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The coronavirus has created an unexpected period of staying at home, but there is no reason we cannot leave this experience with closer bonds to the people we love. This months newsletter features information, resources, tips & events to help you as you navigate the next couple of months.
According to an article in , only 18% of the couples who are co-quarantined have reported relationship satisfaction. Here are 8 tips for enhancing your relationships during quarantine: 
  1. Schedule fun virtual activities with friends and family
  2. Plan activities together (create a entertainment calendar)
  3. Keep self-care as a priority
  4. Remember to eat healthy and exercise
  5. Develop a plan to address conflict like holding family meetings
  6. Practice having healthy communication (self-help books or a counselor may help)
  7. Seek to understand each other (identify your partner/kids love language and use it)
  8. Have fun together!
Maintaining Healthy Relationships While Quarantined
The unexpected stay at home order associated with COVID-19 has forced America to become virtual employees/employers, led to the loss of 26 million jobs nationwide, and forced children to begin online learning. 

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Join us for a weekly connection with our team. We will provide resources, tips and answer questions to increase your resiliency during the month of May.
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