...To know Christ and to make Him known
Ezekiel 34:11-16 & 20-24
Where all are queens and kings

The Church designates the final Sunday of the Church year as the Feast of Christ the King, a day in which the united rule of Christ over all of the universe is celebrated. In many communities, it is a high feast, with altar guilds preparing white vestments, flower guilds celebrating God’s glory in elaborate displays, and hymns filled with alleluias. What a way to end the year, to celebrate stewardship, and to prepare for Advent! 
But before we get too carried away with the grandeur of it all, today’s Gospel tells a different story about kingship and leadership: It tells of service. Typical of Jesus, he begins with what we expect — in this case power and triumph – and turns it upside down and in doing so, reminds us that it is through our ministry that we increase the role of the Church in our community. True power doesn’t come through force or wealth or conquest, it is derived from generosity, charity, and love. We change the hearts and minds of our neighbors by loving them and serving them.
Throughout this annual giving season we have heard about the mission of our own church and what Grace has meant to them. You have learned about the ways that your gifts impact the life of your church and your neighbors. We have met the challenges of a global pandemic by adapting our worship. We have responded to the needs of your community by our drive thru Halloween to serve your neighbors. What is certain is that you now have the opportunity to express your love and your hope for the world through your annual gift to Grace Church.
We seek and serve Christ in all people by serving our neighbors. This is the great commandment of Jesus to his followers and it is one of the promises we make at our Baptism. When we are asked by those we meet on the street or those to whom we minister in our communities if we will offer them drink when they thirst, or visit them when they are lonely, or give them food when they hunger, our answer will be yes! Through our generosity and our faith, we are called to that same royal line as Jesus, leaders in our communities. Now that is a feast worth celebrating!

Give Lavishly, Live Abundantly !

The more we give, the more we get.
The more we laugh, the less we fret.
The more you do unselfishly,
The more you'll live abundantly.
The more of everything you share,
The more you'll always have to spare.
   The more you love,
   The more you'll find,
   That life is good,
   And friends are kind.
For only what we give away,
Enriches us from day to day.

  By: Helen Steiner Rice.

Fr. Munoz
If you have any needs, please do not hesitate to call at 

*~*~*~Sunday Services~*~*~*

On Sunday Nov. 22nd we will be worshiping outdoors until further notice or
our Live YouTube if rain is forecast.
10:00 a.m.
Masks are required, but if you forget, we have some of those as well.

We have a YouTube Channel that will be streaming live this Sunday as well

If you are unable to join us on Sunday, please click here to visit our YouTube Live page:

Printed bulletins will be provided or bring your own printed from the link below
Can be printed if you are able
It's time to share our blessings with those less fortunate. Grace will be adopting 2 families this Christmas. Sign up to participate via Sign UP Genius. Wish lists will be emailed when you sign up. Any questions please contact Janet Marseilles  For more information click here

To ensure all gifts are processed and distributed correctly, please adhere to the following guidelines 
Gift Giving
What to Give and How Much to Spend
  • All gifts and clothing MUST be brand NEW and UNWRAPPED!
  •  Attach a gift tag with the recipient's name and id# 
  • Wish lists are just that—wish lists. They are merely guidelines. If items on the list are too difficult to provide, do what you can within your ability and means.
Gift Cards
  • If your adoptee’s wish list includes gift cards but doesn’t specify a specific store, retailers that provide a wide variety of products (such as Walmart or Target) are a good choice.
Gift Receipts
  • Some adopters worry about getting adoptees the right size, color, or gift item. If that is a concern for you, feel free to tape a gift receipt (not a payment receipt) to the gift. The adoptee can then return it to the store and get the correct size, color, etc. or store credit (NO cash is given in return.). Your payment information should not be included on a gift receipt.

Last date to deliver gifts to Grace
Friday, December 4th  
Adult Formation Series: The History of the Church

Beginning Sunday's September 6th 11:30 AM - 1:00PM 
continuing for the next 12 weeks 

Meeting ID: 761 7097 2272
Password: 393937

Dial in number to listen to the meeting 1-669-900-6833 you will need to put the meeting ID and Password in when prompted.

If you miss any of these classes you can catch up on our YouTube channel
*~Wednesday Bible Study 10 am to 11 am~*

Grace is now doing Bible Study on line via Zoom Meetings,
To listen in on your phone:
Dial in number to listen to the meeting 1-669-900-6833 you will need to put the meeting ID and Password in when prompted.  
Meeting ID: 252 355 509
Passcode: 025409

Fr. Munoz is guiding the discussion. Please feel free to join, even if you have not participated in the past. We are currently reading Matthew 26 & 27. If you have any questions, or difficulty getting on through the Zoom link, call Susan Newlin, 978-771-6839, or email her at 
Are You Interested in Preserving the History of Grace?

We are starting an Archival Committee that will be responsible for cataloging and preserving our church's history. If you are interest, please contact 
Stories of how we found Grace
People are responding! Don't be left out!

We are inviting parishioners, past and present, to share their stories of how they came to Grace (pun intended).  
Did a friend invite you? Were you driving by and felt the Holy Spirit calling you to come and see the lovely historic church
 with the red doors?
We invite you to write a short story of your experience and email it to Judy 
During the fall stewardship campaign, the stories will be shared in the weekly Grace Notes. Afterwards, they will be combined into a printed collection for our historical archives!

(Stories may be edited for length in the Grace Notes and for spelling and punctuation.)

During this time your offerings can be made either by mail or through Paypal on the website at: www.gracesanmarcos.org
Grace Episcopal Church
1020 Rose Ranch Rd.
San Marcos, CA 92069

 *~* Grace is now able to receive your tithes and offerings through the Zelle app from your bank. Direct your transfer using the following email - gracesmsecretary@gmail.com There are no fees and your offering is sent directly to Grace. If you have any questions please contact Judy in the office. Thank you for your continued support of Grace and it's ministry.*~*

  Thank you for your faithful support!
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