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This month was filled with accomplishments, awards and celebrations. We have a lot of great things to show you, and more hard work ahead of us!
Tiger Bots Are On A Roll!
Tiger Bots have done it again! The team met for another event where they won 1st place in the FLL Grand Championship over 77 teams totaling about 300 students. The two day event took place at La Roche College. The judging session was held on Jan. 12 and the Robot Performance Session was on Jan. 13.

Three students, Fatima Gurakan (7th), Dannol (5th), and Hien (former student), participated in the competition for Tiger Bot, with coaches Mr. Pek (Technology), Mr. Gurkan (middle school science), and Mr. Baltali (I.T. Support Technician) and student parents cheering their Tigers on.

A diverse panel of judges had orchestrated the events coming from different areas such as academicians, engineers, FLL directors, teachers and university students.

On Friday, Jan. 12, the students were judged in three categories Core Values, the Project, and the Robot. Core Values included inspiration, teamwork, and gracious professionalism.
The Project was judged based on research, innovation solutions, and presenting the project to the judges. Lastly, the robot's design was judged on the mechanical design, programming, and strategy and innovation. The team ranked in the top ten for the Friday judging.

Come Saturday, it was time to put the robot to the test. The robot performance event consisted of 4 rounds and who ever completed the events with the highest score won, which ended up being none other than our very own Tiger Bots!
Tim Hartman
In the season of Young Scholars' Career Day, a special visitor came to the school to tell stories, entertain, and inspire the students about being anything they want to be when they grow up.

First, Kindergarten through 3rd grade attended the assembly where Tim Hartman, a Pittsburgh local actor, told a story about a young boy, Harvey Merritt who needed to find an act for the talent show. The boy didn't know what his talents were, so he called on the wisdom of his uncle, who guided him and taught him some tricks he learned when he was a traveling performer. The story taught confidence and self-esteem, all the while inspiring the young students to find what they are good at and what they like to do, and work hard at it to be what ever they wanted to be when they grow up.

Next, grades 4 through 8 came in to see Hartman's presentation, but it didn't carry the same theatrics as the former. Hartman spoke to the students about goal setting, and how to achieve goals, we need to accept help from others. Hartman told stories about his past performances, and some of the blunders that came with some of the not-so-good nights. One of Hartman's stories talked about how his work with the musical A Christmas Carol , which the middle school students saw him perform in December. The story focused on how he trusted the stagehands to do their job, and he would do his, but when the crew overlooked how pumping fog from a dry ice machine into a confined box would soon hospitalize Hartman, the night went array.

The take away from Hartman's assemblies can be applicable to all age groups, but especially our students as they are diligently working towards finding their place in this world.
Career Day
To inspire our scholars to shoot for the stars and they can be what ever they want to be, several parents came in to share what they do for a living. This year, more parents were able to make it so each grade could have 3 to 4 different professions to learn about. Just some of the professions that visited that day were salespeople, chefs, police officers, paramedics, chefs, hair dressers, and more.

The students were able to learn about some of the different professions and the specific kind of training needed to reach the professional level of success, such as attending college or trade schools.

Mrs. Boss, the guidance counselor and coordinator of Career Day, plans to do a similar event next year with parents. There will also be a middle school career fair in the middle of May where students will present careers they have researched and have an opportunity to speak with community professionals.
Scholastic Book Fair
The Scholastic Book Fair has rolled in for it's seventh year and second time this school year so far. The book fair opened up Monday, Jan. 29, and the students have had time during their reading periods to make stops down.

The book fair theme is pets this season, and students have been crafting rope toys for pets in local animal shelters. Students also have the choice to donate animal toys and accessories for scholastic dollars to be spent at the Scholastic Book Fair.

During Family Bingo Night, Feb. 1, parents will have the opportunity to peruse the shelves with the students to see which books would be a good fit.

The books vary in price from $2.00 to $25.00. Proceeds go to Scholastic, but a percentage comes back to the school to spend on books for Young Scholars.

Young Scholars is also participating in a program through Scholastic called All of Books where money can be donated to assist other schools in affording books for their own schools that may lack the resources to have equipped libraries.
Representative Dan Miller stops by
When Representative Dan Miller stopped by Friday, Jan. 26, he made his rounds to several classes seeing what our students were working on, and sharing stories.

When he stopped by third grade, they had many questions prepared for him. Miller got a chance to inform third grade about the highs and lows of his job, the main one being away from his family. He also got to share stories of heroism in his service as a volunteer fireman.

To assist in third grades social studies, he read them the book "Me on the Map", a geography book explaining the differences in sizes of territories, ie. town, city, neighborhood, etc.

Overall, the students seemed to be happy to have the extra interest in their work, and show off what they were working on in class.
Say "Hello" to the new face at the door!
If you haven't met her already, Ms. Heather Bouch has taken on the role as Young Scholars' new secretary.
Tiger Saturdays on the way!
ELA Tiger Saturday
This Saturday, February 3rd, Young Scholars will be hosting another Tiger Saturday, this time focusing on solving mysteries. Students will use iPads to search for clues using QR codes in order to solve a mysterious theft that occurred at the school.

Students will be building on their critical thinking and reasoning skills to draw conclusions. Ms. Thomas, the coordinator of this Tiger Saturday, hopes this experience will encourage students to explore mystery novels all the while having fun.

Ozobot Tiger Saturday
To catch a preview of the following Tiger Saturday on Feb. 24, check out the video Mrs. Louden set up.
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What's Coming Next Month?
Feb. 1 - Family Reading Night
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