he has been instructing it to everyone from PTSD-suffering war veterans to Fortune 500 CEOS to anxious teens to Tom Hanks.

Aside from teaching, Roth runs the non-profit  David Lynch Foundation (DLF)  that he formed with the famed film director 15 years ago.

Read More Here