February 2019
Letter from the President, Chapter News, "Heard it on the Net" Highlights, and Events
Join the Team - Nominations are Open for the 2019-2020 Board Year
LAAHU members are a closely knit group, working together to make sure the role of the agent remains in place and that our clients receive the service and care they deserve. Your Board is comprised of volunteers, all whom have busy lives and careers, but have chosen to give back to the industry and Association that we have earned our living from. Being on the Board is a temporary position, and each year we have people coming on for the first time - as well as leaving the board. With the nominations process beginning soon, we need you to consider sharing in this leadership. We need your ideas, insight, opinions, and passion. You'll gain insight and knowledge, friends for life, and have a lot of fun along the way. Please reach out to a Board Member or email info@laahu.org today! ps - what's with the SuperHero theme? April 17th 2019 is our Annual Symposium. "Holy Underwriters Batman - it's a Conference!"
Heard It On The Net...
Thanks to Bill Robinson, of DCAHU, for his timely "Heard it on the Net" publication.
#MedicareForAll? It's all over the place...
The discussion gains traction - click on the links to catch up
And now to the world of California!
New Governor. New Insurance Commissioner
And so much more
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