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Table of Contents

Article 1 "The Ryhthms of Rest" by Pastor Clancy Nixon
Article 2 " The Dalit Missions Project" b y Pastor Dean Schultz
Article 3 " Fake News is Not New" by Pastor John Nuzum
Article 4 THIS WEEKEND'S Leesburg Events: Flower Show, National Day of Prayer,
Bible Reading Marathon by Patricia Phillips
Article 5 Testimony: "A Helpline to God" by Aruna Kudumula
Article 6 Testimony: "What is Beyond This Life?" by Ashok Ganesan
Article 7 Missions Minute by Amy Farley
Article 8 Women's Ministry Report by Amy Farley
Article 9 Healing Ministry Report by Monica Whitmer
Article 10 Children's Ministry Report by Terry Johnson
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The Rhythms of Rest
by Pastor Clancy Nixon

I think that the command to take Sabbath Rest is likely the most disobeyed command of the Ten Commandments for many of us over-achieving Christians in Northern Virginia. Maybe I think that because I have often disobeyed it myself!  I do have a designated day off, Friday – but as I’m typing this on a Friday, my authority in this matter is diminished!  Even so, I pray that God will use my admitted weakness in this area to help move all of us to regularly enjoy the blessings of rest. Sabbath rest is really a gift from God to us.

We are tripartite beings – body, soul and spirit. Medical science tells us that our bodies and brains need a full night’s sleep and days off to function at our peak. Our souls need rest, too, to focus on different kinds of things than what we typically do in our work or school, to keep us healthy. Likewise, our Spirits need to reconnect with God regularly, to grow closer to Him, and rest secure in His love.     

The Sabbath commandment calls us to weekly rest. Sunday is the day Christians worldwide gather for both worship and rest. We set aside time to worship God, and we trust that our world will not fall apart if we refrain from working, checking email or even doing chores.  Worship is a way to “waste time with God” – to thank him, to be reminded of who we are and whose we are, and to be fed for the journey ahead.
We also need daily rest – regular times each day when we pray, read the Bible, and stop and smell the flowers. I also exercise daily, for while that is not a form of rest, it is a form of self-care.  For me, morning is when I usually do those things, since I work many evenings. Do you have a daily rhythm of rest and self-care?  A weekly rhythm? An annual rhythm?     
We also need periodic times of longer, deeper rest. I am going away for vacation very soon to Fairhope, Alabama – a time for Ginger and me to get away, relax, sleep in, exercise and do self-care.  I have a thick history book I’m planning to read while I sit in the shade and occasionally watch the wind play on the water of Mobile Bay. Vacations are another way to do Sabbath Rest, especially when stress has built up over many months of hard work. Like most people, some of my most heartwarming memories are from (family) vacations.

I pray that you enjoy the blessings of rest that God gives you this day, week, and season.+  
By Pastor Dean Schultz
Since first coming to Washington D.C. in 1980 to serve as missionaries with CRU, Glorianne and I have had the privilege of ministering to many families from India who immigrated to our “nation of nations” to begin a new life. In 1984 I led a missionary team to India, where we encountered a nation seeking hope, that had been blinded by the spiritual darkness of Hinduism. I’ll never forget walking out of the airport onto the street where I was greeted by a convergence of humanity, bicycles, carts, cows, trucks, cars and busses spewing exhaust fumes amidst the hot arid air that nearly took my breath away. As we preached the Gospel through interpreters in open air meetings and showed the Jesus Film, we saw the Holy Spirit open spiritually blind eyes that once worshiped the countless Hindu idols that can be seen in temples and roadside shrines throughout the nation. While in India, my eyes were opened to the need for indigenous missionaries to bring the Good News to this perishing nation where over a billion people follow Hinduism and only 3% of the population profess to be Christians. India also ranks 11th among nations where Christians receive the most persecution.

This past February, I had the privilege of returning to India at the invitation of leaders with the Good Shepherd Anglican Church (, a ministry partner with the ACNA which oversees over 4000 churches served by 1200 pastors. They also oversee 100 schools attended by 26,000 students, healthcare clinics, anti-sex trafficking ministries and social justice endeavors. The GSC has a missional focus that especially captured my heart that includes bringing the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ to the Dalits (a.k.a. the Untouchables), the most persecuted and impoverished people group in India which comprise nearly 250 million of India’s 1.35 billion population. The term “Dalit” has its
Pastor Dean Visiting Good Shepherd parish church and Dalit schools in the slums of Hyderabad
root in Sanskrit, the ancient Indo-European language of India in which the Hindu scriptures are written, which means “broken, cracked, trodden down, scattered, crushed or destroyed.” The major Hindu castes of India believe that the Dalits are animals – “out castes” who live outside the caste system. Because of this apartheid-like attitude, the persecuted Dalits serve as manual scavengers who clean city sewers, remove human waste from homes in baskets, pick up the rotting dead carcasses of animals from roadways and other degrading tasks.
The Dalits are regular victims of caste motivated murders, rapes, beatings, and have become the world’s largest supplier of sex slaves. They are discriminated against in health care, housing, property ownership, freedom of religion, free choice of employment and equal treatment before the law. They are forbidden to enter a temple or public park, and cannot draw water from a public water source unless given permission. They must sit separately from other castes at all public gatherings. Their children are required to sit in the back of the class in government schools (which they typically leave by age 11). As a result, the majority of Dalits are illiterate. Upon hearing the Good News, the Dalits identify with our Lord Jesus Christ, who was “despised and rejected by men, acquainted with grief and sorrows” (Is 53:3) and “suffered outside the city gate” (Heb 13:13).

The pastor standing next to me who walks with a large stick to keep
his balance, was attacked by militant Hindus group who cut off his left
buttocks and thigh with an axe. After two year of therapy he was able to attend a Pastor’s Conference at Good Shepherd’s headquarters.
Thankfully, our great God who has created the Dalits in His image is confounding those who believe they are worthless animals, as tens of thousands of Dalits are finding new life in Jesus Christ through ministries like the Good Shepherd Anglican Church of India. We have the privilege of co-laboring with them here at CHS! Please pray for God’s continued direction for knowing how we can serve this wonderful ministry in the days to come.
By Pastor John Nuzum
Today lots of things we read, especially on social-media-feeds, may appear to be true but often are not. We often hear charges that some stories are really "fake news." 

One must ask the question, what is fake news? Fake news is news, stories or hoaxes created to deliberately misinform or deceive readers or listeners.   Many times, these stories are created to either influence people’s views, push a political agenda, or cause confusion. Fake news stories can deceive people because they think the source can be trusted. According to Martina Chapman, a UK media literacy expert, there are three elements to fake news: mistrust, misinformation and manipulation.

Fake news is not new; however, it has become a hot topic since 2017. In the pre-internet and cable news era, we received news from trusted sources, journalists, and media outlets that were required to follow strict codes of practice.

However, today things have changed, enabling a whole new way to receive the news, where editorial standards are lacking. It is often very difficult for the reader or listener to tell whether a story is credible or not.

Two thousand years ago in Jerusalem, a fake news story was circulated that still has life today. The religious leaders of the day, as well as government officials, contrived a story they would tell the people. The Scriptures tell us in Matthew 28 that “Their story spread widely among the people and they still tell it today.”

Let’s look at a contrived story intended to cover up the resurrection of Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:1-4, 11-15 (NLT). Before you read this fake news story my question to you is this: would you have accepted this story as true since it originated from religious, governmental, and military leaders of the day, and as you hear your family, neighbors and friends talk about it? 

Read the text as though you were living in Jerusalem 2000 years ago. People were talking about it as it spread widely in and around the city and countryside.

This was the top story of its day!

1 Early on Sunday morning, as the new day was dawning, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went out to visit the tomb.
2   S uddenly there was a great earthquake! For an angel of the Lord came down from heaven, rolled aside the stone, and sat on it.  His face shone like lightning, and his clothing was as white as snow.  The guards shook with fear when they saw him, and they fell into a dead faint.
11  As the women were on their way, some of the guards went into the city and told the leading priests what had happened.  12  A meeting with the elders was called, and they decided to give the soldiers a large bribe. 
13  They told the soldiers, “You must say, ‘Jesus’ disciples came during the night while we were sleeping, and they stole his body.’  14  If the governor hears about it, we’ll stand up for you so you won’t get in trouble.”  15  So the guards accepted the bribe and said what they were told to say. Their story spread widely among the Jews, and they still tell it today.

Keep in mind, the stone was rolled away not to let the risen Christ get out, but to let the people get in to see that the tomb was empty. In the Roman Army, if a soldier fell asleep while on duty, it was considered dereliction of duty, and punishable by death. Following a court-martial sentence for desertion or dereliction of duty, the soldier would be killed.

Today there is still a great stir around the world, and even here in our own country, over the resurrection of Jesus. Just as in Jerusalem 2000 years ago, there are only two choices: believe the Scriptures as truth that Jesus rose from the dead; or by denying it, ignoring it, or trying to explain it away as a fake news story, like we read about in Matthew 28. As for me and my house, I say, "Christ has risen! The Lord has risen indeed!" 
BEE at the Leesburg Flower and Garden Show
by Patricia Phillips
For the first time, Church of Holy Spirit has dedicated space at the Leesburg Garden show: this Saturday and Sunday, April 27 & 28. CHS member and beekeeper Chris Phillips will provide a bee display and observation hive to share with visitors about the creative genius of the Bee and the Bee hive. We need some worker bees at the Garden Show to help promote our exhibit and direct the possible 40,000 visitors to stop by our Bee display. That is the equivalent of 4 hives, in bee economy!
The garden show is 10 AM – 6 PM on Saturday and 10 AM - 5 PM on Sunday. Two teams of two will stroll through the garden show giving away seed packets stamped with information about Church of the Holy Spirit. Another team of two will stand by the 10 x 10 booth with bright yellow tent to help Beekeeper Chris engage visitors. Let Terry Johnson know when you can come or use the signup sheet on the church office doorway on Sunday morning.

Tips for parking and resources will be sent out prior to the event to those who sign up.  A $3 donated is requested, but waived for volunteers working the show.
Bible Reading Marathon Leads up to National Day of Prayer
by Patricia Phillips
Be a part of the Bible Reading Marathon this year, which overlaps with the annual Flower and Garden Show. The continuous reading from Genesis to Revelation begins Saturday, April 27 at noon and proceeds until midnight resuming at 6 am daily until the National Day of Prayer at noon on Thursday, May 2. Use the web-based sign up to help out. If you work the Flower and Garden show on Sunday, sign up to read at the Bible Reading Marathon as long as you are there. Admire the cross covered in flowers, in keeping with the Flower Show theme.

Join elected officials and community leaders at the National Day of Prayer at the Board of Supervisors room and the County Government Center at 1 Harrison Street, Leesburg, at noon on Thursday, May 2, 2019. IT concludes at 1:00 sharp. Parking is limited, so allow time to walk. Help preserve religious freedom to be practiced in the public square by attending this annual event.
Miraculous Testimonies from Aruna and Ashok
A Helpline to God
by Aruna Kudumula
I was born and brought up in a Christian family, where we had family prayer everyday, church every Sunday, and Vacation Bible School (VBS) every summer. Like many good Christian parents, our parents taught us good discipline, good moral values and focused on teaching us about knowing God. Just to make them happy, I used to read the Bible everyday and pray before bed and in the morning as rituals. However, deep inside I believed God didn't exist and even if He existed, I didn't really need Him. Until I was 23 years old, Jesus was FAR from my heart . I often saw my mama on her knees praying and reading the Bible. She used to share a lot of testimonies about God at work in her life. Whenever she shared her testimony, I always thought it may be her psychological feelings, a coincidence, or that it happened accidentally. I never believed God was real.

My mama became extremely sick in 2002 and was completely bedridden. We went to the best hospitals for medical care, but doctors gave up hope. One night she was completely unconscious, foaming from her mouth and we could only see her white eye balls. My dad and I were in that room watching her. I was slapping on her cheeks crying and screaming to the top of my voice asking her to look at me, but she was totally unconscious. That moment, I just felt every thing was over. The room was filled with sorrow and heaviness. In that sorrow, I looked at the calendar in the room. My eyes focused on the 24 hour, prayer, helpline number on the calendar. I immediately ran, grabbed the phone and dialed the number. I explained the situation in our room to the lady on the other side of the phone. She listened to my story patiently and prayed with a very soft voice for two to three minutes. At the end she said,"Amen," and my mom said, "Amen," along with her. My mama opened her eyes, looked at all of us and asked if we ate our dinner. For a moment I was in shock. I could not understand how my mom could hear her soft prayer and not my crying and screaming. I could not deny God exists . HE is REAL! HE hears prayers and answers. It was a miracle right in front of my "unbelieving heart." That incident changed my hard heart. That very moment, I gave my heart to Christ and became baptized the following week. Thanks be to God!

What is Beyond This Life?
By Ashok Ganesan
I was born into a practicing Hindu Family. A few of our relatives were nominal Christians. So, Jesus was "one" of our gods. Just like Diwali (Festival of Lights), Christmas was also one of our celebration days. Beyond that, we never gave any importance to Jesus.

The only time God mattered to me was during my examination results. My childhood buddy Jerry, who is a Christian, used to pray with me to Jesus, but I never took Jesus seriously. However, I have always had a question about God: "What is there beyond this life? What happens after death?"

I was constantly searching to learmn more about God, but mostly inside the Hindu religion. This caused me to read several books. I also met many Hindu leaders and teachers, but nothing satisfied me. The more I read about Hindu gods, the more disappointed I became. I had severe anxiety when I thought about my own after-life. I met with a few psychologists. I stepped into occult activities during this process. Meanwhile, my dad became an alcoholic, lost all of his money, and we ended up in a lot of debt. At one point, my dad had a stroke and was hospitalized in a serious condition. The doctors gave up on him, but a Christian prayer minister, whom we had never met, came to hospital and prayed over my dad. She told him that God had restored his life, healed him and he will be fully healed in three months. It happened just as she said.

This was something we had never seen before. We really wanted to thank the lady who came to pray, but we could not find her. This incident proved to us that God is there and He cares for us. However, we weren't yet able to understand that Jesus is the only true God. Meanwhile, I moved out of my hometown for my master's degree education. While there, I met a Christian girl named Annie, who was a Spirit-filled believer. In a few conversations, I could sense this person was very different than others I had met. So when she invited me to church, I went. Even though I felt bored at church many times, the Good News of Jesus was getting into my mind. I was amazed that a God could love me to the extent that He took all the punishment that I deserved and he fully forgave me . Now, this Jesus stood above all the Hindu gods I was worshiping. One main thing I came to understand is this: No other God promises forgiveness! This sounded really too good to be true! The love of Jesus made me love Him back. My love towards Jesus, made me hate all the false gods. During a holiday time, I came to my home town and I told my mom about Jesus. My mom got excited, because she was also pulled by the love of Jesus. (One of her friends had shared the Gospel with my mom and sister.) The same week, my mom, my sister and I were baptized in a near-by church.
Missions Minute
by Amy Farley
It has been an exciting year for the Missions Committee! In case you don’t know, every year is exciting to watch the work of the Lord around the world. We enjoyed helping as God allowed Pastor Clancy’s vision come to fruition and take a team to Uganda. We sprinkled seed with Muintearas House for them to attend the New Wineskins Conference this coming September even though they have moved to Newport News. A number of us are attending the conference in support of Pastor Clancy’s presentations and the efforts of Jenny Noyes and the New Wineskins team. Their purpose is to bring together mission-minded clergy and workers for education, networking, encouragement and refreshment. See the announcement in the bulletin if you would like to join us at the conference.

Speaking of seed, don’t forget to sign up for local missions opportunity to give away seeds from our bee hive booth at this year’s Leesburg Flower and Garden Show ! (See article above.)

Pastor Dean followed an exciting call to travel further on from Israel to India this year. He and his local team blessed us with a delicious lunch and update on the work God is doing in bringing His hope to the lowest caste people of India and transforming their lives with gospel truth through Anglican churches.  Pray for the teaching and training of Pastors to minister in this season of harvest.

We support Mosaic-Virginia in their ministry to those with unplanned pregnancy and post-abortion healing. 

Sadly, we have had to cancel our Haiti trip this year due to instability and unrest there, and are assessing the needs of that community and how we might still contribute. For example, they are building a Vocational School. Please be in prayer for peace in the lives of the people of La Croix and protection from violence. Also, pray for Pastor Pierre’s health and the safety of his team.

Claire and Mike Fedele have returned to the United States and are raising support for SHADE Tanzania as their local director continues work on site. 
Continuing from the past few years, we are again thrilled to partner with Tanie and Jacqueline Guy of Forget Me Not Ministries on their travels to encourage missionaries internationally and their support work and encouragement of our church plant, Church of the Ascension, in West Virginia.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support of the Missions Ministry. We are continually blessed to see how much God is doing in our lives, our community and our world.  
Women's Ministry Update
by Amy Farley
The 2018-2019 school year has been one of high fashion and small gatherings. We are privileged to have teamed with the Missions Committee to support Aleona Isakova in her vision for Beauty by God . We encouraged young designers, Shannon Melick and Ye Hee Jung, who were blessed to participate in the first contest and been able to show their designs in DC Fashion Week’s haute couture finale. 

Aleona’s newest vision is to take her ministry international! Please be in prayer for her. You can follow her on social media. Shannon continues to teach classes at Bergers Sewing shop in Manassas. Ye Hee is working in the District of Columbia for David’s Tent and is taking orders for her designs! Lastly, please be in prayer for Ean Williams, the director of DC Fashion Week, and his team. They were a tremendous help in making Aleona’s vision a reality. 

We are praying for Jacqueline Guy as she has some surgery this spring. When she heals and returns from ministering with Forget Me Not, she has graciously agreed to be our speaker for an event on healing, prayer, and memorizing and mediating on the Scriptures.

Please continue to pray for great connections between women. The Mentoring Ministry project has blessed many! It is good to get together. 
Healing Ministry Report
by Monica Whitmer
Over two years ago both Maria Sachlis and I received the same word from the Lord, each in different ways. Maria heard that she was ministering with/for her successor. I heard that one day I was to be the Healing Administrator. I am not sure what Maria felt at the time that she was told, but I felt the enormity of the large load Maria had taken on. As a matter of fact, I “kinda” told the Lord, He wasn’t right. If you have ever received a word that really is from the Lord about your future, telling the Lord He isn’t right doesn’t stop what is coming!

After a few years of further healing, physically, mentally and spiritually, I have come to realize the Lord was right after all. Imagine that! Who does He think He is, God or something?

In March of this year, Pastor Clancy announced that after many years of Maria’s hard work and love sewn into this ministry, she would be stepping down to further her Biblical studies, and I would be the new Healing Administrator.

The Healing Ministry at Church of the Holy Spirit continues as before; an amazing, thriving part of our church.   Five new Prayer Ministers have joined our team for Sunday and Saturday night services.  The Prayer Appointment Ministry is active with a waiting list. People are finding healing and freedom through the Lord.
Our Tuesday night Healing Class is greatly expanding; we are out-growing our meeting room! Module 4 on Inner Healing recently ended and Module 5 on Deliverance started on April 9. There are over 65 people signed up. It is a such wonderful thing to see so many people seeking the Lord, His healing, authority and all He offers.
Another exciting thing about this ministry is the First Saturday Healing Service at 5:00 PM (1S5). The people we have seen healed, and the lives changed through these services, are incredible! Coming up, on May 4 th , at 5:00 PM, Maria Sachlis will be teaching about “Healing Through Obedience.” Please join us.

The Healing Ministry at Church of the Holy Spirit has been an amazing blessing to me and so very many other people. It is amazing what the Lord is doing! He is still healing and setting captives free every day!
Choir Master Sara Johnson and her Gospel Singers
by Terry Johnson
[Children's Choir pictured above:
Front Row (left to right): Liam Roberts, Zachery Johnson, Nathan Thomas, Judah Roberts, Hosanna Roberts, Panna Szvois, Lili Szvois.
Back Row (left to right): Lucas Roberts, Christian Enloe, Noah Thomas, Karis Roberts, Jacquelyn Enloe, Maddie Bloomingdale, Julia Johnson.]

On Palm Sunday, April 14, Sara Johnson did a wonderful job directing our children’s choir. Sara’s educational background is in music. She has a Bachelor of Music from Rice University and a Master of Arts in Music from George Mason University. She has gained much knowledge in directing as she has participated in many choral events through the years. More recently, she has been teaching music and song to a class of preschool children.

Sara’s directing talent was evident on Palm Sunday.  The children stood beautifully, with hands at their sides (not in their pockets!), eyes on their director, mouths open wide, all words memorized, and palm branches moving in unison. As the Children’s Ministry Director, I was so impressed with the behavior of our little and not so little cherubs! I don’t think I have ever seen our children so poised and proper. The smile of joy couldn’t be removed from my face. Kudos to them and their director. Our children shined with the love of Jesus.  

Sara will also be directing our adult choir this Sunday, April 28 as they sing “Alleluia! Give Thanks to the Risen Lord.” As we have practiced, I have not only witnessed but experienced Sara’s level of excellence in directing. CHS is blessed to have someone of Sara’s caliber and heart for God. She delights in sharing her talents with the Body of Christ.

In the future, she will lead both our children’s choir and adult choir in occasional offerings. If you or your child are interested in worshipping the Lord through singing, and would like more information, please contact the church office at 703-726-0777.

 Schedule of Upcoming Events

April 27 - 28, CHS at the Leesburg Garden Show. We will be located behind the Old
Post Office, under a tent. Sign up with Terry Johnson for a 1 hour slot to serve.
April 27 - May 2, Bible Reading Marathon, 10 AM daily at the NE c orner of the Loudoun
County Courthouse grounds   Sign up at
April 29 - May 13 Vestry Nominations. Submit to office by May 13.
May 2 National Day of Prayer , 12 - 1 PM, 1 Harrison St., SE, Leesburg.
April 27 Regeneration of Northern VA, "Who I am," Sweet and Savory Fundraiser .
Contact Dean or Glorianne Schultz to register by April 2 4.
May 4 Tree of Life Annual Clothing and Furniture Giveaway, 7-11 AM. 850 Edwards
Ferry Rd. NE, Leesburg.
May 5 Spaghetti Lunch Fundraiser by our Middle Schoolers to raise money for Camp Booyah this summer - after 11:00 AM service.
May 31- June 2 Bishop John and Meg Guernsey visit CHS . Confirmations on June 2;
June 1 Bishop John Preaches at our Healing Service 5 - 7 PM