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June 01, 2021
View our 05/30/21 "I've Been Meaning to Ask" outdoor worship experience by clicking on the image below:
A Reading from the Psalmist: Psalm 29 (Ancient Songs Sung Anew, Lynn Bauman)
O all you many powers of heaven and earth,
    Know this, that it is God who fills them full,
     A Spirit of strength and beauty.
Know this and give due reverence to the name of the I Am,
      Let awe begin your worship of the Holy One.
It is the voice of YHWH that rides in beauty upon the waters.
      It is a voice of power
      That peals like thunder across the world.
Spirit’s voice is strength itself,
       Majestic in its scope and range.
So strong it snaps in two,
       And splinters mighty cedar trees.
So soft and delicate it sets the new-born lambs to dancing,
        Or sends the brash young bulls to skip and play.
The thundering voice of Love sends lightning’s flash,
        And shakes the wilderness with many storms.
The voice of God makes forest oaks to twist and writhe,
and in mid-winter strips them bare.
While in the temple human voices rise in praise,
        To shout the name of Love in glory.
And yet above the brimming energies of earth and sky,
         The fullness of the oceans, and the forests deep,
         The Great Spirit sits in perfect rest,
And gives people strength to live,
         Bestowing blessing over all
         And covers us with everlasting peace.
Click here to view our May 16, "We Become Our Habits" worship experience. We published an incorrect link last week.
Upcoming Events
Come in! We are open!
Join us for Sunday morning worship in our 
Agape' MCC Sanctuary at 10:30AM 

With recent changes to the CDC Guidelines, we have updated our COVID policy:

  • we will no longer check temperatures as you enter the building
  • fully vaccinated attendees will not be required to wear a mask or socially distance
  • We ask that those who are not vaccinated to please continue to wear a mask and socially distance when possible.
  • Please be supportive to those wearing masks for various health reasons.

We are working on a plan for the return of Children's Sunday School and hope to have more information on this in the near future. The plan for our children will follow current CDC guidelines for classroom safety. Watch this space for additional information.

Join us for Sunday Morning Worship
at 10:30AM on Facebook Live. We will continue streaming our worship services as part of our Sunday worship experience.

Click here to join us on FB Live.
New sermon series to begin this Sunday, June 6!
Spirit Cafe'

It's Zoom Wednesday at Spirit Cafe!

Please join us for a time of connection, fun and laughter. Rumor has it that Rev. David has a "Password" Game that he is working on for us!
We will gather for our Zoom at 6:30. See you then! 

You can view the event on the Agape' Facebook page.

Click here join the Wednesday Zoom Meet Up
Enter the meeting ID: 816-8960-6902

OUT Ft. Worth is bringing the fun for the entire family! Gather your TEAM or just come fellowship and cheer!

Once you submit payment for you or your team, you will be sent an email with your teams final registration paperwork.
50 years of ministry is a big deal and we are planning extra special events to celebrate our 50 year journey. Activities will include a gaming
night for the youth (and young at heart), a Sundae Sunday, Fall Festival, Wine and Cheese Happy Hour, capping it all off with a very nice sit down dinner. We heard a rumor that our very own world renown Evangelical singing duo
(Pearl and Ethel) will make a guest appearance.
Event dates, location and times will be available soon. Stay tuned!
Community Corner


How many questions do you think you have asked and/or answered in your lifetime? How many have you answered this week?

Questions are interesting. They help us grow, know more, and become better humans. They inform us. Our answers help show the world who we are. We share ourselves through our replies.

Never stop asking questions.

Be curious.

Br vulnerable; answer the question or ask it if you want. Show the world your beauty.
A pandemic changed the world. It raged across the world threatening to consume us all regardless of race, age, gender, sexuality, religion or political affiliation. We have learned to live in different ways, work in different ways and love in different ways. We have learned to pray and worship God differently. 
Paradoxically, a pandemic that kills, maims and incapacitates is leading us to a new world. Perhaps the biggest lesson lies in the nature of the pandemic - and the contagion that drives it. We must recognize that Love is also contagious and is a more powerful pandemic force than COVID. As we socially distance from COVID, may we socially connect in love. As we protect our physical bodies from the COVID pandemic - may we open up our hearts to the pandemic of love. 
May the force of good rage across the world with more power and potency than forces of evil. As those who have suffered loss from the pandemic grieve, may we lean into a pandemic of love and continue to cover them in the Grace of God. May we learn that even in our darkest moments, there are lessons to be learned that bring us closer to God.


(pronouns she/her)
Co-founders Solar-Wilson Village, Ledbetter, TX, USA
MCC is Proud to Announce:
U.S. Military Chaplain

Chaplain (Captain) Tania Guzman!
June Birthdays

June 03 - Rayne Reagan
June 07 - Rebecca McDonell
June 08 - Jackson Wynn
June 11 - Michele Kingston
June 11 - Erik Campbell
June 18 - Marcus Howard
June 19 - Michael Lummus
June 20 - Noah Nerio
June 21 - Alice Davidson
June 29 - Jacob Ashton