It's April...No foolin'!
As everyone settles into a "new normal" we want to remind you that our mission has not changed. The Elkhorn Chamber and staff are available to answer your questions and continue to provide support and connection at this time. We know many businesses are facing challenges: limited public access, employee safety and care, creative outreach and even making the difficult decision to close ones doors to remain SAFER AT HOME .  

One of the ways that we have been serving our partners and our community is by creating a landing page for BUSINESS RESOURCES, PARENT RESOURCES, BUSINESS INFO (OPEN/ALTERED HOURS & SERVICES/CLOSINGS)AND EVENT HAPPENINGS. To make sure you have up to date information please visit our COVID-19 resource page.

Do you have information you'd like shared?  Please reach out:  and our team will be sure to properly distribute your business updates via our website, social media and newsletters.    

The Elkhorn Chamber team has set-up SAFER AT HOME office spaces and are ready to help support and promote our partners. We are keeping our eyes and ears open for new ways to keep businesses and community members engaged on an online platform. Please share any ideas you may have or things that you have seen happening online. We are a team: the chamber and YOU. We appreciate and say THANK YOU to each of our partners who have been supporting one another and supporting the community where we live, work & learn.  

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out.  

We are in this together!

Phone: 262-723-5788
Fax: 262-723-5784

Best Wishes,

Chris Clapper
With information constantly changing, we will begin sending out weekly updates! This will be our way of staying connected and keeping you informed with local, state and national updates.
Please note that we will be sharing business updates via social media and our website. Our weekly E-blasts will direct people to the appropriate landing pages for all business information.
Whether you choose to plug in your Christmas lights you had to drag back down from the attic, illuminate some brown bags with candles, or stand outside with your cellphone...TONIGHT, April 1st, is your chance to UNITE WITH LIGHT!
Starting at 7PM everyone is encouraged to place a luminary outside of their business or home.
"We’ve launched a grassroots movement to share the good-spirited things we’re seeing and doing in Wisconsin to help each other during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re asking all Wisconsinites to join in the movement on social media by sharing photos and news links, telling the stories of the many ways people, businesses and communities are helping one another and add The  #HowWiHelp  hashtag."
Please be sure to visit our website to learn who is open for business!