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April 07, 2021
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Easter experience by clicking on the image below:
Upcoming Events
In-person worship is back!
Join us for Sunday morning worship in our 
Agape' MCC Sanctuary at 10:30AM 
(masks and social distancing are required)

Join us for Sunday Morning Worship
at 10:30AM on Facebook Live. We will continue streaming our worship services as part of our Sunday worship experience.

Click here to join us on FB Live.
Spirit Cafe'

Are you feeling a little disconnected from our Agape' community or from community in general? COVID certainly has interfered with our social lives and has made staying connected much more challenging. If the answer is yes, we have a solution for you!

Join us for our
gathering this Wednesday. We will see where the conversation leads us!

Let's Zoom!

You can view the event on the Agape' Facebook page.

Click here to register in advance for our Wednesday Zoom Meet Up
Enter the meeting ID: 816-8960-6902
(You only need to register once and you will be set for all the Wednesday Zoom Sessions)
Sacred Saturdays

Meets the first Saturday of each month.

This is a time for:
  • setting intentions for the season
  • letting go of things that no longer serve you
  • discovering inner peace
  • quiet reflection
  • finding light in the dark places
  • simply being

If you would like, you may bring a piece of paper to put in the fire with intentions and/or things to let go of written on it to offer up. This meeting will have an organic feel with little verbal communication. You are encouraged to come with an open heart and mind.
Community Corner
Engaging the Fire

We are often asked in our daily lives to keep the flame going as we tend to things in our life. Sometimes we are asked to put out fires so that life can be more easily managed. We may be summoned to get the fire started as we encourage those around us to join in a task. Engaging the fire is a different concept. It is asking us to look right at the fire and be with it.

I encourage you to sit and watch some of the fire video. Make intentional space to be with it. Listen to it crackle. Watch as the flames grow when the slightest amount of oxygen feeds the flames. Be present. Engage the Fire.

You are loved.
After Easter Sunday

He is risen!
Yes, risen!
How long should we celebrate?
One day, two days, three days?
Maybe more?
Our world has changed, 
It will never be the same again.
He has risen and we are about to meet him again.
Maybe it will be just like the first time?
Or will we need proof like Thomas?
Some of us just need to be sure,
To be definite.
Some of us just know it in our bones,
Without asking any questions.
The risen one answers those who question, 
Truth searching is always welcome.
Jesus is in our midst, 
We celebrate that Jesus is in our midst. 

We come to you in prayer, Jesus.
Let each of us be open to your presence.
We desire to feel you in our midst.

We come to you with questions,
Why? How? When? Where? Who?
Thank you that you answer when we ask.

We come to you with thanksgiving and praise.
Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.
Thank you that you celebrate with us.

You hear our thoughts and the beating of our hearts. 
With or without questions you are in our midst.
In celebrating the risen you we flourish and grow.

This day and in the days ahead we celebrate the risen you.


Maxwell is a Healthcare Chaplain for the Scottish National Health Service in Edinburgh, Scotland.
April Birthdays

Apr 02 - Troy Kilgore
Apr 08 - Sheri Campbell
Apr 09 - Rachel Carr
Apr 09 - Dusty Esparza
Apr 11 - Miguel Vasquez
Apr 20 - Amy Ashton
Apr 24 - Trish Scott
Apr 30 - Connie Maples