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"This Parenting Is Complex: Tips, Tools And Strategies For Parenting Kids With ADHD"
Presented by Cindy Goldrich, Ed.M., ADHD-CCSP

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Living with ADHD is not easy. Not for parents, not for siblings, and most of all, not for the child with ADHD. We have learned so much in the past ten years to help ease the path for these children both in school and at home. This presentation covers the essential strategies parents must implement to help their children not just survive, but also thrive.

You will learn about the best supports for your child, the facts about ADHD beyond the diagnosis as well as the very basics about what Executive Function is and how it impacts learning, motivation, and behavior. Let's talk about how to best prepare them and yourselves for the journey ahead!
Cindy Goldrich, founder of PTS Coaching, LLC, is a leading authority on parenting and teaching children with ADHD, Executive Function, and Learning Disabilities. She coaches parents, provides professional development for school districts and trains professional to become ADHD/EF/LD Parent Coaches.

PTS Coaching provides support, tools, and strategies for parents, educators, therapists, and related professionals to reduce the social, emotional, and educational impact of ADHD/EF/LD challenges on children and family systems worldwide.

Author of 8 Keys to Parenting Children with ADHD, a concise, easy-to-read "crash course" for parents of children with ADHD based on her CalmConnected coaching model. Co-Author of ADHD, Executive Function & Behavioral Challenges in the Classroom, an invaluable resource for all class room teachers - full of real, practical, and powerful insights, tools and activities.

Cindy has established a reputation as a gifted and compassionate Coach and Trainer. She approaches ADHD as a neurobiological difference with challenges, rather than a disorder. PTS Coaching provides tools and support to address issues such as enabling vs. support behaviors, creating motivation, reducing defiance and non-compliance, improving time management, organization, and emotional regulation.

Her highly acclaimed CALM and CONNECTED parenting workshop series is offered in English, Spanish, and Chinese. It provides a comprehensive, sequential approach to reducing the conflict and chaos often present in families. With compassion and targeted insights, parents learn to help their children build resilience, flexibility, grit, and perseverance to help them reach their full potential.
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