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Despite the challenges of our current environment, Rx Partnership has continued innovating as we work towards accomplishing our 2020 - 2023 Strategic Plan. Our role in the health safety net is more critical than ever, not only for vulnerable Virginians who have been impacted more than most by this pandemic, but also for our partner clinics that have seen an increase in patients needing their help while grappling with limited budgets. By expanding the generic medications offered and by continuing essential programs, RxP is showing our commitment to supporting Virginia's health safety net.
Generic Medication Formulary Expansion for RxP's Clinic Partners
Thanks in part to clinic feedback and in an ongoing effort to ensure that we're providing our clinic partners with the medications they need to treat their patients, RxP has expanded the number and strengths of generic medications available to support patient health!

For our clinic partners with licensed pharmacies, RxP added 11 medications in 20 strengths for a total offering of 19 medications in 34 strengths. To view the full list of generic medications available for clinics with pharmacies, please click here.

For our clinic partners without pharmacies, RxP added 12 medications in 16 strengths for a total offering of 54 medications in 101 strengths. To view the full list of generic medications available for clinics without pharmacies, please click here.
Mail Delivery to Become Part of RxP's Permanent Programming
RxP has officially made our innovative prescription mail delivery initiative a permanent fixture in our program offerings.

As our world slowly returns to normal following the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognize that many barriers to care still exist for vulnerable patients in Virginia. Things like transportation, chronic health problems, child care challenges or the inability to take time off work, create a burden on the patients we serve and prevent them from easily picking up their medications from their clinic.

By continuing this valuable program Rx Partnership will ensure patients have access to the medications they need to manage their chronic conditions, continue working and live healthy and productive lives.
2021 New Initiative
RxP's Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Rx Partnership is working with the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities (VCIC) to evaluate RxP's current diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) practices, train board and staff on best practices and create action plans to ensure equitable practices moving forward. Understanding DEI is important to recognizing systemic barriers that impact many individuals utilizing health safety net services. Additionally, in February 2021, racism was declared a public health emergency in Virginia and RxP is exploring what this means and how it connects with our mission and work. Creating a knowledge baseline helps organizations like ours implement meaningful and impactful programs and policies in a fair and equitable manner.

What is Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)?
  • Diversity is the presence of difference. 
  • Equity is “the state, quality or ideal of being just, impartial and fair” and ensures that policies are in place that enable everyone to have the resources they need in order to thrive/succeed/produce.
  • Inclusion is the acceptance, respecting, and valuing of diversity. 

Source: Annie E. Casey Foundation
Rx Partnership Spotlight
Self-Care Box Sponsorship Packages

In response to our increasingly digital and remote world since the advent of COVID-19, RxP has created an exciting, new fundraising initiative that not only raises critical funds to support our lifesaving work for vulnerable Virginians, but also enhances connections with current and new supporters to promote awareness of Rx Partnership and the health safety net. "Treat Yourself with RxP" wellness boxes encourage recipients to invest time in self-care.
Thank You to Our Supporters
We Cannot Do Our Work Without YOU!

Your support has a huge impact on the people we serve. People that, without our programs or the services of our safety-net free clinic partners, would otherwise not receive their critical medications. Your support is needed now more than ever with the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Thank you for helping us ensure that every Virginian has access to the medications they need to live healthy lives!
Because of your support, NOVA ScriptsCentral, a RxP partner pharmacy, was able to host a lunch to thank their staff for their continuing dedication and hard work over the pandemic!

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  • John Lewis

  • Dan & Laura Murray
  • Charles Gowan
Corporations & Foundations

CDC says racism is a 'serious threat' to public health
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention called racism a “serious threat” to public health, becoming the latest, and largest, U.S.-based health agency to single out racism as having a “profound and negative impact on communities of color” and contributing to disproportionate mortality rates among people of color. Read More.
Prescription-drug prices keep rising in the pandemic. Yet public opinion of the pharma industry is soaring too.
Big Pharma’s reputation has soared during the pandemic, but prices continue to rise. Will drug price controls be on the legislative agenda for Congress once the pandemic is over? Prescription medications are among the largest ongoing medical costs in many households — a financial burden made all the more difficult for the many people who have lost job-based insurance or experienced a drop in their income due to the pandemic. Read More.
Statement from Virginian State Vaccination Coordinator Dr. Danny Avula on Pause in Administration of Johnson and Johnson Vaccine
We are closely monitoring the actions by the federal government to pause all Johnson & Johnson vaccinations while it investigates an extremely rare possible side effect. In Virginia, we will cease all Johnson & Johnson vaccines until this investigation is complete. If you have an upcoming appointment for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, you will be contacted to reschedule that appointment. Read More.
Map: Track the spread of the Covid-19 variants across the United States
There are 3 variants NBC News is tracking: The U.K., the South African and the Brazilian variants, each of which have been found in the country. Read More.
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For every $1 donated to Rx Partnership – $24 in medication value
is provided to a patient in need. 
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