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April - 2018
Hello Friends and Colleagues!
I hope you are all finding ways to get rest and power yourselves up to get through this last leg of the school year! We give so much of ourselves throughout the year but often do not take time to take care of ourselves. I personally have learned I need at least three things to keep my mindset healthy: exercise, family and prayer. What do you need? 
I hope you have enjoyed seeing the Facebook posts of our National award winners in Seattle! It is so important that you nominate your colleagues for their amazing work! Recognition is often not what we set out to find, but it is always a good feeling to be acknowledged for your hard work. It is also a chance to advocate for the arts. Visual arts are so much more than a product. This is often communicated through these nominations. In addition, every time you present or facilitate a workshop you should be sharing this with your community. You can engage your community in conversation through these works. 
On that note, how do you communicate most? Where do you prefer to get your information? Please take this 2 question survey so your NCAEA board can be sure to communicate with you effectively. Thank you so much and enjoy your break! 


Rebecca M. Dow

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Past President
Hi Friends!

I am so excited after attending the National Convention in Seattle! It was such a pleasure to share what North Carolina Art Educators are doing. We continue to gather ideas and plan for you for our Conference this fall in Asheville, NC!


NCAEA PDC Workshop Proposal: https://goo.gl/forms/rUajXmLlyAtMKJc23
NCAEA PDC Presentation Proposal: https://goo.gl/forms/pJp5DIGqA9PCYWcv2

NCAEA Awards Nomination: https://goo.gl/forms/1TRhSJQE5cOYBGRT2

Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or comments about conference. I am here to serve.

Enjoy the beautiful Spring weather!
In Your Service,

Penny Freeland
NCAEA Past President &
Conference Chair
Call for Submissions for our Conference LOGO!

We are looking for our next phenomenal Conference Logo Design. We need your submission by Friday, April 27, 2018.
Logo Requirements:
  • Must include in bold lettering the theme: "Art is the Answer!"
  • Must include the conference info.:
  • North Carolina Art Education Association
  • Professional Development Conference
  • Asheville, North Carolina
  • November 1 - 4, 2018
  • Must be submitted in a jpeg format.

Region 6
Region 6 Professional Development
 In August 2018, Region 6 will be hosting a Professional Development opportunity for anyone interested in vertical alignment of all grades. STOP, I know what you're thinking... Vertical Alignment... boring! "I just want to make art." We promise that you will walk away, with knowledge in your head AND creativity in your hands. 
Come to have in depth discussions, collaborate with like minded educators, and create art! We will have teachers from all divisions Elementary, Middle, and High to lead our academic conversations. We know there are standards to follow but... Have you ever thought to yourself... what are the main ideas and/or techniques my students actually need to know before entering (insert division here)? The goal in the AM is for elementary educators to hear how they can better prepare their future middle school artists, as well as how middle school educators can prepare their future high school artists and thus, bettering preparing our high school artists for their creative careers. We will look at a few lessons, and how they develop and change through out grade levels. Then after lunch, plan to CREATE ART!
 Please keep an eye out for more information, coming soon. If you are interested in being a leader for this PD, please contact the Region 6 Coordinator, Alicia Waters. 
Region 8
Region 8 NCAEA Spring PD Workshop 
Saturday, May 19 th
Western North Carolina University 
9:00 – 4:00
Adobe Illustrator and Mosaics  
Cost: Free!
(Must be a current NCAEA member to attend)
25 spots available
Lunch provided
CEU Credit 
    NCAEA Conference is in ASHEVILLE, NC 2018!!
November 1-4...another great reason to update your membership now!!(see link above)

8:45 - 9:00 Sign in and Greetings (coffee provided and a lite morning snack)
9:00 - 12:00 Adobe Illustrator Workshop
 - If you have a digital drawing tablet and a stylus - bring it along.
12:00 - 12:30 lunch provided
 - Pizza, salad and drinks (it's delicious!!)
12:30 - 1:00 Gallery tour: Qualla Arts and Crafts at the library (which is a CatTran ride away or a 3/4 mile walk. 
1:00 - 4:00 Mosaic workshop  
 - If you have any mosaic materials that you would like to bring and add to your creation or a larger piece of hardy board…by all means.
Adobe Illustrator Workshop  - MaryAnna LaFratta
The project,  Syntax of Composition ,( see attached image for project examples ) is based on recognizing examples of art and design principles such as: rhythm, repetition, asymmetrical balance, emphasis, economy, as found in natural and manmade environments (pre-existing not arranged), photographing them, and then representing the image elements in the photographs and the concept related to the art/design principle within a series of visual signs.
·         Teachers would take a few digital photographs of examples of design/art principles prior to the workshop.
·         During the workshop 1 or 2 of the best photo examples will be used to further develop.
·         ADOBE Illustrator will be used to abstract the elements within the original photo and the concept into three visual signs:
o     Image-related sign 
o     Concept-related sign
o     Typographic sign.
·   All of the visual signs, including the photo, will be imported into ADOBE InDesign and then printed in color.

Mosaic Workshop  – Erin Tapley *
Mosaic workshop- a brief history of the artform provided 
Use our copious and donated: smalti tiles, crockery or glass tiles to create a mosaic composition
Small (circular or square) platforms that are ok for indoor mosaics will be provided (about 300 sq inches) or participants can bring their own hardyback board if they desire larger scale or outdoor placement. 
Grout is available but time may merit grouting at home. 
*Erin Tapley is the program director of Art Education at WCU and currently the director of the School of Art and Design. She is new to mosaics but has taught it 4 times to different age groups this past year. 
Middle Division
In this interdisciplinary lesson, 7th grade students at Rockingham Middle discussed the contemporary artist duo, Kai & Sunny, and how their work compares to the Op Art movement. Our students learned about radial symmetry by drawing supplementary angle pairs with a protractor, used a ruler to carefully measure lines and practiced shading techniques in colored pencil to create depth. We were very excited about our ability to use our mathematical knowledge and artistic abilities to take on this challenge and are proud of the results! The attachment includes the lesson plan, planning pages and reflection activities for the unit - feel free to contact me at any time with questions!
Click Image for lesson. -
Ashley Lupfer - Middle Division Chair
North Carolina Art Education Association (NCAEA) - middledivision@ncaea.org
Art Educator - Rockingham Middle School - ashleylupfer@richmond.k12.nc.us
Retired Division
Sara Sagar, Retired (Emeritus) Division Chair
Greetings to All from one having newly entered the world “beyond”! (Beyond the doors of the art classroom, loose in the world, left to more flexible scheduling…) I’ve learned the title Emeritus comes originally from the Latin “veteran soldier” and is an honorary title. This begs the question, now where (and how) best to serve, oneself and one’s passions. I hear a whisper, “FUN WITH ART”! I see the word advocacy written across the horizon. As I stand up, my brand new knee and not so new back remind me that those on active duty need support. Hmmmm: Fun with learning, advocacy for creativity, support for professionals – WOW!!, in my mind’s eye I see the letters NCAEA! Sorting through files of art teaching materials, I find resources and lesson plans I’ve drawn from over the years compliments of NCAEA Professional Development Weekends and peers I’ve met through the organization. With just a little tweaking, most of those materials could be brought into a classroom tomorrow and used as the backbone for pertinent student learning. Kudos and thanks NCAEA, I hope every art educator takes full advantage of the many benefits offered! Any suggestions or testimonials relating to ART: FUN, ADVOCACY, SUPPORT email them to me; sls51elkin@gmail.com and I’ll share with all members via By Design.  I know our other emeritus members could (and perhaps, have) written articles and books on the topics. Happy art-ing!
Here is the info for our 2018 NCAEA Award recipient from the WNC Regional Scholastic Art Awards, sponsored by the Asheville Art Museum and the Asheville Area Section of the American Institute of Architects (Asheville AIA).
Many Thanks,
  Erin Shope
School & Family Programs Manager
Asheville Art Museum
On the Slope
175 Biltmore Ave. Asheville, NC 28801
Phone: 828-253-3227 ext. 121
Fax: 828-210-9826
  Click Image for larger view. -

2018 NCAEA Award, WNC Region
Tori Kim -
“Me?” , Drawing -
The Asheville School, 11 th  grade
Art Teacher: Casey Arbor -
  Click Image for larger view. -
SAVE THE DATE for our 2018 Annual Benefit Gala on Saturday, June 9 th  2018 at the Renaissance Asheville Hotel
Please Note: Come see us at our pop-up location at  175 Biltmore Avenue . The Museum is undergoing an exciting transformation with major construction beginning to create the New Asheville Art Museum, scheduled to open in 2019. As we enter this time of transition, we will continue an active schedule of programming for all ages off-site with community partners across WNC. Please visit  www.ashevilleart.org  for more 
The NCAEA Bobbi Bowman Scholarship Fund offers two $500 scholarships to members of the NCAEA annually. The scholarship must be used for professional development by the member and applications must be approved by the NCAEA Scholarship Committee. Application deadlines are March 5 th and October 5 th . If you have questions, contact Sara Sagar, Scholarship Committee Chair at sls51elkin@gmail.com.
History of the Bobbi Bowman Memorial Scholarship Fund
Bobbi Bowman was the NCAEA Newsletter Editor in 1996. Her unexpected death shocked the members of NCAEA. Bobbi, Mrs. Barbara Forrest Bowman, age 62 died early Christmas morning at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. She moved to Wilmington in 1979 from PA and was an art teacher at Williston Middle School in Wilmington. 
The board requested and approved that the scholarship award be named NCAEA Bobbi Bowman Memorial Scholarship.
Art & Math Integration Research

Dear all,
Hope all is well with you. This is Borim Song at East Carolina University, and thank you again for all your kind help with research on art and math we conducted a few years ago. I thought you might be interested in our recent article about the topic.
An article I co-authored on art and math integration for NAEA Advisory has been just published. It is titled “Theorems in Visual Art: Art and Math Teacher Collaboration toward Creative Leadership,” and can be downloaded using the following link:
At the bottom of the above web page, you find the “Helpful Downloads” box and you can download the article when you click the gray-colored box.
Hope you enjoy this resource and let’s keep in touch!!! Please share your successful art and math lessons and student artworks with me!!!
I will keep you updated if we publish more articles on this in the future.
 Best regards,
Borim Song, Ed.D. - Associate Professor of Art Education
School of Art and Design - East Carolina University
Office 1314 - 2000 Jenkins Fine Arts Center Mail Stop 502
Greenville, NC 27858-4353
Phone:  252-328- 1319 - E-mail:  songb@ecu.edu