Tri-Town customers have a knowledgeable team of powerhouse professionals working on their behalf, such as Roofing Superintendent, John Allard. John has been in the roofing industry since he was just 16-years-old and brings with him a special skill set encompassing everything from "manual laborer," to fulfilling the demanding role of Foreman. When the need was there, John stepped up to doing estimates and purchases, and often put on the "logistics coordinator" hat in order to ensure getting the job done. 

Allard enjoys working for Tri-Town because according to him, "Everyone here understands the 'team' concept and since we all have a common goal, the teamwork mentality allows us all here to do our jobs to the best of our ability...Marc is a guy that has 'visions of excellence' and he understands that part of the journey to excellence means we all make mistakes--but we learn from them together."
 When asked what his "best accomplishment" is, John proudly says "Getting an Honorable Discharge after 4 years of Service as an Infantry Machine-gunman in one of the greatest organizations in the world, The United States Marine Corps." Allard spent 5 months in Somalia in 1993 during his service, and he describes this experience as "life changing." 

Outside of work, one of John's "fascinations" is honeybees. "If people could work and communicate like honeybees the world would be a different place."