Volume 05  | June 27, 2017

The plan, approved by 76% of members in a town hall teleforum, was voted on and approved by Delegates during the June meeting. Beginning October 1, members will receive $10,000 of Life insurance, $10,000 of Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance and $1,500/month Long-term Disability insurance. 


There are no prequalifiers for preexisting conditions and no payment hikes based on age at enrollment. This benefit is for all members in good standing for an additional $5/month on your window dues. If you pay your dues in advance for the year, please contact your Local to pay the additional $5/month through the end of 2017. 


Watch your mail for additional information.



NCSRCC wants to know what being a union member means to you! Tell us why you are proud to be a Union member at info@ncsrcc.org. If we use your comment on social media, we'll send you a tshirt. Please include your name, Local, shirt size and a photo.

Third Year Apprentice Conference

Congratulations to the 56 students from NCSRCC who completed the 3rd Year Apprentice Conference at the ITC on Sunday, June 25.


This four-day program was created for apprentices in the third year of their training who are showing exceptional promise as carpenters and leaders. The goal of this program is to help them further understand their role as leaders and their ability to have a positive effect on productivity, safety and professionalism on every jobsite, as well as the UBC’s strong partnership with its contractors. Nominate an apprentice here.


Almost every member should already have their TVC from the UBC. You will no longer be receiving paper cards in the mail or in person unless you specifically ask for them. Instead, all of your information - member/dues status, training, certifications, etc. - is available on the TVCs.


You can use this card to determine when you need a refresher class, when you need to pay dues, etc. Employers can look at it to review training and Business Reps can use it to check member/dues status. This is the new work card and you are expected to carry it with you at all times.


If your card does not have a photo, please have one added as soon as possible by contacting your Local office.


The only way to obtain a new TVC is to request one through a Training Center.   

View the entire TVC Fact Sheet here .
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