June 15, 2020
"For it is God who is working in you, enabling you both to desire and to work out His good purpose." Philippians 2:13
Week Four Video
24 Hour Prayer Chain
Begins Saturday, June 20 at 7am and ends Sunday, June 21 at 7am

1. Front Drive (WELCOME)
Prayers focused on:
·          Welcome God to do something special through this Prayer Walk, in you personally and through your prayers
·          Welcome Him to examine your heart, expose sin, and do a work in you personally
·          Ask the Lord bring a harvest of those entering, for families in each car, for each burden to be laid at the feet of Jesus
·          Welcome God’s will for your life, Life with purpose
2. Front Doors (OPEN & SHUT)
               Prayers focused on:
·          Open to God’s voice and for wisdom
·          Open to God’s authority, provision, protection, joyfulness, excitement 
·          Shut out the enemy and the power of sin
3. Outside Sanctuary Wall under C213 Sign (WORSHIP)
               Prayers focused on:
·          God’s Word to bring conviction and repentance
·          Prepare hearts for worship, praise and thanksgiving
·          Pentecostal Power for Pastors, Praise Team and Leadership
·          Souls to be SAVED
4. Portico (COVER)
           Prayers focused on:
·        Protection, Health, and Healing
·        Provision for God’s People
5. Playground (HUMILITY)
               Prayers focused on:
·          Humble hearts like that of a child
·          Ask God to build a new hunger for Him & renewed joy of His salvation
·          God’s timing and our patience and trust in Him (this playground required a heap of both)
6. Parking Lot (PARK/GO)
               Prayers focused on:
·          Give us unmovable faith
·          Let our hearts be driven by our love for others
·          Empower us to carry the gospel out into the community and the world
7. Exit (WHO’S YOUR ONE?)
               Prayers focused on:
·          Acts 1:8
·          Who does the Lord have on your heart?

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