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July 07, 2020

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A note from Rev. David Wynn
"Triggered" - Anonymous
Trigger warning ...Rev. David and Barbara Brown Taylor are at odds regarding the interpretation of the Parable of the Sower for this Sunday. After much wrestling and jousting between the two narrative preachers each is standing their ground which seems to imply that they are actively discussing this in person, which we all know is not true. However, this notice will serve as Sunday's Teaser...join the stream on Sunday to see how this turns out. David was overheard saying something about a "stand up comedy" sermon and that alone should be worth the price of admission. 

P.S. admission is free, soooo...
Community Corner
Life Can Be Simple...
Life can be simple , if we let it. It seems we often struggle with ways in which to slow down, be present and simply exist within our own thoughts, desires and needs and those of others. Sometimes we need to slow down in order to see truths we already know. Saying out loud that we want to live a more simple life is more difficult that the actions it takes to do so. If it were easy we would not be having this conversation. Slow down, take a deep breath and move forward allowing all the grace needed to traverse this ride we call life.

Getting started seems to be the hardest part!!

What if your stuff has boundaries? Would this make it easier as to what we value and keep?

The Minimal Mom has a YouTube channel about minimalism. She is inspiring. Enjoy her ideas.
 Dear God,

As our world undergoes a global pandemic,

Show us where our focus should be, amidst our siblings who feel powerless, invisible and unloved.

As divisions of race, gender and politics tear through society,

Teach us to cherish our differences with humility.

And when it is time to rebuild,

Guide us, direct our energies and resources to the frailties in our ministries, that have been revealed under difficult times

Empower us, give us the courage and vision of Pentecost,

to be a church that fights for change, a community where the least of us, is at the heart of our mission.

Let us not be lulled into complacency and comfort.

But let justice run down like water,

And righteousness like a mighty stream

Amos 5:24


Northern Lights MCC in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

On July 5th, 2019, Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston was installed as Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches. Congratulations on this first year of your service as Moderator! Who knew that you would be faced with the additional challenges brought on by a global health pandemic?

MCC thanks you for your service and leadership. We pray for your physical and spiritual well-being. We pray for your spouse, Orgena, and for your happiness together. We pray for God to guide you and MCC into our future.
4:10 UTC / 12:10 EDT (UTC-4)

Corona Concert / Musical Mashup - Music and Dance from around the world to get us through the summer shutdown. Trinity MCC in Sarasota, Florida, USA invites you to this series. "Music Heals All" is a 20-minute pre-recorded "live" video from local and national artists.
Worship Service - July 12, 2020
Prelude: Mickey Howell
Call to Worship: Rev. David Wynn
Song of Intention: "The Welcome Song"
Scripture Reading: Matthew 13:1-9
Song of Response: "Trees of the Field"
Time of Teaching: "Triggered", Rev. David Wynn
Centering Song: "There is Only Love"
Offering and Community Prayer: Cassy Batts
Prayer Response: There is Only Love
Celebration of Holy Communion: Rev. Robert Myers
Closing Song: " We Are Called"
Benediction: An Apache Blessing, Rev. David Wynn

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