Volume 001 |  July 03 2017 
【President's Message】

Dear Friends and Partners of United Chinese Americans (UCA),

Welcome to the UCA family and community! We are excited to share the good news first: The first issue of UCA Newsletter is now ready, born on the Nation's birthday!

A communications platform reaching out to our communities in all fifty states, this Newsletter will deliver most relevant news for you, inform you of important policy debate and change, and share with you what and how fellow Chinese Americans are doing in other states.

At UCA, our motto is serve, lead & inspire! We are confident that this Newsletter will surely serve, lead and inspire our community to come together to do good together!

Let's roll! And Happy Fourth!

Sincerely yours,

Haipei Shue,  President of UCA 

UCA in Action

Holiday Gift Drive for Sherry Chen : From 2016 Christmas to Lunar New Year in 2017,  Chinese Americans across the country, including many friends of  UCA successfully launched a fundraising campaign to help Sherry Chen out. The response is overwhelming: more than $100K was raised for her legal defense fund. Read more... 中文报道 

Stand with Sherry Chen: In March 2017, UCA joined Ohio Chinese American Association (OCAA) and Chinese community in Cincinnati to support Sherry Chen’s public hearing and protest her treatment in freezing cold. Read more... 中文报道

Our Heritage: UCA President Haipei Shue attended Golden Spike Festival in Salt Lake City for the 148th anniversary of the completion of transcontinental railroad. UCA is working on a Congressional resolution in commemoration of 150th anniversary of the completion of transcontinental railroad and other federal actions (picture courtesy of Corky Lee). Read more... 中文报道 

 UCA Lunar New Year Initiative: In early 2016, UCA launched a nationwide pilot program to celebrate and reform the Lunar New Year holiday, injecting a strong dose of charitable giving, public service, and ritual building into the observation of this traditional holiday . Read more... 中文报道

Asian American SolidarityUCA led Chinese communities across the country to condemn the hate-related killing of Indian Americans, called for full hate crime federal investigation, and showed our solidarity with Indian community with a broad-based support letter. Read more.. 中文报道

Asian American Parenting Conference: In April 2017, about 250 parents and healthcare specialists attended a one-day workshop hosted by UCA Illinois Chapter, which, among others, promotes mental health awareness in the Asian American communities. Read more...中文报道

UCA Youth Tutoring For Military Recruits
UCA Illinois has successfully piloted a program in Chicago that encourages Chinese American youth to tutor the underprivileged military recruits who have difficulties passing the test required by the military. UCA is working with partners to expand and scale up the program from coast to coast.

UCA Statement on UA Incident: UCA swiftly issued the statement on the United Airlines incident of violently removing a seated senior citizen from the airplane. UCA followed the statement up by contacting many congressional offices and federal agencies calling for further action.  Read more... 中文报道

Remember 1882!: On May 6th, 2017, the day "Chinese Exclusion Act" took effect in 1882, UCA arranged an exclusive online preview of Rick Burns' "Chinese Exclusion Act", an epic documentary of the infamous law as part of PBS American Experience series. Thousands of people watched it from coast to coast on this special "Chinese American Day of Remembrance". Read more... 中文报道

Chinese Americans Remember, UCA program to pay tribute to American heroes in WWll China Burma India Theater: Chinese and Chinese Americans will never forget those young Americans who sacrificed their lives to help China against Japanese aggression.  Read more...

On 6/22/2017, Xiaoxing Xi, a professor of Temple University, gave a stirring and powerful speech "I am not a spy" at Georgetown Law School's the Color of Surveillance Conference about government surveillance. He received a sustained standing ovation. Video courtesy of Georgetown University Law School
Know Your Rights
You are an immigrant, and an immigrant from Greater China region, which is likely to subject you to more scrutiny. You travel internationally. You work in a high-tech lab or company. You get on social media every day. Your immigration status is still in between. You love to help friends in China. And so you are likely to encounter law enforcement officials because of, arguably, ethnic profiling...

Today we are living in an increasingly "national security state" with more and more surveillance all around us. What can you do to protect yourself and your family? We have compiled a list of dos and don'ts to help you just do that.   Read more...
Featured Video  
2017 is the 35th anniversary of the murder of Vincent Chin by two white autoworkers. When the judge fined the killers a mere $3,000 and three years of probation, Asian Americans around the country galvanized to form a real movement. "Vincent Who?" features interviews with key players at the time and asks how far Asian Americans have come since then and how far we have yet to go. 
Video courtesy of Curtis Chin
【From Editor-in-Chief Feng Xue
Stay tuned for more news, stories, and events about our country and our communities. At UCA, we’d also like to hear directly from you – your American dreams, your struggles and your journey.  Please send your story, photos, ideas and your feedback to Info@ucausa.organd leave with us your contact information.Thank you. 

The UCA Newsletter editorial board very much appreciates the contribution to the first issue of UCA Newsletter by Feng Xue, Haipei Shue, Simon Li, Yinong Shen, Yan Edwards, Yi Zhou and XiaoXiao. 
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