With summer coming to a close, that means back to school! This summer, our ReadingPals team was hard at work getting the 2019-2020 program ready.

 The ReadingPals program officially starts September 9th!  ReadingPals has some new plans for the next school year that they're excited to share!

Since the program ended for the year in May, the ReadingPals team has brainstormed and recruited for the 2019-2020 ReadingPals volunteers. They have more than half of their volunteers returning to help students with reading, have set a goal to gain 50 new ReadingPals volunteers by the end of August!

This year, our ReadingPals program is delving deep into social-emotional learning (SEL). In addition to the activities and books offered last year, this year's students will have an entire section of new books to choose from that teach valuable developmental lessons. And our updated ReadingPals manual, the packet that students use to track new books they read and words they've learned, will now include moods-log pages. This mood journal will help the student identify and reflect on their mood with their ReadingPal. Our ReadingPals team will also include training to our ReadingPals volunteers on how to foster SEL with their student.

That's just some of the new, exciting and innovative things we're launching for this upcoming ReadingPals year. If you are interested in becoming one of the 50 new ReadingPals dedicated to making a difference in a child's life, click the button below:
Be a ReadingPals Volunteer
Want to make a difference in a child's life? Become a ReadingPals volunteer! By volunteering for one hour a week during the school year, you can help build a child's confidence in reading!
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