February 2020 News & Events
CoNECD 2020 Updates
Speaking Up: How Bystanders can Change the Conversation in STEMM
WEPAN and NAMEPA are pleased to announce a workshop facilitated by Stephanie Goodwin, Ph.D., President, Incluxion Works, in collaboration with the University of New Hampshire’s PowerPlay Interactive Development improvisational theater team.

Sunday, April 19, 2020 from 2-5pm at CoNECD
Ticketed event: $75.00 advanced registration and $85.00 on site registration
Ever wondered “Why didn’t I say something?” after witnessing social bias—a stereotype, a prejudice or discrimination—that happened in your everyday life? You are not alone

JOIN US! WEPAN 30th Anniversary Keynote & Awards Celebration
Monday, April 20, 2020 at 5:30pm at CoNECD

Dr. France A. Córdova
Director, National Science Foundation

WEPAN's mission is to advance cultures of inclusion and diversity in engineering education and professions. WEPAN aims to achieve this mission by empowering people and organizations who are catalysts of change. As we begin WEPAN's 30th Anniversary, we believe Dr. Córdova's stellar leadership and vast experience can greatly inform the engineering and engineering education community as we strive for a more diverse technical workforce.
WEPAN Congratulates Greg Washington
Gregory Washington, D ean of the Henry Samueli School of Engineering at University of California, Irvine. and a member of the WEPAN Board of Directors has been a thought leader on inclusive excellence. WEPAN is excited for him as he takes on a new role as the 8th president of George Mason University on July 1, 2020.

President's Message

Lee Ann Cochran
WEPAN President and Interim Director

Last month Lee Ann & Lora Leigh attended ASAE Exceptional Boards training focused on Strengthening the Governance Team. The program allowed for time to explore s trategies to build the right team of leadership and enhance WEPAN's performance. They left better prepared on how to lead a highly functioning board, demonstrate visionary leadership, and ultimately lead WEPAN to new heights.  

Lora Leigh Chrystal & Lee Ann Cochran

While we have an exceptional leadership team, creating a culture of continuous improvement will add value to our members over time. T his training was the ideal opportunity to focus on the foundation WEPAN needs for our future. A few key takeaways they left with and are in the process of applying to WEPAN include:
  • Key knowledge on how to improve our bylaws, policies and procedures
  • How the tone in key leadership positions directly influences board performance
  • Building trust, a safe environment and transparency is critical to long term success 
  • Actions we can take to make board meetings more engaging and focus on generative discussion over tactics
  • Critical points to ensure we can onboard our new Executive Director and rotating board members
  • Create more standard documentation for our committees to report consistently and clearly 

ASAE fundamentals was part of the WEPAN culture for a long time and they look forward to bringing it back to ensure they utilize our staff and board to the best of their capability.  
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We empower people and organizations who are catalysts of change
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