May 25, 2023

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Upcoming Services

-----No Thursday Night Evening Prayer, Join us for the Candlelight Vigil

Thursday, May 25, Candlelight Vigil 7:30 PM

  • Join us for the Candlelight Vigil. The service will be available through Facebook Live at the St Andrew's Facebook page at 7 PM.

Sunday, May 28, 8 & 10 AM Pentecost - Wear Red

  • Join us for Holy Eucharist. The service will be available through Facebook Live at the St Andrew's Facebook page at 10 AM. Bulletins are available for download here.
  • Sunday School for children ages 5-12 meets during the service. Infant & toddler care also provided.

Climate Connections: As a way to reduce paper consumption consider downloading the bulletin to your device, then bring your device to church to view the service bulletin.

Prayer List Please remember those who need your daily prayers. Prayer requests may be sent to office. The Prayer List can be accessed here.
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Upcoming Events

Join us for a Candlelight Vigil

We are holding a candlelight vigil at St. Andrew’s on May 25 at 7:30 p.m. in memory of those who suffered a violent death due to the color of their skin, their faith, their gender identity, their cultural heritage or because of whom they chose to love. We’ve lost too many brothers and sisters to hate: we want to remember their names and advocate for loving our neighbors. We are inviting other faith communities in Irvine, our mayor and city council and other city officials. Your friends and neighbors are welcome to join us. 

Our vigil will include: 

  • Lighting of the candles
  • Opening comments
  • Victims’ names
  • Close with a song of hope
Pentecost readers

Pentecost 5/28 - Wear Red

Pentecost Sunday The term means "the fiftieth day." It is used in both the OT and the NT. In the OT it refers to a feast of seven weeks known as the Feast of Weeks. It was apparently an agricultural event that focused on the harvesting of first fruits. Josephus referred to Pentecost as the fiftieth day after the first day of Passover. The term is used in the NT to refer to the coming of the Spirit on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:1), shortly after Jesus' death, resurrection, and ascension. Christians came to understand the meaning of Pentecost in terms of the gift of the Spirit. The Pentecost event was the fulfillment of a promise which Jesus gave concerning the return of the Holy Spirit. The speaking in tongues, which was a major effect of having received the Spirit, is interpreted by some to symbolize the church's worldwide preaching. In the Christian tradition. It emphasizes that the church is understood as the body of Christ which is drawn together and given life by the Holy Spirit. Some understand Pentecost to be the origin and sending out of the church into the world.

READERS NEEDED: During the first reading we would like volunteers who can read another language to help with the reading. We will be reading Acts 2:1-11 in different languages simultaneously. This will symbolize the cacophony of the many people in Jerusalem speaking in different tongues as the Spirit descended on them that first Pentecost.

Sign up here if you would like to help with the reading.

Climate Connections

Climate Connections Pilot Program

St. Andrew’s is one of 8-10 congregations in the diocese participating in the Climate Connections Program. This is a project of the Bishop’s Commission on Climate Change. We hope to address the increase in climate disasters with this program. Climate change is increasing the rate and severity of natural disasters resulting from atmospheric conditions, including increase in extreme heat waves, wildfires, severe storms and flooding. Because disasters are much more than the moment at which they happen, the prospect of major disasters occurring multiple times within a decade raises the prospect that communities that could have recovered from one disaster will collapse because they lack the capacity to recover over and over again. In Southern California, the greatest increase in risk is for wildfires, extreme heat, and floods from severe storms.

Coffee Hour Composting

One way we are doing our part for the environment is by introducing composting for the food and paper waste used at coffee hour. Fellowship Court is stocked with compostable cups for coffee and tea, plates, and napkins. We have an organic waste bin from Waste Management which will be on the patio on Sunday mornings. All of these materials along with food scraps, paper towels and coffee filters can be disposed of in this bin and/or in the cardboard boxes in Fellowship Court. Please dispose of the utensils in the trash. If you are bringing snacks, there is no need to bring paper/plastic goods. We have everything needed including cloth tablecloths. If you do, we ask that you only bring compostable or reusable materials whenever possible. All are welcome to bring your own commuter cups.


May Outreach - Baby Shower

This Sunday, May 28, will be the last day we will be collecting diapers and wipes for our yearly Baby Shower for Families Forward. Our donations will go to new mothers and their babies at Families Forward to help replenish their dwindling inventory.

“We are God’s outreaching hands in the world.”

Sunday School Information

Sunday School for children of ages 5 to12 is during the 10 am service - follow the arrow on the A-frame sign at the front of the Children’s Center to see if we are meeting in the Children's Center building or the Courtyard.


Day care for infants and children younger than 5 is also available during the 10 am service lead by one of our Children’s Center staff. Drop-off is in the Children’s Center courtyard.

Ongoing Scheduled Activities

Grief Support Group

The Saint Andrew’s Grief Support Group meets on Mondays at 4 pm in the Fellowship Court. However, there will be a short hiatus because of Memorial Day and out of town absences; the next meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 26.


The purpose of the group is for support and for better understanding of the losses in our lives—in the light of our shared faith—and with the understanding that grief is not neatly confined to the first year following a loss. Please contact Susan Garrett (, Catherine Sharbaugh (, or Kathy Cartelli ( if you are interested in attending.

Virtual Book Group

We will be meeting virtually for our book group at 11 AM on Weds. The group will be reading Clark and Division by Naomi Hirahara (Chapters 8-12). If you would like to be part of this group, please contact the office and we will add you to the group. Newcomers are welcome.

Noonday Prayer follows the Book Group Meeting.

Volunteer Opportunity at Woodbridge Manor

St. Andrew’s volunteers staff a Food Bank for approximately 85 residents at this apartment complex for low income seniors and disabled adults. We receive food donated by local grocers, unpack it and organize it on tables for the residents to “shop” for their groceries. We have a group of loyal volunteers and we can always use more help. If you can help we’d love to have you join us. We meet every other Monday at 10:30 am. with the exception of federal holidays. It takes about 2 hours. Contact Catherine Sharbaugh for more information.


We can always use cardboard egg cartons and small plastic containers (like the ones raspberries come in).  Please bring what you can to the church.

Prayer Shawl Ministry
Prayer Shawl Ministry meets the Second Tuesday of the Month at 3:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Court Patio. Some ministry members who cannot attend the monthly meeting knit or crochet shawls and prayer cloths at home. If you are a newcomer to Prayer Shawl, please contact Sharon Brooks at

If you are in need of a prayer shawl, send a message to Sharon or ask any Prayer Shawl member.
Men's Group
The Men's Group will meet the third Saturday of the month at 8:30 AM at Mimi's on Barranca. Newcomers are welcome.
Centering Prayer
In a time of uncertainty, it can be challenging to find time for quiet and reflection. All are welcome to join Stillpoint in a half hour of Centering Prayer any weeknight from 5:30-6. A link and more information on the practice is available at
Helping Those in Need
Supporting humanitarian response to the crisis in Ukraine
Episcopal Relief & Development has provided a webpage of information and resources for congregations that want to help the people of Ukraine during the humanitarian crisis created by Russian aggression. The agency is seeking donations to purchase blankets, hygiene supplies and other needed items. The webpage has resources such as language for newsletters, flyers and bulletin inserts encouraging help for Ukrainians.

In-kind donations and traveling to the affected areas to help are discouraged by Episcopal Relief & Development and other international organizations responding at this time.

In addition, Church World Service is coordinating letter-writing campaigns to encourage U.S. representatives and senators to offer help to Ukrainian and other refugees. To participate, click here.
Afghan Refugee Resettlement
Episcopal Migration Ministries is the refugee resettlement ministry of The Episcopal Church, proudly carrying on a century-old legacy of Episcopal ministries that welcome immigrants and refugees.

If you are interested in learning more about this ministry and providing support please click here..
Reporting Hate Crimes
Orange County has the third largest Asian population in the country and Irvine has the largest number in the county. The rise in hate crimes against those of Asian heritage is alarming and unacceptable and we can do our part to stop such acts. California Penal Code 422.55 defines a hate crime as a criminal act committed, in whole or in part, because of one or more of the following actual or perceived characteristics of the victim. This includes:
  • Disability
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Race or ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Sexual orientation
  • Association with a person or group of persons with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics

The City of Irvine has created a portal to report hate crimes. If you become aware of a possible hate crime, you can call the Irvine Police Department to report it or complete the report on the portal:
Sick or In the Hospital
If you know of someone in our church family who is sick, in the hospital or in need of pastoral care please notify the office or clergy.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office via phone 949-559-4699 or by email

The Rev. Peter Browning, Vicar

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